I love writing Ron. He is such a complex character to write. Granted, he does not have Hermione's booksmarts, but he has his own intelligence. He is also very loyal. I know you are saying, but he left them in DH. Yes, he did, and he also states he immediately wanted to come back. Ron has a temper like his mum's. He blows up but regrets it when he calms down which doesn't take too long.

I also see Ron as a very strong character. As stated above, he is the glue that holds the trio together. His is logical and though he doesn't use books like Hermione to figure things out, he can figure out things on his own.

I hate when I read him portrayed as a dumb sidekick, only there for comic relief. There is so much more to Ron. He grew up with a lot to live up to. The locket stated his deepest feelings, ones I am not even sure he knew he had.

Youngest son to parents who longed for a daughter, is this true? I am sure in Ron's deepest heart, he thinks this.

Bill, a cursebreaker, prefect, with 12 O.W.L.s; Charlie, dragontamer, Quidditch captain; Percy, working at the Ministry, prefect with 12 O.W.L.s; Fred and George, who had the brains to invent so many things and the nerve to start their own successful business; Ginny, the baby, the only girl in generations.

Is it any wonder Ron feels like he isn't good enough? But, he is. He is also made a prefect. He ends up saving the game and helping the team to win the Quidditch Cup. He works out the chess game, and makes the plan for the Ministry. He saves Harry's life and gets the sword. He destroys the locket and comes up with a way to destroy the cup. He manages to get himself and Hermione into the Chamber of Secrets only having heard Harry say open in Parseltongue once.

Yes, there is more to Ronald Weasley than meets the eye. He deserves so much more credit than most writers give him.

Okay, going to get off my soapbox now. LOL