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    Albus-Severus Potter

    Ah, a thread for that character whose name we love to hate, Albus Severus Potter. Any discussion goes here.


    First off - really think that he's a Slytherin. I mean, look at his name: Albus Severus Potter. A. S. Potter. A. S. P. An asp is a type of snake that lives in Northern Africa and Egypt. Or maybe I'm just enchanted with the idea of a Potter being in Slytherin.

    Second: I'm writing him as an adult, and I don't know what he would be like. I mean, would he be nice, mean, or somewhere in-between? (ex: Dr. Cox). Just thought I'd ask.


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    I was certain he would be Slytherin.

    I think he is a nice person, but very clever, somewhat aloof, and independant. I think he has probably grown up being teased by his older brother James, and though the two love one another, they would often butt heads. I think he likes to butt heads with people like James, but at the same time is nervous to voice his own opinion in situations he is not familiar with. I always pictured a boy with Snape's cleverness and aloneness, but better-looking, with a few close friends, a family relationship like Ron has with the twins, loves his family but feels at times that he may have disappointed them with his Slytheriness, which, in turn, only makes him slightly prouder of being a Slytherin (through time - at first I think he would have been devestated, but would have turned to pride as a defence mechanism against people like his brother James, who would have teased him for it). I see him with Ginny's temper, Hermione's bookishness, and Harry's bashfulness, but the same cunning that drove people lie Dumbledore. A snake that appears quite harmless, and for the most part can be, but is still harbouring a dark side that instead of being used for evil, is put to work for his own personal ambitions that defy white and black.

    If that makes any sense at all?

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    I definitely seeing his relationship with James Jr. as being the same as Ron's with Fred and George.

    Also, I think he would be in Slytherin, or if he was sorted into Gryffindor, have the same thing as Harry - only getting there because he asked to.

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    Padfoot Patronus
    On the topic of Albus’ house, I agree with untitlednine’s “if he was sorted into Gryffindor, have the same thing as Harry - only getting there because he asked to”.

    Jo gave us a very clear fact that Albus resembles Harry in appearance. However, reading towards the end of epilogue, I think she also tried to show how much nature-wise he was like Harry. The anxiousness, fear and eagerness all at once. By looking at the following quotes, analyze how even their speech and thirst for some sort of acceptance from the people who mean to each of these two Potters (Harry for Albus and Remus for Harry) is so similar. Jo amazes me sometimes. Make it, all the time.

    From HBP (p.311)

    ‘But,’ said Harry, ‘just say – just say Dumbledore’s wrong about Snape – ’
    From DH (p.758)

    ‘But just say – ’

    ‘ – then Slytherin House will have gained an excellent student…’
    This is shown to justify the point that I think even after Harry’s assurance, I’m sure Albus would have sat with trembling fingers on the stool, hoping and begging that the Hat not put him in Slytherin.


    Although, Pafoo is right to say that ‘asp’ is a snake in Northern Africa and Egypt, I don’t think Harry would have thought about this when giving Albus his middle name. Call it a coincidence.

    Harry was not just making up something to assure Albus when he said that ‘Slytherin House will have gained an excellent student’. He meant it. He probably nurses such views since after the defeat of Voldemort and Snape’s redemption. And this obviously would reflect in his upbringing of his children. It is for this reason, I say that James, Albus and Lily were not raised with prejudice against Slytherin like Draco was done against Gryffindor and James Potter Snr. was done against Slytherin.

    And you see, Albus still has his doubts about being sorted into that house, although as my droning suggests, he was never taught that there was something ‘not okay’ about being sorted into Slytherin, in the first place.

    The meaning of it all?

    Despite the fact that I think the Potter children were never manipulated or even teased about House sorting (Remember Ron’s comment to Rose. Their views on this matter I think would differ very much with Harry’s), if Albus still feels insecure about being a potential Slytherin, then as Harry says, I think he’d really be able to ‘…choose Gryffindor over Slytherin…’

    …which I think he does accomplish too.


    Well, from my above justification, you may also extract some answer to Emery’s second question. “What he would be like” as an adult?

    Like I said: Like Harry.

    Albus’ Hogwart years would definitely be like Harry’s, except you can minus a determined-to-kill Lord Voldemort, mind-reading-master Severus Snape, love-starved childhood and some other little things.

    Ugh, okay, well not altogether like Harry. But his nature: the anger, “bashfulness” as put by SiriuslyMental, the restlessness, extrovert-ness where emotions are considered, the occasional cheek. I also think that if both James and Albus were to go out for a nighttime adventure, Albus’ is more likely to do what Harry would do; James would probably come up with something Fred-George might have pulled up.

    In addition to SiriuslyMental’s characterization of Albus, for some reason, I see an adult Albus, as a dedicated and hardworking employee, involved family man, understanding and helpful fellow wizard, and all the things that Harry grew up into (as seen in the epilogue) without having to go through the chaos and life-changing experiences his father faced as a teenager.

    I see Harry becoming Albus’ mentor, father and best friend, someone who taught him these things.

    And reading about the scared and nervous eleven year old in the Epilogue, and reading all those seven books before that, I have no doubt that as a cliché Albus would be the perfect son, brother, husband or any other relation you can think of.

    On another note: my train of thoughts make me ponder over how James Snr., Harry and Albus look alike, but how different they could all be. Remember, we still have pages and pages of imagination to fill up. Maybe Albus won’t be like Harry at all…


    P.S: Don’t sue me for wasted time on reading an ‘incomprehensible’ post. As far as I’m concerned, lol, I had fun. Nice one Emery!

    Beth: Interesting post! 5 points

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    JKR has given us a tidbit, and now it's time to say 'but!' or 'and!' I do think it would be completely justifiable to put Albus in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin (just because Ravenclaw is the only house who's traits he doesn't really convey in his brief introduction in the epilogue.) I think a Ravenclaw would have been a lot less worried about what house they got into, knowing in the long run it didn't matter, and he probably would have been a bit more worried about classes and curriculum.

    I too am infatuated with the idea of Albus as a Slytherin. I think, coming from a famous father, he would have an immense desire to succeed and prove himself. JKR's mentioned that he and James fight...about what? It could be just a sibling fights, but what if it's different than that? Perhaps Albus disdains James recklessness and self righteousness (Gryffindor traits). IF so, then he'd have to be somewhere else.

    One has to remember, Slytherins aren't just "mean." Give us a little credit here Slytherins are described as being very ambitious, and cunning, using all their means to achieve their goals. Maybe Albus has a dream that he'd do anything to achieve. He's named for 3 very great people (2 of which at least are well known for their deeds). Maybe he wants to live up to that. Everyone Albus has met has probably said, "Albus like in Dumbledore! Potter's boy! So are you going to be a great wizard, too?" That's got to affect him somehow. After all, everyone DID stare at their party on the platform, so there is some hype about the Potters still.

    And Harry was almost a Slytherin, voila. Harry's not a nasty person, is he? It's possible for Albus to exhibit almost all of the same traits and still be a Slytherin. Perhaps he didn't want to have to choose his own destiny. It's a weighty question, perhaps he'd rather the hat made it for him. Harry took things into his own hands, maybe Albus wouldn't?

    As an adult, I think Albus would have to be very focused and goal oriented (if he was a Slytherin, that is). Being a Slytherin doesn't change the fact that he was raised by parents with a good grip of right and wrong. He'd probably be an upstanding citizen, but always live in his father's shadow. Much less war-scarred than Harry (I assume he'd always be a bit jaded by all he's seen), but otherwise a balanced, successful individual. I see him having a temper, though. That might just be my characterization, looking for some dynamic flaw. The son of Harry and Ginny can't be a completely complacent kid. As for James, I always thought he'd be a lot like James I or Sirius.

    Beth: Good points. 5 points!

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    From a source I found on here (can't remember the site, sorry)it said that Albus was put into Hufflepuff - though it says nothing ab though as said before, I think that he could be put in any house. I imagine him a lot like Remus, so maybe that gives some ideas of how he would be as an adult.

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    There is some really helpful discussion here! I have to admit I really wanted Albus to join Slytherin since Snape is one of my favorite characters, and I think there are some poetic elements to having him join the House of his father's rivals. I never considered the sibling rivalry, or that his personality might place him in one of the other two houses -the wizard families appear to be sorted into the same houses for the most part - Sirius, of course, being an exception. While Albus certainly could have chosen Gryffendor as his father did, a part of me hopes Harry's words would reassure young Albus, and that he would remember them when his time came for Sorting.

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