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Thread: Ravenclaws are Raring to Race!

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    Amanda Vega

    Ravenclaws are Raring to Race!

    Yay for Tash's thread title [:

    Anyway, just to refresh your memory - here is our prompt:

    “Love Is In The Air”

    Dumbledore, that great believer in the power of love, has taken Madam Hooch's place as Referee for a special Valentine's Day Quidditch Match. Seven couples have signed up to play, forming two teams, with the winning couples getting a free pass to Hogsmeade to celebrate their win at Madam Puddifoot's!

    For this challenge, you will need to choose seven boy/girl couples. They do not have to be canon pairings, but we do need to to be able to tell who is paired with whom. Since Dumbledore is refereeing the match, it will need to be set in Harry's 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th year. Split the couples into two teams any way you choose, but we want to see some tension, and we want to see some Valentine's Day sweetness - all during the Quidditch match!
    Let's just hop right to it, then.

    EDIT: No more planning threads here, guys. I'll get a bit up as soon as we've finalized everything [:

    -- Love your luverly captain Amanda.

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    Okay, we might as well get started now as we've got the basics at least finalised. There's not much time left, so get those writing juices pumping and play a fine game of Quidditch. Remember, all drabbles should be 100 words or less. (:

    Fluffy pieces of pink parchment of the same shade as Umbridge’s cardigan appeared overnight on the school’s main notice boards, bearing the advertisement:

    Win a free Hogsmeade Trip by entering the Valentine’s Quidditch Match!
    One lucky couple will have their expenses fully paid for them on this year’s Valentine’s Hogsmeade trip.
    The match will take place on Feburary seventh, one week before Valentine’s day!
    There will be special rules enforced to decide who will be the winner.
    You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity, so sign up now!

    Below it, there was an empty sheet.
    -100 words-

    And don't forget to act as a beta for your other teamates as well. We are all human and make mistakes, so don't be afraid to point things out! =D


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    Hannah finally finds her broom, which is a little rusty, as she hasn't flown in a while.

    100 words. BAM.

    "Please? It's not going to be that bad!" Ron dragged Hermione toward the sign up sheet in the Great Hall.

    "But I'm complete rubbish when it comes Quidditch," she mumbled under her breath, still trying to pull away.

    "Go to the library or read one of Harry's books that you got him then. We're signing up." Arriving at the pink sheet, Ron rummaged through his bag to find a quill.

    "It's for couples, Ron."

    "So? We can pretend! I just want free food from Honeydukes.”

    "It's not all about the food, Ron." Sighing, she reluctantly let go of his arm.

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    *finds her shiny new broom and mounts it* I was going to post before Hannah, but okay xD I had to go, anyway.

    69 words. Short, but enough to get my point across.

    "Oh, come on, Hermione!" Ron said exasperated. "We're best friends. Can't you make a best friend a favor?"

    "What favor?" she retorted, narrowing her eyes. "Getting even more food in that bottomless pit you call a stomach? I don't think so."

    "But Hermione!" Ron protested, waving a quill around. "Think about it: you'll get free food too!"

    "Merlin Ron, I don't think about food 24/7 like you, you know?"
    I think the "Oh come on Hermione!" part needs a comma somwhere =/ I don't know where, though.


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    *Joy pulls out her broomstick from the shopping bag.*
    So I don't normally fly, okay? =D

    (A comma would work after the "Oh.")

    100 words. Yes!

    “I don’t only think about food!” he retorted.

    “Oh, I forgot about Quidditch,” she said sarcastically.

    “No, Hermione. I think about other things, too,” he said a little more slowly.

    “Ron, are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?” she asked with a tone of excitement in her voice.

    “Well, yeah. I mean, you think about schoolwork a lot, too, don’t you?” he said, his ears going a little pink.

    “Oh Ron,” she sighed, plucking a quill out of her bag and signing her name on the pink parchment.

    “Excellent!” Ron said as he signed his name next to hers.
    Hope this was okay.


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    Ana: You need a comma in front of a person's name whenever they're being addressed. So there should be a comma after the oh, like Joy said, then one before Hermione.

    Here's my drabble.

    In the lead up to the big day, the list grew slowly. There wasn’t an abundance of couples who were willing to play Quidditch, even for free Hogsmeade trips. In the end, only seven couples joined, creating two even teams.

    However, there was still a large crowd who desired to watch the game, and that morning they headed straight to the Quidditch Pitch, eager to see the couples who would be competing for the prize.

    What the crowd didn’t know was that the couples were being split up against each other: a team of girls against a team of boys.

    -100 words-

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    The commentator was, as usual, Lee Jordan. While he’d expressed his wish to not commentate any more Quidditch games, he’d had to commentate for this one, since Luna Lovegood was, as many knew, a participant, along with Neville Longbottom (which hadn’t really surprised anyone).

    “I see the couples coming!” Lee Jordan shouted, his voice magically amplified. “First off, we have Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger! You know, this couple actually-“

    “Introduce the couples only, Jordan,” Professor McGonagall said coldly, looking at him sideways, daring him to do otherwise.

    “Okay, okay, Professor,” Lee said, earning a few laughs from the audience.
    -100 words exactly-

    I wanted to write more, but oh well xD


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    Ana - I think you might want to use "commentate" instead of "comment" in that post, only because I had to read it through twice to figure out what you were talking about. (Unless using "comment" is a British term that I don't know about, then by all means, use it.)

    “And here comes Michael Corner and Ginny Weasley!” Lee continued. “Even though we all know Ginny deserves much better…”

    “Jordan!” Professor McGonagall said irritably.

    After her second reprimand, Lee stopped the additional commentary, although it took everything in him not to after introducing Draco Malfoy and Romilda Vane.

    “And our special referee for today’s match,” Lee said, “Albus Dumbledore!”

    Dumbledore came zooming onto the pitch in robes of violet, riding a simple Cleansweep model. After a moment’s word with the players, he brought a whistle to his mouth and blew hard.

    “And they’re off!” Lee cried.

    The match had begun.
    100 words. Barely.


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    What interested a lot of people were that the very well known Weasley twins were participating in the match, with their respective partners of Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet, although it was hard for the crowd to tell whose partner was whose.

    Alicia quickly acquired the Quaffle, as she was a Chaser for the girls’ team, along with Angelina and Ginny. Cho was their Seeker and did loops high up in the air, which her partner on the boys’ team, Harry Potter, tried to mimic. Fred and George, of course, were Beaters.
    -92 words-

    Looking good, guys!

    --Tash is not 50 characters long, apparently.

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    That left Luna Lovegood and Romilda Vane to be Beaters, while Hermione Granger was the Keeper for the Girls’ team. Many people wondered how Hermione would even be able to keep herself up in the air, much less be able to defend the posts.

    Ron Weasley was the Keeper for the Boys’ team, while the Chasers were Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy and Michael Corner. According to the rumors, the boys had argued amongst themselves for days, trying to decide who would be the seeker: if either Harry or Draco. Harry ended up getting the place, naturally.
    -96 words-

    =OOO Guys, this is not good enough! We need to get a move on! GO, GO, GO!! >.< Ravenclawsssssss!

    *puts on cheerleader outfit and cheers*


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