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Thread: Help needed for Harry and Ginny's Relationship.

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    Help needed for Harry and Ginny's Relationship.

    I'm writing a post DH story covering the aftermath of the last battle and need some help with the details of Harry and Ginny's relationship.

    I really need to know if there is anything in cannon that indicates that Arthur and Molly were aware of Harry's relationship with (or feelings for) Ginny and if so, where can I find the details?

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    I'm not finding anything on the Lexicon that's giving any information on it.

    I would assume that Ginny told her parents about her and Harry. Obviously Molly is probably close with her daughter being that she's the only other female in the family. They were probably indifferent about it towards Harry, because they knew of everything else that was going on with the War.

    Hope this helped, good luck!


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    Well, there's the kiss on Harry's birthday. To me I felt like Ginny had matured so much that she probably wouldn't have told her mother about that, but during the first through probably fourth years I'm sure she would've told her mum about her feelings towards Harry.

    Ron, on the other hand, may have blabbed about the kiss to someone who told Molly or Author. And if Fred or George knew they'd definatley make fun of her.

    I think it's safe to say that they knew about it. Even if it were just a parents intuition.

    Good luck

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    After the kiss in HBP, of course the Weasleys must know.

    I agree with Joy that Ginny must have told her mother, too. I doubt Molly might have approved of Ginny's other boyfriends, but when Ginny and Harry got together, I imagine Ginny immediately saying so to her mother because she's confident of approval. Of course, then Molly will have told Arthur.

    In DH, there's not much reaction about it because it's obvious the relationship was cut short and there is the preoccupation about the War.

    Post-war, the family will deduce the reinstatement of the relationship easily enough in how Harry gives comfort to Ginny and vice-versa.

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    I personally do not think that there is any way possible for them not to have known at some point. I do believe that Ron mentioned in DH that Ginny was upset about the breakup to Harry after he kisses her. I don't have a book with me right now so I can not check to make sure, but Ron gets very angry with Harry so I think that it is safe to assume that the rest of the family would know as well that they were together at some point. After all, Ginny had been nursing her crush on Harry four a good five years, then they break up so shortly after finally getting together, I would imagine that this would have been a rather difficult time for Ginny, and it would be a hard thing for her parents not to realize.

    I agree that they would have approved of the relationship seeing as Harry was already almost like a son to Molly and Arthur.

    I hoped that helped a bit.

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    Thanks everyone for your help.

    So, I'm taking from this that, there is nothing that is actually canon to say they definately knew, just that you all feel they would have.

    Can I ask another question. You are a 15/16 years old girl, you finally get together with a boy you've had a crush on for years, would you tell your mum and dad and how would you go about doing that?

    Also, how do you think that Molly and Arthur would feel about Harry breaking off the relationship and do you think that would affect the way they treat Harry at all.

    Thanks again.

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