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    Say someone was redecorating their home. Would they buy furniture, or would they conjure it? Any ideas?

    ~ Jojo...

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    That question has crossed my mind before too. My theory is that if they conjure it, it has to come from somewhere, like a store. I believe that if they conjure it then money for the item is deducted from their Gringotts account (kinda like a magical credit card). So therefore it would be easy to assume that they could also go shopping for it. Either way it has to be paid for. If you would like for your characters to go shopping and enjoy all the benefits of arguing over what they want and what colors and styles then it would be perfectly acceptable to have them go shopping. Now if it were the Malfoys, they would probably conjure it or send someone or perhaps a house-elf to go get it. Of course, old manor house usually have huge attics and therefore conjuring something in that house may just bring it down from storage.

    I could deffinately see Molly at a thrift shop or garage sale looking for just he right thing at the right price.

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    I don't think you can conjure something that you don't already own. I think I've heard somewhere that you can't conjure something out of thin thin air. It has to come from somewhere. I think if you conjure something you don't own, it's stealing. I'm positive I've heard it. So, I think you would buy it the first time, but if you were moving, you could conjure it if you are in the new house and the furniture is in your old house. Make sense? I'm SURE I've heard it somewhere that it works that way.

    Hope I helped ^^

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    Conjuring- where's Gamp when you need him? Or Hermione?

    Eh, I disagree. I think you would conjure it, if you liked. I get the feeling that conjured furniture just isn't 'as nice' as 'real' furniture, but it doesn't really matter. Dumbledore and McGonnagal conjure furniture all the time and Harry thinks that it's comfy (or at least Dumbledore's squashy armchairs are).

    It would probably be easier to transfigure your stuff, wouldn't it?


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    I imagine it like this. The conjured item has to come from somewhere. Remember in CoS when Harry and Ron are sitting in McGonogall's office and she conjurs up a plate of sandwiches, which continues to refill itself as they take from it? I imagine it came from the Kitchen.

    Magic still has to conform to some kind of rules. Yes, it's all magical and mystical and special, but it would still be like some sort of physics. The law of conservation of matter and energy would work here. If an object is indeed conjured out of thin air, the matter must have been converted from magical energy. I imagine the energy would come from the one doing the conjuring. If someone vanishes something, the energy is returned to them.

    Now a person only has so much energy, so it stands to reason that they could only conjur so much stuff safely. Also, the more complex and detailed the object is, the more concentration it would take. I think Dumbledore always conjuring those chintz armchairs was a bit of showing off on his part.

    If you could just conjur anything you wanted out of thin air, there would be no need for most kinds of shops.

    Of course, everything I just said is pure conjecture. Take it with a grain or two of salt.

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    It would probably be easier to transfigure your stuff, wouldn't it?

    That would be my idea. But how would it work? Could you use a stick or log? Anything? A regular, non-fancy chair and make it more "expensive" looking?

    I think it would depend on the witch or wizard doing the conjuring or transfiguring.

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    But how would it work? Could you use a stick or log? Anything? A regular, non-fancy chair and make it more "expensive" looking?
    I was thinking that transfiguring the old furniture into new style furniture would probably be the best idea. It would seem like, if you just used a stick as you suggested, it might seem a little temporary. Surely the charm would wear off at some point? And I can't see someone wanting to buy new furniture and then just doing a temporary job; you'd want it to last, right? That's just what I would think.

    If you were looking to buy new things, I had always imagined that you would need to actually buy them. Otherwise, the shops in Diagon Alley, for instance, would just have items disappearing I would imagine that house elves get used for the shopping much of the time, or if not, the actual wizard or witch themself. As the Weasleys need to go to Diagon Alley to purchase new books every term for their children, it stands to reason that you can't just summon them. Otherwise they surely would've done that! No?

    Hope that helps!


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    I think if you were able to transfigure ANYTHING (like a log) into exquisite furniture, then there would be no point to actual stores. I think only certain thing can be transfigured into certain things, but if you could transfigure ANYTHING, why not just go around transfiguring stuff into money, or stuff you really need? Everyone would be rich. I know you can transfigure some stuff into furniture, like pigs into desks and vice versa, but not everything.

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