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Thread: Gallant Gryffindors Go for the Win!

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    Gallant Gryffindors Go for the Win!

    Alright, team. We've been planning like mad and now it's time to write like mad. Remember to only post 100 words or less at a time and try to spell-check/grammar check before you post. Allie, Padfoot, Manu- let's play.

    Cormac McLaggen slammed the door to the locker behind him, grumbling.

    'Stupid girlfriends... stupid Hannah....' he muttered, pulling on his Keeper's gloves with venom.

    'What's that, McLaggen?' Roger Daives asked. His big hand gripped Cormac's shoulder. 'Something got you down?'

    Shaking his head, Cormac pushed his hand off of him. 'No. Nothing at all.' He grabbed his broom and turned around to face his Captain.

    Roger nodded briskly. 'That's good. No distractions besides the ladies in this game. Now, everyone, gather around.'

    The rest of the team huddled close and listened.
    96 words.

    Go, go, go!

    -Captain Stubby

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    ‘You remember our plan, don’t you?’

    Fred grinned. ‘Of course, brother. Can I ever forget it?’

    George smirked. ‘You’d better not.’ He clapped his twin on the back. ‘Best of the luck for the first half. You’re going to need it.’

    ‘Says the boy who wishes to take my place in the second half.’

    ‘Oh! So you do remember.’

    Fred’s chest swelled as soon as he saw Angelina Johnson’s bright face coming towards them.

    ‘Match-time, bro!’

    ‘Bad pun,’ George muttered under his breath and turned away when Fred kissed Angelina. ‘We’ll see what happens when it’s my turn.’
    98 words! Get a move, team Gryffindor! *shouts*

    Stubby,dear. Maybe “No, nothing at all” will sound better. But it’s still correct.

    Yay for the Toasters!!

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    Go, go, Gryffindor!

    Fred walked onto the pitch with the team. The stands, draped in their usual house colours, sported additional hangings of pinks and reds. Heart-shaped balloons floated behind the rings and people waved banners supporting a team or couple.

    Jennifer strode forward and shook the opposing team's Captain's hand (the hand of Roger Daives, who happened to be her boyfriend), winking slightly. Roger grimaced and she walked back to her team.

    An amplified voice rang out over the crowd.

    'Students! Your attention, please?' Dumbledore said. Fred gawked. Dumbledore, with a broom and purple robes-this was a sight he wouldn't forget.
    100 words.

    It'd be appreciated if y'all continued his speech.


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    Dumbledore wobbled unsteadily on his broom as he descended a bit and then continued.

    'Today we are gathered here to celebrate Hogwarts' first ever Valentine's Day Match!' A loud bout of cheering and applause followed so he waited for the crowd to quiet down. 'I'd like to introduce our two teams to you! So please, give a round of applause to our first team, the Cupids! Roger Daives! Daphne Greengrass! Angelina Johnson! Cormac McLaggen! Sarah-Ashley Perkins! Harry Potter! Annnd, Aster Zeller!' The crowd cheered even louder.

    ‘And please give another warm welcome to our second team, the Hearts!’
    I know, I know, pretty uncreative, the Hearts and the Cupids, but I was running out of ideas! We can change it later. 98 words!

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    ‘Here we have Jennifer Chambers! Jonathan Warrington! Hannah Abbott! Cho Chang! Lisa Turpin! Michael Corner! Andddd- Fred Weasley!’

    The students and the teachers in the stands cheered as the second team appeared.

    ‘Thank you,’ said Dumbledore. ‘And our commentators, Lee Jordan and Luna Lovegood, will be keeping track of what goes on in the game. So let’s give a warm welcome to them too!’

    The school clapped at the two students. Luna was decked in pink, with large heart-shaped earrings that were clearly visible to the players on brooms. Lee grinned; he seemed a little wary of Luna’s loud appearance.
    one-double zero! Very creative, Allie At least it pertains to the subject.

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    The whistle in Professor Dumbledore’s hand blew loudly; a musical note ensuing from it, and the match began.

    ‘Greengrass gets hold of the Quaffle and- OH! She narrowly escapes a bludger. HAHA, that’s Warrington glaring at Corner for foolishness towards his Girlfriend-’
    Lee was cut off by a loud shriek from his left.


    ‘Luna,’ a bemused Lee said, ‘we have Hearts and Cupids, but Gwifflers…’

    ‘They are the brothers of nifflers, Lee,’ Luna said delicately, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, ‘and they spread Love.’

    Lee lost his voice for a few moments.
    100 words.

    Sorry for being away these days.

    Someone please continue from the point I left off.

    *runs away screaming TOASTERS FOR THE CUP!*

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    Regaining it, he spluttered, “Luna, let’s stick to commentating, okay?”

    Luna shrugged. “Just trying to inform viewers.”

    The game continued, with the two students trying out-speak each other. Lee was rooting for the Hearts, mainly because Fred was on it. Luna made comments on the players themselves, trying to give them unhelpful advice.

    “Sarah-Ashley, you may want to stop pouting! Your mouth can get stuck that way.”

    “Harry, watch out! I hear a Niffler!”

    Harry, who had been watching for the Snitch, turned his head in confusion. He darted after the other Seeker, who had suddenly pulled into a dive.
    100 words. Let's go Gryffindors! We can do this! *mustbeatleast50characters*

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    "Oh, look," Luna said absently. "Harry Potter looks like he must have seen something. I wonder what it is?"

    "IT'S THE SNITCH!" Lee exclaimed triumphantly. "And it's Potter versus Chang! Potter's right on Chang's tail... c'mon Harry!"

    Harry put on an extra burst of speed and pulled ahead of Cho. He reached out his arm... the Snitch was nearly his!

    A Bludger burst out of nowhere and nearly took his head off. Harry rolled into a spin, forgetting that Cho was right behind him and knocked her off her broom. Cho fell to the ground and immediately started moaning.
    99 words! I've just set us up for a huge Harry vs. Cho fight! Let's let 'em at it!

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    The seekers hadn’t been hovering far above the ground when Cho fell down, and Harry looked down at the whining figure in disgust.

    “You were hardly two feet off the ground, so quit moaning, Cho.”

    “Owww… I think I broke my hand… Owww!”

    “Oh really, darling? Which of your hands is that fragile?”

    Cho glared at Harry through her tears.

    “If you don’t believe me, then FINE. I’ve got such a caring Boyfriend.”

    “Yes, you have. Others would just have stalked off.”


    However, the bickering couple were interrupted by Dumbledore’s calm voice.
    93 words.

    Allie, dear, you forgot the 'to' in
    fell the ground

    Go, Gryffindor!!!

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    “Seekers,” the headmaster spoke up, “Please stop arguing and return to the air. Miss Chang, if you need anything, Madam Pomfrey is up in the stands.”

    There was the nurse, on the highest bench in the stands farthest away from Cho.

    Cho looked as though she would go, just to make Harry mad, but the look on her team’s faces told her that she should get back on her broom. She sniffed, snapped, “I’m fine,” and swung her leg over her broom.

    “No, you’re not,” Harry smirked, shooting up into the air.

    Cho gaped at him, still on the ground.
    Let's go Gryffindors, let's go! This post must be at least 50 characters, let's go!

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