Here's a good question. (All right, maybe I think it's a good question.) Knowing me, this'll be a few questions. I'm writing a fic on McGonagall and I'm stuck. I'm trying to experiment on this idea, really.

So, here are my questions:

A: So, we think she was born 4 October 1925. In Phoenix, she says that she held a position at Hogwarts 'thirty-nine years this December' (321). That would be in 1995, so she was appointed in 1956, when she was thirty. What did she do before then? What skills would she have acquired?

B: Most people she McGonagall as this 'stick in the mud' character, but do you suppose she was involved with other people? (I don't think she ever married, I'm just saying there were close relationships with people.) What happened?

C: If Dumbledore was Transfiguration professor in 1943 (CoS), then did he leave before he became Headmaster. There must have been someone who acted as Transfiguration professor between him and McGonagall. Depending on when he took the Headmaster post, dd he interview McGonagall for the Transfiguration position? Who did?

D: Going on this 'stick in the mud' thing, what are the chances McGonagall did interesting stuff when she was younger? Not crazy things, but let's say she wasn't always acting like the proper old lady? (I don't even want to phrase it that way...).

E: Perhaps she made an errour when she was younger. Nothing too outlandish, but something that made her uptight. She acts a professor with a strict demeanour, but does she drop that a little when she's around close friends? She's still 'proper', yeah, but she opens up with a softer side.