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Thread: Ravenclaws are Raring to Race!

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    Keep up the great work, everyone!

    Nothing too exciting was happening, that is, until Hermione got her first chance to defend the goal.

    “And Malfoy’s heading towards Granger!” Lee cried. “Lets see if Hermione is as good on a broom as she is in the classroom!”

    The red blur streaked towards Hermione.

    “She’s saved it!” Lee exclaimed. “Hermione Granger's blocked the Quaffle!”

    “Hermione! How did you do that?” Ginny shouted incredulously from above.

    “Well, I read this marvelous book, and found this great Arithmancy principle that you apply…” she began.

    “Save it Hermione, I don’t need the details,” Ginny said as she darted her eyes around.


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    From the other side of the Quidditch Pitch, Ron’s fingers curled around his broom’s handle. If Hermione carried on like this, she could become a better Keeper than he was. He would not let her show him up.

    Ginny soon came into possession of the Quaffle and sped towards Ron to take a shot at goal. Michael stared guiltily before zooming at Ginny to snatch the Quaffle.

    They were about to collide when Lee called, “Is that the Snitch?”

    Everyone in the stands gaped as they saw Harry and Cho dive towards the earth together with no intention of stopping.
    -100 words-

    I think I'll have to compile our story soon as the challenge ends in a few hours, if I'm reading correctly. xD


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    Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Ginny and Michael forgot all about the Quaffle and crashed against each other, letting it go, to be awkwardly caught by Luna Lovegood, who simply stopped in the air to watch Cho and Harry.

    They were, apparently, completely focused on just one thing: catching the snitch before the other did. Everyone was rooting for Harry, knowing that Cho’s broom was nothing compared to Harry’s.

    “Go Harry!” Hermione shouted from her position, forgetting that she was supposed to be rooting for Cho instead. Ginny glared at her, to which Hermione blushed.

    “Sorry,” she said.
    -100 words exactly- >.< Oh the cuts!

    GUYS LET'S GO! WE CAN DO THIS! Hannah, Joy, Tash! Let's go! =O Time's running out.


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    Must hurry...must hurry...

    All eyes were still focused on the speeding images of Harry and Cho.

    “Harry Potter!” Cho called through the din. “If you care at all about me, you’ll move your arse now!”

    Without even thinking, Harry whipped around.

    “What did you say to me?” he retorted.


    And as quickly as she had threatened him, Cho sped past Harry in his daze of confusion.

    “I don’t believe it!” Lee cried. “Chang has passed Potter! Chang’s passed Potter!”

    The crowd grew silent. Everyone held their breaths, waiting for the unimaginable.

    In an instant, Cho wrapped her fingers around the struggling Snitch.
    100//with difficulty

    I'll be around for awhile...let's see if we can get anymore done!

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    “Chang has the Snitch! Chang has the Snitch!” Lee shouted as the teams descended towards the ground. There was a general discontent in the crowd, noticeable in their hushed cheers. Evidently they had wanted the match to go on for longer.

    “Judges?” Lee asked, and the crowd turned to look at where Lee was looking. They had not noticed the three teachers sitting in the stands, analyzing every move of the game. “Have you come to a consensus to who wins the Hogsmeade pass?”

    “We have,” Professor Vector affirmed.

    Professor Flitwick stood up and squeakily continued, “The winner is…”
    -99 words-

    We're doing a great job, guys! Keep it up. We have all of Sunday (EST) to keep posting, so let's try and wrap things up!


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    “The winning couple is Harry Potter and Cho Chang!” Professor Flitwick squeaked. “We do have a logical reason for it too, besides them being the Seekers. They fought hard against each other today, looking hard for the Snitch, trying to catch it before the other did. However, in the most crucial moment, they still proved to be a couple, and let the rivalry go. Yes, I’m referring to Mr. Potter’s slip, by letting Ms. Chang catch the Snitch, without even realizing it.

    “However,” Professor McGonagall interrupted, “we’d like to mention the other couples as well.” Continuing, she cleared her throat.
    -100 words- Ergh >.< I SO wanted to write more. I was on a roll and everything, darn it!



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    We're finally getting somewhere! I'm so excited. We have more than a full day left to keep this up...lets go for it!

    “Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger have been awarded first runner-up,” she continued, “For Miss Granger’s spectacular talents at the goal, which threatened Mr. Weasley’s reputation as Keeper.”

    Hermione was blushing from her broomstick.

    “Therefore,” McGongall said, “in the event that Potter or Chang fall ill the day of the trip, Weasley and Granger will go instead.”

    “However, their team and the teams of Malfoy and Vane, Corner and Weasley, Weasley and Johnson, Weasley and Spinnet, and Longbottom and Lovegood will be given a brunch in the Great Hall that day as a reward for their excellent efforts!” Professor Flitwick chimed.


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    Yayayayay! -huggles Joy and Ana- We're getting there! We're getting there!

    Draco Malfoy’s face turned a delicate red colour as he beckoned Romilda to his side. “I can’t believe Potter and Chang won,” he said haughtily to Romilda, who seemed to hang onto his every word. “Not that it really matters. I, after all, don’t need any charity vouchers from the teachers to pay for my Hogsmeade visits. Now everyone will know Potter’s not as good a Seeker as he claims to be.”

    Draco attempted to hook arms with Romilda, but she turned away from him. “You said we’d win, but Harry beat you. He’s twice the man you’ll ever be!”
    -100 words-


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    Draco gaped at Romilda for a moment, watching her walk away to congratulate Harry and Cho, before closing his mouth and walking quickly towards her.

    “Well, if I had been the Seeker, Chang wouldn’t have distracted me for sure!” he exclaimed, drawing Harry’s and Cho’s attention to him. “And we can still go to Hogsmeade,” he suggested.

    “Oh forget it Malfoy,” Romilda seethed. “I was in this for the glory – I can pay my own Hogsmeade visits as well.” Turning to Harry and Cho, who had been watching, amused, she started a conversation with them, forgetting that Draco was there.
    -100 words- =/ I really never go anywhere with my drabbles, do I? Argh >.< You all hate me now, I know.


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    Ahh, I love us! I love this story! Let's see how far we can get!

    Harry barely noticed that Romilda came up to congratulate them.

    ‘I can’t believe I let Cho pass me,’ he thought. ‘Quidditch is my one strength that no one can break. I guess girls are my weakness.’

    “Harry, can you come over here?” Cho asked, beckoning him away from Romilda.

    “What’s up?” he asked bitterly.

    “You seem upset,” she started, “and I want you to know that I only pestered you up there so I could catch the Snitch for once. You’re twice the Seeker I am.”

    He appreciated the gesture of kindness, but still felt a little sorry for himself.
    100...and I actually didn't have to edit much this time! Hah.

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