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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 14 and still going!

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    Rhi for HP - This is related to the "why don't some of my posts count?" question. You have made over 80 posts but only 55 of them count toward your post count.

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    Um... I really don't know if this belongs here, but my story got rejected last week, and I recieved a rejection letter which stated all the reasons for rejection. But then, one reason for which the story was rejected is absolutely important for the story to move on. I can't modify it in any way, because if I do, the whole plot goes for a toss.

    Should I contact that particular Mod and tell her? What can be done, otherwise?

    Thank you!
    ~ Pooja

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    Um... How long, on an average, should a story take to be validated?
    Should this be in abother thread too? because, I'm still getting used to this site.



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    Ginny Weasley Potter - Please contact the moderator who sent you the rejection letter.

    deadly_muggle - Please read the FAQ at MNFF. Your question and perhaps your future questions are answered there.

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    Story Warnings

    I'm surprised nothing came up in the search forum box about this--story warnings?

    How do you put more than one warning on a story? There used to be a line or two on the submit story page saying push shift/enter or something like that, but it's not there anymore or on the Help page, and I can't remember how...

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    Pendraegona - Hold the CTRL key and select the pertinent warnings.

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    Email Problems


    I am not able to post a new thread, so I have to post in a reply (sorry if it's incorrect!).

    I am not getting any letters of validation for my story Luna's Poems. I have had four poems validated in the past month, yet have not received an email telling me that. I tried re-entering my email address into my account, and re-clicking all the preference buttons, but still, nothing seems to work. I also tried to contact myself to see if that works, and it doesn't. I have tried clearing my history on the computer as well, but that doesn't seem to help either. I am also not receiving emails that tell me about new reviews I have gotten, even though I have gotten new reviews.

    What should I do/ what is the problem and can I fix it? Thank you very much,

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    Marauder by Midnight
    If you're not getting your rejection letters, you'll need to post in the right thread for that. If you are receiving any letters whatsoever, try getting a new email account. Hotmail and Yahoo have a habit of preventing MNFF letters from getting into the inbox. Get something like Gmail.

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    response to reviews

    I'm sure I've responded to some of the most recent reviews for my story Pause--but my responses for the last few reviews are gone. Any idea what happened?

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    When I log out, then go on the main index again, I'm logged back in, although I just logged out. Is it because I out it as Remember me, and how do I get it off Remember me?

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