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Thread: Wolfsbane potion ingredients

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    Wolfsbane potion ingredients

    I've searched the forums and the Lexicon, but found nothing. Does anyone know what ingredients are in the Wolfsbane Potion? I've read stories that suggest silver, presumably because of its traditional effect on werewolves. I was thinking that it should also contain wolfsbane, also known as monkshood or aconite.

    Do you think the potion got its name because of its effect on werewolves, or because it does, in fact, contain wolfsbane? It's not terribly important to my story, but I woudn't like to say one thing, only to later find the opposite is true.

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    I have no idea as to the other ingredients of the Wolfsbane potion, but I can say that it would contain Wolfsbane and be fairly certain that would be correct. My reference PS/SS the part in which Harry has his first potions class and Prof. Snape is firing questions at him, I think the one about Wolfsbane is in there if I'm not mistaken. *Apologizes profusely if she is wrong* I'm going from memory, as my books are at home and I am at work.

    Just my two knuts!


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    Well, the plant could have earned its third name likewise because of its effect on werewolves...

    So yes, methinks its plausible that wolfsbane is among the major ingredients of Wolfsbane potion. I also like the idea of silver. And probably some ingredients known to be included in wit-sharpening potion, strengthening potion, etc. Potions you think would help in keeping a werewolf lucid, overcoming his werewolf instincts. Their essences or main ingredients are all just mixed together with probably the wolfsbane as catalyst. Hence, the intricacy of the Wolfsbane potion-making. It's like a cold medicine. You can't actually cure cold but you can stop the symptoms. You find anti-histamines there to curb sneezing if it is due to allergy, phenylpropanolamine as decongestant, paracetamol for fever and pain etc. Likewise, the Wolfsbane potion must have components to deaden the psychological symptoms of lycanthropy. Good luck!

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    Thanks, you two. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. I was just hoping someone had something concrete. Oh well, I guess that means I have free reign.

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    Wolfsbane is actually arnica montana - a different plant, from a different family and different effects, though likewise poisonous.
    You could also add Bloodroot (sanguinaria) and Witch Hazel (hamamelis) - one to calm and one to heal.

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