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Thread: Minerva McGonagall

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    Minerva McGonagall

    Since no one seems to have started a thread for the Gryffindor Head of House and Deputy Headmistress, I will.

    Because I have a quick erm, question, that I want some opinions on.

    Minerva McGonagall appears to be an enthusiast when it comes to Quidditch and her Gryffindor house team playing in the sport: She supports Potter and gives him some leniency, she admits she was ashamed she lost at Quidditch to Snape in the past, she's upset when Umbridge won't let Harry play, and she does Quidditch commentary.

    Yes, she does still follow the rules. Like when she suspends Harry from Quidditch in 'Half-Blood Prince' because of what he did to Draco. Or when she insisted to inspect Harry's Firebolt in 'Prisoner of Azkaban'. But she is still zealous about the sport, and lenient to those who play it.

    Ex.: She discussed having Harry on the team in his first-year, even when it was against the Hogwarts' rules.

    So, my question is, do you think she actually was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team when she was a student at Hogwarts? Or do you think she was a spectator of the sport? Or perhaps, like Lee Jordan, and just did the commentary?

    If she was on the Quidditch team, what position do you think she'd play in? What position would best suit her skills, personality, and interest?

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    Howdy! I just wanted to say before I answer your questions, that I absolutely adore McGonnagall. She's one of my favorite characters in the series. Anyway back to the questions

    So, my question is, do you think she actually was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team when she was a student at Hogwarts? Or do you think she was a spectator of the sport? Or perhaps, like Lee Jordan, and just did the commentary?

    It's a little hard to imagine Minerva as young to be honest. xDD I'm not sure if she actually played the sport (back in her era were girls even allowed to play Quidditch? Who knows?), perhaps she did-and if she did that would be awesome. I think she was a spectator maybe even did the commentary which I can defiantly see her doing.

    If she was on the Quidditch team, what position do you think she'd play in? What position would best suit her skills, personality, and interest?

    A chaser, I think. She seems the crazy sports woman who wouldn't just want to be sitting on her broom for goodness knows how long just to find a small golden snitch. I also think being the Keeper would bore her slightly, standing guard, waiting for the quaffle to come up her end... She may have been a beater. In fact it's very funny to picture her being a beater, as we know at the best of times she loses her temper, I'd hate to be on the other team if she was a beater. But I think she was a chaser, she strikes me as the type of person who'd want to be in the action chasing the Quaffle, bumping into people... Etc. I hope this post made sense and didn't confuse/bore you, and helped if only a little bit.

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    Following McGonagall's personality, I think that thinking that she did play and she did not both make sense.

    Personally, I'm inclined to picture her as a Prefect, and even as Head Girl, as a young imitation of the Professor McGonagall we know: strict about rules, prefering not to show her emotions, but always fair and not as cold as she looks from the outside. I also see her having a *lot* of house pride, so she seems more like a very enthusiastic spectator than a part of the team. I can see her shouting out her guts from the tribunes during a match - Quidditch seems like a perfect activity for someone as reserved as her to release her emotions: during a match, she can shout and jump and release her enegery as freely as possible, so to me, it makes more sense if she's a spectator.

    However, for the very same reason, it seems reasonable for her to be on the team. If she were a player, I can see her as a Beater, beating the quaffle with as much force as she can muster. Also because I see a protective side in her. It seems like something she'd have fun.

    I think it's better to first picture the young Minerva McGonagall, flesh her out, and then decide whether that image in your mind would be a player or mere watcher. I mean, as long as you have a firm grasp on her personality, making her play Quidditch may seem perfectly fine. The important thing is to let her be Minerva and then decide if she suits a position you put her into or not. As long as you can justify her actions and make them conform with her personality, playing Quidditch or not playing Quidditch both will work.

    Was this helpful at all?

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    I think that these questions have been answered perfectly so far, but I had to throw my two cents in there. For one thing, McGonagall is one tough cookie, and I think that playing such a vigorous sport as Quidditch in her days could have shaped her into being the hard woman that she is. If she did play I think the most likely positions would be Beater, or Chaser, because they seem to be in the thick of it.

    On the other hand, McGonagall is also very focused on her career. I agree that she was probably Prefect and Head Girl during her time, and all those duties and responsibilities may not have left time for Quidditch. I also agree that in her time, girls may not have been allowed to play on the team (although Hogwarts has never been strictly "male" dominated). If she no longer had time for Quidditch, I definitely see her as being an adamant supporter of it, as a way for her to loosen up a little.

    I hope what I said made sense and didn't just sound like a load of waffle


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    I personally see her as a chaser, though perhaps her prefect duties would keep her from the quidditch field in her last few years. To me she's a bit of a Hermione in that respect: duty first, fun later.

    Having pondered this for sometime I decided to stop lurking and jump in the deep. So my question is this: What reasons can you think of for Minerva joining up with Riddle and becoming a death eater?

    Also what effect would this revelation have on the golden trio?

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    I love Professor McGonagall! She is one of my favorite major offset characters because of all the contradictions in her character. Her love for Quidditch is no exception to her character either because I think that she is torn between acting all prim and proper and just throwing the rules out the window for the sport she loves.

    I don’t necessarily think per say that she played Quidditch in school. You do not have to play the sport to be a fan of it (think of all the football fanatics there are out there in the U.K.!) and I think that she has channeled her fanaticism—like most who can not play do—into supporting her favorite team AND her favorite House!

    If she DID play Quidditch, I agree with Ayse in that I can definitely see her as a Beater! Haha, I can see a sixteen-year-old Professor McGonagall walking down the halls of Hogwarts twirling her Beater’s bat with her hair is all up in a tight bun! It is my opinion that she would be far too reserved to consider trying out for a position on the Gryffindor team at school though. People who are more outgoing are more likely to try out for such events rather than the prim and proper Mrs. McGonagall. She would be out there in the stands cheering with the best of them, definitely, but she wouldn’t dare try out in my opinion. I would rule out commentary for sure because—no offense to McGonagall lovers; I assure you that I am one of you too!—but no one would want to listen to her, lol.

    As for the Harry/Quidditch situation, I think that from her perspective it was well justified. She is very much like Hermione in many ways, especially in her regard for the rules, but very much like Hermione she knows when it’s time to break them for the things she believes in and the people she loves. She is perhaps more goal-driven then Hermione sometimes because she doesn’t put up with any nonsense and Hermione is much more relaxed compared to her sometimes!!! Both are very similar in character however, which really underlines my point of why McGonagall wouldn’t try out for the Quidditch team. But like Hermione and Hermione’s passions, she would try to find out as much as she could about it and participate as much as she could.

    I think that I can compare her to one of my teachers at school who coaches the Varsity basketball team. He is an absolute fanatic and will bend a few rules for the team, but when it comes to something serious, he does put his foot down.

    What reasons can you think of for Minerva joining up with Riddle and becoming a Death Eater?
    I can see no reasons for McGonagall for being a Death Eater… unless someone drugged her, of course. I don’t even think that she would become a Death Eater if she had fallen in love with Tom Riddle or something. In an AU fic where she was Sorted into Slytherin—maybe. But really, I can’t think of any way in which she would…

    So, lol to answer the question, no I do not think that she would play Quidditch, and the reason why she suspended Harry even though she loves Quidditch is because she is like Hermione in her regard for the rules!

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    What reasons can you think of for Minerva joining up with Riddle and becoming a Death Eater?

    I think I agree with Dragonwings, in that, unless she was sorted into Slytherin as a child and had her point of view slowly warped towards favoring blood-purists, I just can't see her accepting Tom Riddle's outlook on anything.

    That being said, if you went the AU way, I see her actions shattering the Golden Trio and turning it into a Golden Duo. Unless, when Severus left the Death Eaters and came to Albus, he brought Minerva with him. *shrugs*

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    Thanks for those thoughts. It was going to centre around Riddle being the charismatic, charming lad he can be when he wants something. (See Hephzibah Smith, Helena Ravenclaw and most of his teachers at Hogwarts)

    But you don't have to be in Slytherin to be in Voldy's gang, one notible Gryffindor betrayed his friends for Voldemort.
    If she was tricked by Riddles charm, she could always do a Regulus when she found out what he was really up to.

    Another question that came up: What age do you think she mastered being an Animagus?

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    What age do you think she mastered being an Animagus?
    Well, I think that there are two factors to work in here. The first is that she was uncommonly brilliant. Maybe not as brilliant as Dumbledore, but she is uncommonly smart and so we can infer that she mastered her Animagus transformation at a very young age. The second is that she sticks to the rules. She would not do a Marauder and do it illegally because she has way too much respect for the rules. That is backed by the fact that Hermione looked her up in Ministry records while researching Animagi in their third year means that she was over the age of seventeen. If I had to guess her age though, I would put her around maybe eighteen or nineteen, assuming that she took some time off to get herself settled or take a year off to explore the world after graduating Hogwarts.

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    I like the idea that she became an Animagus while she was young, but I had another question. We know that the Marauders became Animagi because of Remus. What were McGonagall's reasons for becoming one?


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