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Thread: Gallant Gryffindors Go for the Win!

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    Quidditch lurve....

    Having watched Cho give Harry a look that practically screamed 'break-up', the crowd looked on as the game started back up.

    'It's Abbott with the Quaffle- she's coming up quick- will McLaggan stop it?' Lee called, leaning forward on his bench. The Keeper rushed to the left to deflect the goal but he came up short; the Quaffle bounced off his head and through the hoop.

    'Ooooh. Look's like McLaggan's off his game. 10 points to the Hearts. And now it's Greengrass with the Quaffle, passing to Johnson....'


    Cormac slumped on his broom. He was a bloody failure.
    99 words!

    Let's get some character/romance/plot development going here, team! It's going great so far, but we're ready to step it up a notch.

    -Captain Stubby

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    Not only was Hannah extremely ticked at him, his performance was terrible. Roger Davies asked him if he needed a sit-out, but Cormac refused. No way would he sit down; he was Cormac McLaggen, the greatest Quidditch player ever.

    Lee Jordan was also having a rough time too. With Luna chattering away in his ear, he sometimes found himself distracted from the game. If only he could find a way for her to shut up that didn’t include hexing! But the possibilities were narrowed down from there.

    The playing was thick with tension, as well as the romance.
    98 words! Go, go, go! Let's include some more couple struggles, shall we? How about the Fred/George scheme?

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    But really, from up here at the hoops, Cormac had a marvellous view of the proceedings.

    'You git! Leave my girlfriend alone, will you?' Warrington yelled at his own teammate, Michael Corner. Michael was looking seriously put off and a more than mildly incredulous.

    'It's a game, Warrington!' he called back. 'I'm supposed to hit Bludgers at the other team!'

    The shouting match soon transformed into mid-air boxing.

    Cormac sighed. 'You two! Get back to the game!'

    'Shut up, Cormac!' Hannah screeched. She was soon drowned out by Lee Jordan, calling a penalty.
    100 words! Just a reminder, team, that the challenge ends 10 Feb. Keep up the writing!

    And, here's a shiney banner to display if you like, made by teh most wonderful Katie:

    *taps lion hat*


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    ‘FOUL! Greengrass takes penalty for Cupids. That was a good move by the way, Corner! Oooh, can you hit that-’

    ‘Shall I find a replacement for you, Jordan?’ Professor Umbridge’s stern voice asked him from behind.

    ‘Umm.. I mean what a disgusting way to behave, Corner. Really. Johnson steadies herself- and there the quaffle goes… CUPIDS SCORE! Great move, Angy. Way to go, girl. Whoo… what a shot, lovely! Will you go out with me-?’


    ‘70- 60 for Cupids!’

    A small voice beside him distracted Lee.

    ‘What’s that about going out with Angelina?’
    94 words.

    Sorry for being inactive lately, guys. Been a little too busy *sigh*

    Stubby darling, could you include the names of all players in your first post? It'll be easier to look at the list that way.

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    Lee turned to see George at his side.

    “What?” Lee asked, nonplussed. “I thought Fred was dating Angelina, anyway.”

    “Not for long,” George said and snuck off without another word.

    “Poor Fred,” Lee muttered, eyeing the player up in the sky. “Bloke’s got no idea what’s coming at him.”

    Lee was wrong. Fred did know what was coming at him; a Bludger. He swung his bat at it, and hit snivelly Sarah-Ashley in the back.

    Sarah-Ashley had been arguing with her boyfriend, Michael- she was complaining loudly how he never paid any attention to her anymore.
    96 words! I hate this little 'your post has to be more than 50 characters' thing, which is why I write absolute nonsense at the end of these so I cna get my work posted.

    Should we start getting the Umbridge plan in?

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    Go, go, Gryffindor!

    George shuffled down the aisle and the stairs, eyes still on the game. The quarter must be over soon; he'd get in the air before something sparked between Fred and Angelina.

    Not looking where he was going, he trod on someone's foot.

    'Weasley! Watch where you step,' Umbridge simpered. George eyed her. 'Where are you going?'

    'Just down for a drink,' he lied, glaring.

    She grinned. Sickeningly. 'Could you get me a pumpkin juice, dear?'

    'Sure,' George answered begrudgingly. Going down, he put his hand in his pocket and felt his and Fred's latest expenditure.
    Our speculative character list and profiles:


    Roger Daives---> Captain, Seventh Year Ravenclaw, Beater (vying for Cho Chang, BF of Jennifer Chambers- quick-thinking/bossy/tough)
    Daphne Greengrass---> Fifth Year Slytherin, Chaser (GF of Warrington, vying for Draco Malfoy- clever/pretty/cool)
    Cormac McLaggen---> Fourth Year Gryffindor, Keeper (BF of Hannah Abbott- bitter/bossy/annoying)
    Harry Potter---> Fifth Year Gryffindor, Seeker (BF of Cho Chang -you know/what he/is like)
    Angelina Johnson---> Seventh Year Gryffindor, Chaser (GF of Fred/George- motivated/nice/youknow)
    Aster Zeller---> Sixth Year Hufflepuff, Chaser (BF of Lisa Turpin- nervous/smart/moody)
    Sarah-Ashley Perkins---> Sixth Year Hufflepuff, Beater (GF of Michael Corner- shrill/loyal/obnoxious)


    Jennifer Chambers---> Seventh Year Ravenclaw, Chaser (GF of Roger Daives- calm/witty/unsympathetic)
    Jonathan Warrington---> Seventh Year Slytherin, Chaser (BF of Daphne Greengrass- brutish/arrogant/watchful)
    Hannah Abbott---> Fifth Year Hufflepuff, Chaser (GF of Cormac McLaggen- distractable/happy/jealous)
    Cho Chang---> Sixth Year Ravenclaw, Seeker (GF of Harry Potter- tearful/snippy/smooth)
    Fred Weasley---> Seventh Year Gryffindor, Beater (BF of Angelina Johnson- you know/what he/is like)
    Lisa Turpin---> Fifth Year Ravenclaw, Keeper (GF of Aster Zeller, vying for Michael Corner- helpfull/vague/girly)
    Michael Corner---> Fourth Year Ravenclaw, Beater (BF of Sarah-Ashley Perkins, vying for Cho Chang)


    *cough* Love-potion-in-pocket-goes-into-Umbridge's-pumpkin-juice. *cough*

    -Captain Stubby

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    George sneaked away to an empty spot behind the stands and took out two small packets. He grinned devilishly and tipped the contents of one into Dolores Umbridge’s Pumpkin juice. After a second thought, he drowned the contents of the other packet himself. ‘I have a feeling I’ll need the anti- Amorentia potion,’ he muttered and made his way back to the stands.

    ‘Here, Professor,’ he said, a little too brightly.

    Dolores, being the suspecting female that she was, stuck her nose near the rim of the glass and inhaled deeply.

    ‘How do I know you haven’t spiked the juice?’
    100 words. Exactly.

    George drinks the potion to avoid effects of Amorentia, in case you guys are wondering. So we can make George offer to drink and show her nothing is wrong, or anything else you guys may come up with.

    C'mon, guys! Don't go away on Hiatus!! We need to get this done as quickly as possible! We're not even at half time yet!

    *pushes Gryffs to victory*

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    “Wizard’s honor!” George said brightly.

    Umbridge looked at him suspiciously. “I don’t trust you. Drink it,” she ordered.

    George smacked his lips. “I would say, ‘bottoms up’, but knowing as you’ll be wanting this after seeing that neither one of us is going to turn into a toad—”

    ‘Because one of us already is a toad, he thought with a smirk.

    “—I’ll just take a sip.” He took a rather large gulp of pumpkin juice and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. He felt a queer tingling in his stomach for a second before the Anti-Amortentia kicked in.
    97 words!!! Now let's torture Umbridge!!! *evil laugh*

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    George grinned back at Umbridge after a gap of a few minutes.

    ‘Well…Professor? I’m fine, alive and kicking. And I’m feeling great!’

    Umbridge was still eyeing him suspiciously, but finding nothing wrong, she leaned back into her chair and snatched the juice away from him.

    ‘It’s always better to check. I don’t trust you and your twin.’

    George quickly bowed and sneaked away from the spot as fast as he could. He secured a position from the stands where he could overlook the entire proceedings.

    ‘Now for some fun,’ he thought gleefully and rubbed his hands together.
    97 words.

    Lets not stick to Umbridge now, since we need to give more importance to Quidditch. Lets change the POV to Lee who stops between announcing the progress of the match and describes a figure moving across the pitch to hug Snape. L-O-L. haha.

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    Up in the announcer’s box, Lee was finding it very difficult to keep his head in the game. Luna’s bright blond head of hair kept finding its way into his vision, making it very distracting for him.

    “And that’s another ten points for the Cupids! And another fantastic score for Aster Zeller!” he said gleefully.

    “Jennifer Chambers has the Quaffle—what the bloody ‘ell is that!?” Lee pointed at the miniscule blob on the ground. It was waddling its was across the Quidditch Pitch during a game to the other side of the stadium!

    “Merlin’s pants! Is that Umbridge?”
    99 words! Omigodric! It is so much fun to say Merlin's pants!!!

    Let's keep on the Umbridge tangent for a second until we can see that Umbridge is infatuated with Snape, and then let's have a couple quarrel up in the air!

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