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Thread: Alternate Forms of Time Travel

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    Alternate Forms of Time Travel

    Well, I figure I'll go ahead and spoil the story I have planned now, because really, I need help with this whole time travel things.

    In my story, a character named Neville Morgan attemps to see what sort of effect a mass time-travel device has on its surroundings, and it catches him in the wake. He is shot back in time (supposedly) into 1500's Arabia. (spoilers follow) The problem I have is, for my story to work, the device doesn't take Neville back in time, like a Time Turner would, but takes him into a different world that takes the form of 1500's Arabia. The reason I need it to be a different world is two reasons:

    a) in a different world, Neville's wand is impotent (shut up) and unable to channel magic, forcing him to stick with Alta´r because Alta´r *can* use magic

    [massive plot spoiler below]

    b) towards the end of the story, it is revealed that Alta´r and Neville aren't two different people, but one person, divided over two worlds. So, Neville is 2008-era Britain-world person, and Alta´r is 1500-era Arabia-world person. Yeah, it's confusing, I know. Sorry.

    The real reason I'm asking this is because I need help developing the idea. Does it work? I know it needs massive amounts of tweaking, but I don't want the story to have the same odd ending that PA did.



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    I think it makes perfect sense. In a book I'm reading about the daughter of Titania and Oberon of Shakespear's Midsummer Night's Dream, she dissapears completely. She goes from the world of Faerie way back when as a girl named Tania to present time London as a girl named Anita. Your idea sounds sort of like this. If you want to book for reference it is called The Faerie Path.

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    It sounds as if your character sends himself to a parallel existence instead of back in time. There have been several stories and plots in movies and books where people travel to an a parallel existence and what they can usually do they are no longer capable of doing so the impotent *snickers* wand concept is beleivable as is the fact that he has actually runs into himself or a form of himself. There was actually a Charmed episode where the girls when back and time and since they techniaccly didn't exists they couldn't use "their" magic, they had to learn to use the magic of that time period. I would focus more on the device he is working on and find a way for it to malfunction so that he is sent to a parallel existence rather than back in time like he intended. I can completely see myself befriending myself in another time period.

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    red haired mom

    Your story defintely sounds interesting, I have a few suggestions on the time travel/parallel universe thing.

    In this story, Of Christmas Past by Chaser921, there is a circle of standing stones. She uses them to send her charcters back in time. But, there is so much we don't know about Stone Circles, they could also be gateways to parallel universes also.

    My only problem with what you have outlined for your story is, in almost everything I've read, or seen, when you enter the alternate reality, you are in the same time period you left, so be careful in how you explain that one.

    It could possibly be that the Stones shift time as well, or whatever you eventually use to allow his 'trip'.

    I know in Stargate SG-1 they have used solar flares to explain time shifts, alien devices to explain alternate realities, black holes, etc. I don't think it even has to be a wizarding explanation, just something plausible.

    Good luck on your story, I look forward to seeing how you deal with it.


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    My only problem with what you have outlined for your story is, in almost everything I've read, or seen, when you enter the alternate reality, you are in the same time period you left, so be careful in how you explain that one.
    The thing in my story works differently. It doesn't send you to a *parallel* universe, just into one of the myriad other worlds out there. That's really one of the things in the story. [.:SPOILER:.] (highlight to view, I think) See, turns out Neville isn't back in time, just in an alternate universe. He plans to make it back to Great Britain, hoping that if he got to the place where he left he could get back. However, when he finally gets out of Arabia, there's nothing - just a long drop. It's a long stretch, but Arabia isn't Arabia - it's a culture that acts like Arabian culture, but it's actually the Northernmost place in the world you can go to without falling off the edge. (the world is flat, TA DA!)

    I kill off Mr. Suspension of Disbelief halfway through the story, so that's not a concern. :]

    And that, dear friends, is quite possibly more far-fetched than the dreams you have after eating three steaks. :]


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