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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 14 and still going!

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    I can't help but notice that only two Post-Hogwarts fics have been approved since the queue re-opened. Is there some kind of problem on this portion of the site? I submitted mine the day the queue reopened (exactly two weeks ago), and I've had two other fics approved since then while this one remained in queue.

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    Schmerg_the_Impaler - All we can ask you to do is to please be patient and refer to Vindictus Viridian's post made prior to the April Fool's prank.

  3. 04-03-2008, 04:41 AM

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    For all of our users, we're working diligently to get back to our regular modding speed. As you all know, the hacker attack with its subsequent problems and then the upgrade set us back quite a bit.

    Please be patient. We will get to your stories. If you have concerns about a particular category, please contact the mod in charge of that category directly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    Hello Mods!

    I was recently examining the new feature where authors can tell who is online, on the main fanfiction site. Will there be an invisible mode to put yourself on?


    Where is this feature? I did't know about it until I saw this post but now that I am looking for it I don't see it.

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    butter_beer_drinker - It's on the left side of the home page of all skins except champion.

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    IT's not on the zenlike either but I found it on CSSZen, cool feature Beth.
    Can everyone see it or just registered authors? Like right now it shows only me and 3 guests, can those guests see it too?


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    After the classes are over, do you keep the lesson, lectures, etc threads, or do you delete them?

    If you normally delete them, I beseech you to reconsider this decision, since many of them are useful for checking up on things (Mainly, the banner-making class). Also, if you want to learn things from past classes, you can turn to these threads and read the basics.


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    butter_beer_drinker - Yes, guests can see it. You can experience that yourself by logging out and checking to see if you can see the "Who's Online" option.

    Sainyn Swiftfoot - I believe most of the lessons etc for Hogwarts are stored in the Attic of the Professors forum. However, if you're not a professor of a class you can't see that forum. Take this up with Vindictus Viridian, head of Hogwarts.

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    I'm not sure if this question belongs here but I've just been asked and I don't know so....

    what kind of stuff is written in a recommendation? (this is for the mod hiring)

    Thank you!

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    Everyone is talking about the Fred and George skin. I'm not sure if it's still there but I couldn't find it. I had my Hufflepuff skin all the time since 1st. So, i was just wondering, how come the skin did not show up for me...

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