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Thread: Cedric Diggory

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    Do you think that, if Cedric had survived at the graveyard, the order would have sort of scooped him up between Gof and OotP? I think he'd most likely join D.A, but I am curious as to what his relationship with Harry would be, had he survived.

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    According to the Harry Potter Wiki, Cedric was beginning his sixth year at Hogwarts when the Triwizard Tournament began, having had his seventeenth birthday shortly after the beginning of the school year and thus being barely old enough to be selected as his school's champion. So, if he had survived the night in the Little Hangleton graveyard, he would have had one more year of school to complete and the Order would not have scooped him up, since they did not seem to be utilizing students. Remus Lupin says, at the end of chapter 5 of OotP, that the Order was composed only of overage wizards who had left school.

    I agree with you that if he had survived, he would have joined D.A. because he, like Harry, would have know what they were all up against, having seen it with his own eyes in the cemetery. His relationship with Harry would have been good because of their shared experiences, in the Triwizard Tournament challenges and then in the awful events in the cemetery.

    His essential good nature, which showed itself even before the Tournament began and which continued during the tournament in actions such as asking his followers not to wear the anti-Potter badges and sharing information about the Challenge clues, would have ensured that their relationship would have been cordial.

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