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    irrevocably blair


    I'm writing a drabble in which one of the characters is temporarily unconscious. She was made unconscious from a battle that recently occurred. Another character (male) finds her, and he knows that she will be all right.

    So basically, I need help coming up with how this character may have become unconscious. Keep in mind that it cannot be life-threatening. The effects of this unconsciousness should be similar to a . . . sleeping potion? Or something harmless like that.

    If anyone knows of any spell or anything else in the magical world that could achieve this 'unconscious yet safe' effect, please let me know! (The unconscious character will only be unconscious for a short time - not days/weeks, or anything, just a few minutes/hours, and her unconsciousness can have no harmful effects on her.)

    Thank you so much!

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    There are sleeping potions that Madam Pomfrey uses to give patients dreamless sleep. They probably work for around ten hours, but it might be possible for her to administer a smaller dose. Would that work?


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    irrevocably blair
    Rose - Thanks for your help! Hmm, a sleeping potion may work. The only thing is, I kind of need her to be unconscious from a battle-type-thing; I don't think anyone would administer a sleeping potion during a battle . . .

    I was considering using a Stunning spell, but then there's always the possibility of 'Ennervate!' & if the male character could Ennervate the other character, there wouldn't really be any point to my drabble . . . Hmm . . .

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    It could've been an extreamly strong stunning spell, like in POV when Snape gets knocked unconcious. Maybe she got hit by a spell, flew back and hit her head on something? It might give her a slight concussion, but why not? Or you could make up a spell, but that's not very canon. I think hitting her head or a good stunning spell, or maybe both combined would be your best bet, honestly.

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    I was considering using a Stunning spell, but then there's always the possibility of 'Ennervate!' & if the male character could Ennervate the other character, there wouldn't really be any point to my drabble . . . Hmm . . .
    Wait, so your male character isn't reviving the female character? I was also thinking of the Stunning Spell, but nevermind if that wouldn't go along with the idea. (just thought I should let you know, the reverse of it is "Rennervate", not "Ennervate".)

    I was also thinking about the Revulsion Jinx:

    Forces the target to back off from the caster, letting go of him or her if the target is holding on to the caster. May be associated with a flash of purple light when cast.

    Hermione used this jinx to force Yaxley to let go of her during the escape from the Ministry of Magic. At the time there was a flash of purple light (DH13, DH14).
    I got that from the HP Lexicon, here.

    I was thinking that someone may have jinxed her with that, and perhaps she hit her head on a hard object, just enough to knock her out for a few minutes. How long exactly is she out before he finds her?

    I hope I may have helped...if only I got your mind whirring with ideas, that would be great. Good luck on your Drabbling!


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    What about a few stunner's at once, like what happened to McGonagall in HBP?

    That might render her unconscious for some time.

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    Your best bet is for her to have hit her head. There is a counter jinx/spell for just about anything magical that could render her unconcious. If she has hit her head hard enough it could knock her out for about 10 minutes (I know this first hand, my son got knocked out while jumping a ramp with his skateboard and this was with a helmet on! He was out cold for 5 minutes and it took another 5 for him to completly come around), even if the male character tries to revive her it wouldn't work, the brain has to heal itsself.

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    Yeah, butter_beer, that's what I was getting at with my post. I hit my head on the corner of a coffee table once (either that or something else sharp and made of wood) and I only got a small cut, but pretty deep, and I blacked out for a few minutes. Well, I'm pretty sure I did, because I only remember hitting my head and then opening my eyes and being somewhere else.

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