Gee, *cough* I might have had a few thoughts on this matter *coughs again and points at banner*.
I could say the same.

A lot of authors have Teddy as becoming an Auror, and although DH has only been out for a year, I'm already finding it cliche. It is definately plausiable, and very likely, but I like to think of him as doing something a little more original. In a fic I've written but not yet posted here, he is in the process of buying a Care of Magical creatures store. I dunno why, but I imagine him getting along really well with animals.

There is no doubt that he'd be smart. With his parent's genes, and I imagine Hermione would be a strong influence too, I think he'd excel in a lot of subjects, so you might want him to have a job which is a little more challenging than a CoMC shop.