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Thread: Teddy Lupin

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    Teddy Lupin

    Howdy all! I am writing- or that is to say I'm attempting to write a fanfiction, about the lovely blue haired Mr. Teddy Lupin, and I was just wondering a few things...

    Which house do you think Teddy would be in?

    I know we don't know much about this character, but judging by your impression of him, what house do you think suits him the best? Remember his father was in Gryffindor, as was his god father,his mother was in Hufflepuff (as was the grandfather he was named after) but his grandmother and all her family (excluding Sirius) belonged to Slytherin- Or I think Andromeda was in Slytherin, please correct me if I'm wrong... So he could belong to any house...

    Do you think Teddy would be a shy boy, or confident and out going?

    This may sound like a silly question, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts on Teddy's personality...

    What subjects/sports would Teddy excel at? Any?
    Do you believe his a good student? A great quidditch player?

    And lastly if Teddy ever did find the Mirror of Erised(sp?), What do you think he'd see in it?

    No the Mirror of Erised(sp?) Will not be appearing in this fanfiction, but I'd still like to like to know what you think he longs for most of all, would it be like Harry, his parents? Would it be his whole family all together (including Harry and the Weasley's of course...) Healthy? Or would it be him hugging with a certain Weasley *coughVictoriecough*

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read these slightly pointless questions and thank you if you answer them! Also feel free to add your own questions/thoughts about Teddy *hands cookie*

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    Hello *smiles*,

    Deathly Hallows spoilers

    I have just re-read the last chap of Deathly Hallows to refresh my memory for your Questions and I have a feeling that he would be in Gryffindor. I think that the influence provided for him by his godfather and also his father would sway me to think he would be in Gryffindor. I also think that it is a custom for Weasley's to date/marry within the Gryffindor house (George/Angelina, Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly) so I think for Victorie to be 'snogging' Teddy he may of had to be in Gryffindor. Thatís just an idea though.

    I think that Teddy would have been a confident person because he was, as little James said, 'snogging' Victorie in front of the entire student body and I don't think that a shy person would have done this. I also think that his godfather may have rubbed off on him slightly, going found for tea four nights a week. I think that he would have been polite like his father and maybe slightly clumsy like his mother, things that go together quite nicely. He may have been a metamorphmagus because that runs in the family. That may be something else to include but you don't have too.

    I'm not sure on the subjects he would excel in but he may have been semi-academic because Remus always seemed to have a book out. He may also have an interest in Quidditch because of Harry and Ron's influences and I can imagine Harry overcompensating Teddy because he has no parents, so he may have taken him to a Quidditch match or two.

    I think that teddy may have seen his family in the Mirror of Erised. I can imagine that, as Harry did, he would long to know what his parents were like and to see how they would be with him. He may see Victorie standing by his side so that he could have his parents meet her too see if they approve? Not that they wouldn't but would just want to see what they were like.

    Well these are some vague ideas for you I hope I have helped.

    Thank you for the cookie


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    Oh Thank you so much for the answers to my questions and your opinions. It's really going to help me write this fanfiction.

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    Well, since we haven't really got any guide to Teddy's personality, we can only make predictions based on nature and nurture. So, let's look at 1) his parents and 2) his upbringing.

    His father was a Gryffindor, very loyal to his friends, quite studious and responsible. His mother was a Hufflepuff, friendly and quite a talented witch (given that she was an Auror), although rather clumsy. Her parents were a good-natured Hufflepuff and a member of an old wizarding family, who was presumably in Slytherin but went against her family's wishes and values by marrying a Muggleborn. Based on Teddy's parents, I'd say he's likely to be a caring and friendly person, and a pretty good wizard.

    Now, how much nature influences personality is a subject of much debate, but in my opinion, nurture will certainly have an impact on a person's values, whether or not it impacts on personality. So now, on to Teddy's upbringing.

    He lost his parents when he was just a couple of months old, so they never really had a chance to instill their values in him. He was instead raised by his (presumably Slytherin, but certainly rebellious) grandmother, and his godfather Harry Potter, who was part of the proudly Gryffindor Weasley family. Despite the fact that Slytherin's image changed after the war, the Weasleys and Harry's strong Gryffindor background, fierce house pride and high value placed on bravery would have to be influential in the formation of Teddy's own values. The warm, friendly, welcoming nature of the family would also surely cause Teddy to grow up into 'a good person', and I'm certain he would feel very loved and would love the family a lot.

    So, with that general theorising done, to answer your specific questions:

    Which house do you think Teddy would be in?
    I think Gryffindor is most likely. Even if some of his relatives are more accepting of other houses now, courage is still the virtue they all appreciate most. Having said that, I can also see him being the clever type, a thinker, and fitting in well to Ravenclaw, or being a hardworking, loyal Hufflepuff. So, in my opinion, any except Slytherin would suit. I just don't think he would fit in so well with the Potter-Weasleys if he was the cunning type, and they wouldn't all really accept Slytherins, even if they have changed.

    Do you think Teddy would be a shy boy, or confident and out going?
    Perhaps he could be shy, kind of like his dad - a serious sort of person (although I think that Remus's seriousness was very much caused by his lycanthropy - he feared for others safety and couldn't allow himself to be happy). But having grown up with such a vibrant family as the Weasleys, and been completely accepted, he's probably quite confident. The mention of him in the epilogue supports this - I think that when James asked what he was doing he rather calmly replied that he was seeing Victoire off. He didn't get embarassed or anything.

    What subjects/sports would Teddy excel at? Any?
    Well, it depends on how you portray his personality, I guess. If he's a Ravenclaw, or even just intelligent, then he might do well in Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. I imagine he'd be good at the practical, wand-waving subjects (Transfiguration, Charms, DADA), since his parents were pretty good at magic. Divination would probably not be his thing - he probably wouldn't take it, given the views Harry and co have on it. As for Quidditch... well, I don't imagine he'd be naturally talented at sports, since his mother was quite clumsy and uncoordinated and his father seemed to prefer books to brooms. But on the other hand, he probably grew up on toy brooms and played Quidditch a lot with his Quidditch-mad family. So he could be good at Quidditch if you want.

    And lastly if Teddy ever did find the Mirror of Erised(sp?), What do you think he'd see in it? No the Mirror of Erised(sp?) Will not be appearing in this fanfiction, but I'd still like to like to know what you think he longs for most of all, would it be like Harry, his parents? Would it be his whole family all together (including Harry and the Weasley's of course...) Healthy? Or would it be him hugging with a certain Weasley *coughVictoriecough*
    All of the above! I think he'd have a very happy life growing up with the Potters and the Weasleys, but of course he'd still wish he could've known his parents. Family (and friends) would probably be very important to him. So I think he'd see both his parents and his kind-of-adoptive family, and anyone else he cares about

    Hope that helps you! I'm actually planning a fic with Teddy in, so it helped me to sort out some of my thoughts, anyway


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    Thank you so very much for your views/answers. It's really helping me! Good luck with your story about Teddy also, I'd love to read it when (If you haven't already) you post it.

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    Which house do you think Teddy would be in?
    I personally think Hufflepuff. After all the poor boy's been through, like Harry, I say he would be purely loyal. I would. I would be trusting and Hufflepuffly if I was an orphan. harry, the super-exeption, was destined to be Gryffindor. Also, it makes sense with his Mother being Hufflepuff.

    Do you think Teddy would be a shy boy, or confident and out going?-
    I say he would have a Hufflepuff's personality, along with some teen angst here and there, like what Harry went through, and adventerous, especially with who his parents were.

    What subjects/sports would Teddy excel at? Any?-I think Teddy would be an average student with high marks in DADA.

    A great quidditch player?-Maybe not so good with sports. I think he would be a little clumsy; not too good with a broomstick.

    And lastly if Teddy ever did find the Mirror of Erised(sp?), What do you think he'd see in it?-I don't think so. I think the mirror was taken out of Hogwarts, personally. I think he'd probably want to see his parents, or have a family of his own since he's never truely been part of one.

    And thanks for the cookie!

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    Oooh! Someone who thinks Teddy would be in Hufflepuff, that's interesting. Thank you for your views/answers to my questions they were really enlightening.

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    Alright, it seems a pretty common concensise that Teddy would either be a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff. How do you all think his personality would differ depending on which of the houses he was sorted into? What type of personality would he have to be sorted into Gryffindor, and what personality would have for the hat to decide on Hufflepuff instead?

    Also, what could you all see as a possible career for Teddy? Do you think he would try to follow in the footsteps of his mother and his godfather and try to become an Auror? Or would he be more the type to march to the beat of his own drum and choose something all his own?

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    I agree that he would most probably be either a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor, but that doesn't mean he has to be one. As long as you can justify it, he can be sorted into any house.

    The obvious determinant of his house would be his personality: it makes sense that if you imagine Teddy to be like his mother in personality, he may be sorted into Hufflepuff, just as he may be sorted into Gryffindor if he's more like Remus. On the other hand, I wouldn't restrict the reasons of sorting on these. Another thing is that the house he gets sorted into does not mean that he's exactly like his mother or father. He can be a Hufflepuff but have traits very much resembling Remus, and the same thing goes for Tonks.

    Personally, and it's just personal opinion, I imagine Teddy to be like his father in character (probably as a result of a childh sense of balance that tells me if he's like his mother in appearance, he should be like his father in character. Though it may also be because I love Remus >.<). So I would imagine a less action-packed career than his mothers. He may work in any department of the Ministry, he may be a Healer, a professor in Hogwarts, a writer in a magazine/The Daily Prophet, or he might just own some kind of shop.

    If you imagine him to be more like Tonks in personality, it would make more sense that he chooses a more action-packed career. Studying magical creatures or joining the Auror department are easy choices.

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    I somehow have a feeling that Teddy would become an Auror. I think he'd like to see to it that other people are not killed like his mother and father. He'd also like to make this better place to live in, lay the foundation for a world where all magical beings are held with high respect and there's no barrier in the wizarding world, a world wherein people like his father are treated with kindness and not cruelty. This is my view of what Teddy will be like because I like to picturise him as a mixture of both his parents' qualities.

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