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Thread: Gallant Gryffindors Go for the Win!

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    More, more....

    Part Three:

    ‘Merlin’s pants! Is that Umbridge?’
    ‘It IS Umbridge!’ A delighted Ron was jumping up and down in the stadium. ‘But where is she going?’

    All action seemed to have stopped momentarily, and players watched incredulously as the woman ran across the ground.

    ‘Isn’t she saying something, Lee?’ Luna commented dreamily.

    The stadium listened in silence to the screeching figure, and George watched in absolute delight as she flung herself on a thoroughly bemused Snape!

    ‘Let go of me!’ They could hear Professor’s Snape’s loud and clear warning to Umbridge.

    The Stadium exploded into giggles.

    ‘So our favourite teacher Professor Umbridge has finally found her soul mate!’
    The crowd erupted in laughter. Dumbledore blew his whistle, lightly chortling.

    'Professor Umbridge, if you and Severus could move off the field. I'm afraid you're distracting the players,' he said, eyes twinkling with mischief. 'Perhaps find yourself a dungeon?' Snape scowled as he was dragged behind the stands by a blithe toad.

    After the whistle was blown, the game recommenced. The Hearts found themselves two goals behind; nerves were fraying. Romantic tension was palpable in the air. Hannah Abbott's attempts to score on McLaggen became wilder and more frantic. Lisa Turpin would become distracted when Michael flew past her.
    Daphne Greengrass would forget to shoot the Quaffle in when she flew past Draco, or saw him smirking at her. Roger Davies never lost a chance to direct his Bludger at Harry and smooth his hair when Cho was in sight.

    Cormac narrowly missed blocking the Quaffle for the sixth time that day and the Hearts cheered loudly, just as Professor Dumbledore blew his whistle loudly. A high-pitched love song emanated from its tip and the cheering crowd was instantly silenced. It was a beautiful song that warmed the hearts of the players, and they drifted to the ground.
    ‘Now, now,’ Dumbledore said in an undertone. ‘This game is not going well. You keep getting distracted; you argue with each other... this is not what I expected to happen.’

    His tone was light, but even a lovesick Umbridge could tell that he was disappointed. The players hung their heads in shame.

    ‘Let’s try harder now, alright?’ the headmaster asked. ‘Or else none of you will win the prize.’

    Silently, the teams nodded, and mounted their brooms.

    ‘The teams are back up!’ Lee shouted. ‘And I’ve just heard word that some team mascots are coming up.’
    ‘What?’ a disgruntled Cormac grumbled. ‘Such a short half-time? We didn’t even get a chance to eat!’

    Lisa Turpin nodded. ‘Professor Dumbledore! Please Professor; can you give us more time to patch up? We need to discuss a few things amongst ourselves,’ she called out.

    All players unanimously nodded except Fred, who was looking anywhere but at George.

    Dumbledore looked at Lisa with twinkling eyes and slowly nodded. ‘I announce… a fifteen minute half-time in this special game of Quidditch,’ he said and was immediately succeeded by joyous yells from the crowd.

    The players descended once again.
    Fred snuck away from his team, mumbling something about ‘relieving his bladder.’ He walked behind one of the stands, where his twin stood, waiting.

    ‘I really don’t want to do this,’ Fred grumbled, peeling off his Quidditch robes.

    ‘It’s for a good cause,’ George commented cheerily.

    ‘I don’t see why you have to be with her,’ Fred said. ‘She likes me better.’

    George shot him a hurt look.


    ‘S’okay,’ George said, clapping his twin on the back. ‘There are plenty of other hot girls out here besides Angelina.’

    ‘So why can’t you find one for yourself?’

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    Yep, yep.

    Part Four:

    Grumbling, Fred went up to the stands just as magenta fireworks faded from the sky, looking for an empty spot. He found one next to a sulking Bell.

    'Seat taken?' he asked, plopping down without waiting for an answer.

    She looked at him for a second, and then said, 'No.'

    Fred watched Angelina bitterly. Bemused commentary floated over the air.

    'Did Lovegood just say that Gwifflers were affecting the outcome of the game?' Katie said suddenly. Just as he thought of some morose comment, he looked at her and smiled.

    'They do spread love, you know.'
    Katie blushed and looked away, and got up to use the restroom.

    The game began again.

    George breezed around in the sky, winking every next second at a clueless Angelina.

    ‘Why are you acting love-sick?’ An angry Angelina hissed into his ear as she flew past him to catch a Quaffle deftly. ‘Weren’t you saying just now that winking is for wimps?’

    ‘I did?’ George shot a killer glance at his twin and looked back at Angelina. ‘You look pretty when you’re angry.’

    ‘Some of Umbridge’s love-potion seems to have found its way into you,’ Angelina muttered.
    George looked offended.

    ‘I’ll stop being so nice to your team, then,’ he whispered. ‘And maybe save my winking for Perkins.’

    Angelina was left behind, her mouth slightly open.

    * * *

    Meanwhile, that certain Perkins was in a frenzy. Frantically aiming Bludgers at the opposite team (save Michael; of course), she was simply hoping the game would end soon and she could curl up with Michael in his common room.

    All of the sudden, a sharp weight hit her. She doubled over in pain, but a strong arm caught her.

    ‘Cormac?’ she asked breathlessly.

    ‘Michael hit you,’ he replied.
    ‘He hit me?’ Perkins gasped. The jerk!

    ‘Oh, he is going to pay!’ she fumed.

    Cormac laughed and helped her back onto her broom. ‘Just take it easy, okay?’ he cautioned. ‘I don't want to see you getting hurt.’ He sped back towards the goal posts.

    ‘Okay,’ Perkins breathed. Cormac had saved her! From Michael--who was supposed to be her boyfriend! She turned just in time to see a Bludger speeding right towards her and smacked it as hard as she could.

    It hit Michael straight in the back. ‘OW! What was that for?’ he asked angrily.
    ‘Payback,’ Sarah-Ashley smirked, flying away, her thoughts on the gorgeous boy who had saved her.

    ‘You okay?’ Lisa asked hurriedly as she glanced at her teammate.

    ‘Yeah,’ Michael said, even though he felt like Hippogriff dung. He was suddenly struck by how pretty Lisa was. ‘Hey, do you like me?’

    Lisa blushed, and nodded, causing the opposite team to score.

    ‘That’s okay,’ Michael told her, when the captain started yelling at her for missing. ‘You want to go to Hogsmeade with me?’

    Lisa grinned broadly and nodded.

    He was much more adorable than Aster anyways.
    Aster flew ahead of Greengrass, readying himself for the pass. She swerved under Chambers, her brown hair flashing in the sun. He caught himself just in time to catch the Quaffle she threw.

    Shoving, he got past Jennifer Chambers, dodged a Bludger, and was just about to score when he saw something.

    Lisa was talking to Corner. Talking. Blushing. Aster froze. What was his girlfriend doing talking to Corner?

    As he was distracted, he didn't see Warrington barrelling towards him. The Quaffle was knocked forcefully out of his grasp and whisked off towards the other end of the Pitch.

    Daphne yelled. She flew over to Warrington.

    ‘What were you doing?’ she demanded. ‘He could’ve been hurt! That move is dangerous!’

    ‘Would you relax, Greengrass? He’s only a Hufflepuff,’ Warrington sneered.

    ‘Only a Hufflepuff?’ Daphne shrieked. She flew over to Warren and jabbed him in the chest.

    ‘I’m tired of all your insults! That Hufflepuff is at least a hundred times smarter and braver than you’ll ever be!’

    ‘Then why don’t you date him?!’ Warrington said angrily.

    ‘Maybe I will!’ she yelled back.

    ‘Fine!’ he bellowed.

    ‘We’re over, Warrington! You’re nothing but a worthless pig!’ she screamed.
    Jonathan fumed and tried to throw the first Quaffle that made its way into his hands at Daphne. She ducked, and it hit Harry instead. Harry turned around to see Cho flying away with a smirk on her face.

    ‘What was that for?’ he screamed at her.

    ‘What was what?’

    ‘In case you didn’t know, the Quaffle's meant to be hit at HOOPS! Not HEADS! What were you doing with it anyway?’

    ‘Now you’re teaching me how to play, are you?’

    ‘You sure do need some lessons.’

    Cho glared at him. ‘We’re over, Harry,’ she said as Harry zoomed away.
    ‘Watch it, Cho,’ Roger said, swiftly hitting a Bludger away from her.

    ‘Thanks,’ Cho said. ‘But I’m on the opposite team, you know.’

    Roger shrugged. ‘You’re pretty. It’s Valentine’s Day. Put two and two together.’

    Cho did, and added three as she asked, ‘Will you go out with me?’

    Roger laughed. ‘I’m glad I didn’t have to ask this time. Of course!’

    Jennifer was fuming as she saw her boyfriend flying off with that... prat. Jonathan flew beside her, and passed her the Quaffle.

    ‘Daphne ditched me for Zeller!’

    ‘You want to be with me, then? I’m single too.’

    Dumbledore had to hide a smile. His plans for a romantic Valentine's Day match were going perfectly! The players were starting to find the right people for them AND Dolores Umbridge was currently making a fool of herself by trying to climb all over the rather irritated Potions professor. But there were two people who were still unhappy…

    Fred was thoroughly unhappy. George and finally won Angelina mid-air and he was alone and benched.

    ‘Fred!’ Katie limped over to Fred on the bench and gave him a hug.

    ‘How’d you know it was me?’ Fred asked.

    ‘I always know!’
    Fred grinned half-heartedly.

    ‘What’s wrong?’ Katie asked.

    ‘What, can you tell when I’m upset, too?’

    ‘No, but your smile isn’t as cheeky as usual.’

    Fred chuckled dryly. ‘George kindly took my girlfriend from me.’

    Katie gaped. ‘Why?’

    ‘’Cause he was sick of sharing her.’

    Katie rolled her eyes.

    ‘Well,’ she said. ‘If you’re up to it, I know someone else who could use a partner.’


    ‘Me, you twit.’

    Fred considered this. ‘Okay.’


    ‘Yeah. You’re pretty, and don’t get confused when two boys try and share you.’

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    Last one!

    Part Five:

    Katie beamed and took his hand. Fred looked down at it, smiling.
    Grinning, Fred took his eyes off Katie and looked at the field. 'Whoa- what the hell is that?' he said. Katie turned; he pointed at Umbridge, who was alternating between screeching at Dumbledore and pulling Snape closer to her.

    He barely heard what she was shouting.

    'I know you were planning it all along! You wanted all of the players to get to Hogsmeade!' Dumbledore merely smiled.

    Fred's attention was wrenched back to the game when Lee Jordan called, 'Potter's seen the Snitch!' Cho looked away from the Umbridge episode, but only after it was too late.
    ‘Potter zooms past Chang to the snitch!’ Lee commented again; and this time, the excitement in the crowd was unmistakable. Low sounds of ‘Go, Harry!’ were rising from the Gryffindors.

    The game was suspended momentarily as the players craned their necks to observe the sleek figure cutting across the air. Cho gaped open-mouthed and moved only when Roger Davies gave her a forceful push from behind.

    ‘Cho, move,’ he murmured.

    ‘Potter’s getting closer to the snitch!’ Lee yelled, ‘Chang seems to have lost her sense of direction, for she’s streaking in the opposite direction!’

    Harry moved forward faster.

    Leaning forward, he caught the Snitch dramatically in his outstretched hand and lifted his fist high into the air.

    'The Cupids have won the game!' Luna called into the microphone, earning a shocked look from Lee. All around the pitch, couples ended their arguments, began crying on each other’s shoulders, and kissed. 'It appears that the Gwifflers have blessed this day!' She offered the microphone to a beaming Lee. Instead of taking it, he kissed her full on the lips.

    Dumbledore climbed high into the air on his broom and began to speak.
    ‘I would like to congratulate both teams on an excellently played Quidditch match. I haven’t seen a game so full of talent and,’ his eyes twinkled mischievously, ‘passionate in a long time! Which is why I’ve decided that all the players deserve a nice day in Hogsmeade!’

    Cheering could be heard all around.

    ‘On one condition,’ Dumbledore added. ‘They must take a fellow player with them on their special Valentine’s Day date!’

    Murmurs of agreement were heard and the crowd whistled and catcalled as the players approached each other rather awkwardly and made plans.
    George tried to search for Fred in the stands. ‘He would be sulking for sure,’ he thought and grinned.

    However, he saw a perfectly contended Fred smiling at a happy Katie and taking her away from the stadium. George’s mouth fell open as he stared at the couple.

    ‘Fred?’ Angelina’s voice brought him back to reality. ‘You may be dumb, but I’d still like to go to Hogsmeade with you,’ she said and kissed him softly.

    ‘Angie… I’m George, not Fred,’ he said slowly, and pulled Angelina towards him, ‘but I love you all the same.’
    Angelina looked at him oddly, then hugged him tightly.

    A few metres away, Harry awkwardly approached Hannah Abbott.

    'Uh, Hannah?' he said. 'I saw that you didn't have a boyfriend at this point, and Cho's all but snogging Davies, and you can't go to Hogsmeade unless you take another player, so I was- uh, if you don't mind- wondering if you wanted to come with me.'

    She smiled. 'Even if you are mad, Potter, it doesn't mean you aren't good looking.' Harry blushed.

    'Only so we can get there- not a date or anything!' he added.
    Hannah laughed gently, and Harry wondered why he’d never noticed her before.

    Fred led Katie away from the crowd. ‘Wait here. I have a little unfinished business.’

    ‘How long will you take?’

    ‘Not more than a few minutes,’ he grinned and walked away.

    ‘Professor Snape?’ he called out to the figure trying to wrestle a passionate Umbridge away from him.

    ‘CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY?’ the man yelled.

    Fred snickered. ‘You’ve got to kiss her to relieve her off the effects of the potion, Professor,’ he smirked.

    Snape looked as if someone had slapped him across the face.
    ‘Weasley,’ he said through clenched teeth. ‘Either you will release her from the effects of this enchantment or else I will—’

    Fred laughed. ‘I can’t do anything, Professor. You’ve got to snog her to stop her!’

    The colour drained out of Snape’s face. ‘If you’re wrong about this,’ he warned.

    Fred held up his hands. ‘Developed it myself, Professor. It’s the only way!’

    Snape held Umbridge at a careful arm’s distance away before slowly leaning in and pecking her chastely on the lips. The potion didn’t wear off right away and Umbridge nearly attacked Snape trying to kiss him!
    Fred laughed loudly and went back to a waiting Katie.

    ‘Are you ready for the Hogsmeade trip tonight, Bell?’

    ‘Hogsmeade trip? But isn’t that only for the winning team… or as our Headmaster just announced, all the players?’

    ‘Yes, it should be, if you are dealing with anyone other than Fred Weasley.’

    ‘You mean we are going to sneak out?’

    ‘Yeah, I do. So what do you say? Will you be my date for tonight?’

    Katie looked stunned for a moment, but a smile slowly crept into her face.

    ‘I’m game.’
    'Well, I'd say you're all in a different place then you were at the beginning of the match.' Couples glanced at each other- they were in someone else's arms, that was for sure.

    'I hope,' Dumbledore said, looking around the stands. 'That you've learned something valuable about love: that it isn't always what you suspect, but always prevails. Have a marvellous time in Hogsmeade, and remember, love-'

    'A GWIFFLER!' Luna shouted, pointing towards the forest. The entire school erupted in laughter. And with that, couples took each other by the hand, taking another step towards love.
    Yes! Alright team, we did it.

    All I can say is thank you, for being a great, super-amazing team.

    -Captain Stubby

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    *hugs everyone* We've actually managed it ! And I quite like the result.


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    We did it! I'm so proud!!! *tacklehuggleseveryone* We are sooooooo going to win this!!!

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