Character Discussion
Ron Weasley

I'm going to try something more interactive now. We'll have a good ol' character study later, but first, let's see how a discussion works out (for those who just love to debate)

For this first discussion I've picked someone we all ought to know really well and yet whose discussion thread is sorely forgotten - Ronald Weasley.

Some people see Ron Weasley as a very simple character, one who is often overshadowed by his more rounded comrades Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Yet, we all know there is something so much deeper in that freckled face, don't we? Here are some discussion topics to consider:

Ron is arguably depicted as Harry's sidekick while Hermione can be seen as more Harry's partner. What talent(s), if any, did Ron lend the trio?

In some fanfiction and even in the films, we see him as an overly exaggerated fool. How does the fanon Ron compare to the Ron J.K. Rowling initially portrayed in the Harry Potter books?

Every character has his vulnerabilities. What are Ron's, and under what situations does Ron show them?

Ron Weasley is often given various futures in pre-DH fanfiction. What are some examples you've encountered, and how likely, based on information given before or during DH?

Based on what you've seen in the books and in fanfiction, what might you say Ron's most prized possession/ is? "Possession," in this case, does not necessarily mean something materialistic.

This discussion will NOT be a question-answer type of thing as some threads have turned out to be. Instead of simply answering a question put forth, your responsibility is to involve others by commenting on other comments, providing further support, or completely knocking down another post's remarks. Do not limit yourself to the topics I've put forth; don't be afraid to steer the discussion toward different points.

I have gone through our archives to pluck out some stories that you may want to use in your discussion as examples.

A lot to live up to by lady magician

Another Side of the Story by Slian Martreb

Broken Petals by Ron x Hermione

Weeks and Weeks by Ravensgryff

Stories not listed are okay to use as well as quotes from the HP books so long as they are properly cited.

Because discussions are a lot lengthier and require a lot more thought, I may be able to award 45 points to each participant. 5 points will be awarded for merely posting twice; one post hardly counts as discussing. The more you participate, the more likely you'll wrack up points. Marauder by Midnight will be the sole judge for this activity. I will look for:
  • creativity
  • diversity in topics participated in
  • strength of opinion
  • interaction with other participants

Points will NOT be awarded based on my agreeing or disagreeing with your standpoint. You need only to provide sufficient evidence.

Please use only usernames when referring to a previous post or a story. Assume that I do not know any first names/nicknames (which is in actuality a very safe assumption). Directing a comment toward "Bob's statement" makes it very hard for me to figure out what you are referring to.

Discussion for points will continue until 11:59 PM EST on February 29th, 2007, after which all posts made will be moved to the existing Ron Weasley discussion thread.

Any questions should be PMed to me; let's leave this thread clear for discussion purposes