Ooooh, yes, I'm pretty angry about that editorial...

Firstly, Ron and Harry had some rocky patches in their friendship - can anyone here honestly say that they have never had a large arguement with a friend? The author of this editorial forgets that Harry and Hermione go through rough patches too, and that there are many moments where Harry is irratated by her.

To add to that, Ron and Harry's friendship is bound to be under serious strain a lot - both are, in my opinion, jealous of the other, but neither can see why the other is jealous of them. On top of that, Ron has always wanted to make something of himself, to prove himself, which, while in his first year looks a bit selfish at first, I don't think it's a personality flaw at all. So, he has ambition, so what?

I agree that, as the books went on Ron did become increasingly... tetchy... however, he is a teenager. Hormones running high, plus the exams and that minor issue of being almost in the middle of a full blown war. I mean, can you really blame him?