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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Time Turner: The Sorting - Results

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    Rita Skeeter
    Hope I'm not too late!

    Name: Rita Skeeter
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Anything
    Word Count: 500
    Warnings: None

    “Granger, Hermione!”

    As the bushy-haired girl ascended the dais, Neville Longbottom wiped his nose on the back of his grubby sleeve and tried very hard not to faint. His other hand was stuffed rigidly in the pocket of his robes where he kept his pet toad, Trevor. He stroked the amphibian lovingly.

    Although most people did not hold a particular fondness for slimy things that squirmed, Neville found a deep unexplainable comfort in the softness of Trevor’s belly and the cool dampness of his skin. Trevor was quiet and unobtrusive—the perfect sort of companion, in Neville’s opinion. He would prefer a toad over the classic elegance of an owl any day. Owls made him nervous. Every time he was around one, he became very aware of just how long those claws were, just how sharp that beak was, and just how far he would be able to run if all that razor sharpness suddenly decided to spring at him. How anyone could stand all that fluttering and squawking and sidling about, he didn’t understand.

    Hundreds of candles bobbed brightly over Neville’s head, and the young faces packed in beside him shone flushed and excited beneath the warm glow. Neville caught the eye of a small blond-haired girl on his left and she smiled encouragingly at him. But Neville merely blushed and looked away. He hated being shy.


    Neville drew his hand out of his pocket just long enough to clap along with everyone else as the newly sorted girl took her seat. She made it look so easy! What had the hat said to her? Neville wondered, his breath quickening. Did it ask her questions? Was there something specific he was supposed to have studied? Neville gulped. He tried to dredge up the few facts he had managed to retain from his reading over the summer, but his mind remained terrifyingly blank. All he could think about was—

    “Longbottom, Neville!”

    In his mad rush to get up the dais, Neville tripped on the first step and fell spectacularly on his face. Ears burning, he scrambled to his feet and tried very hard to ignore the echoing sniggers at his back. He climbed wobbly onto the four-legged stool.

    No more than a second later, the stern-faced teacher plopped the Sorting hat over his ears, and Neville’s world immediately went very dark and very quiet…that is, until a small, terse voice suddenly spoke in his ear.

    “You’re shaking, Longbottom,” it said.

    “Sorry,” Neville replied dumbly. “I’m a bit scared, I guess.”

    “And do you like being scared, Neville Longbottom?”

    What a silly thing to ask. “No, of course not. How could anyone like being scared?”

    “Good question. But here’s a better one: what would you do not to be frightened anymore? What would you do, Neville Longbottom, for the power to look at your fears and laugh?”

    Neville was shaking more than ever—but this time with excitement. “Anything,” he breathed.

    “Anything? Are you sure?”


    “So be it. SLYTHERIN!”

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    Name: SiriuslyMental
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Pass it Down
    Word Count: 490
    Warnings: None

    He could feel Potter's eyes on the back of his neck almost the moment he took his place at the table.

    "Pass it down to Snivellus. Snivellus, why are you a greasy freak?"

    Though he knew somewhere in the back of his mind that it was very normal for small children to pretend things, Severus had never considered himself to have much of an imagination. Reaching for a chicken wing, he grimaced against the ripple of whisper floating down his end and feigned deafness.

    "Shhhh....Snivellus, why are you a greasy, disgusting freak? Pass it down."

    If he played surprised and hurt they might be satisfied and leave him to his own for the rest of the night. Usually, when the taunting was only mild, they could be abated in that way, just like Father, just like the boys in town and from the Muggle primary he had gone to when he was a much smaller boy.


    The head beside his own was fair and wavy, the voice unnaturally soft. Lupin, he realised, and balled his fists beneath the table. Long fingers twisted odd patterns into the edges of the scarlet tablecloth; Lupin leant in close so that his own feathery head merged with Severus's curtain of dirty black. He cleared his throat nervously.

    "Sni - Snape?"

    Despite himself, despite two years of hearing the same jokes from the same tormentors, two years of making himself deaf, Severus found a burgeoning hope beginning to blossom in his chest like a sponge dipped in a glass of soapy water before the washing and wringing out. Lupin was decent and called him by his name, his real one. Lupin looked him in the eye when they spoke and not at his nose. Surely Lupin, of all people -

    "Ehm, Snape, why are you such a di - a greasy freak?"

    Just like that it died. Any hope Severus had once had in the only Gryffindor besides Lily to have ever spoken to him as if were something better than greasy, slinking little Snivellus Snape melted as quickly as ice cream in an African desert. All at once he felt stupid and furious, the familiar dull red creeping into cheeks that were all too well accustomed to it and burned like a newly lit candle to the skin.

    "Dunno," he said quietly and stabbed his fork into a plate of roast with vehemence.

    It was a silly sort of thing to be upset over, Severus realised. Nothing he had not heard before, from many different people, in many different places and many different ways. Hidden as he was behind the same hair that was the butt of those jokes, Severus did not see the queasy, pained expression in the eyes of the boy beside him. After all, he reasoned viciously, tearing out a chunk of muffin with his crooked teeth, Lupin was only human, and Snivellus Snape had never belonged in Gryffindor to begin with.

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    Ebil Gato Loco Ravenclaw
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    Congrats to the following for writing exceptional drabbles:

    First Place: - Tie
    One Day by Mistletoe
    Life’s Labyrinth: A Different Choice by MissyQuill

    Second Place: - Tie
    To Forspell Doom by Stubbornly_appeared
    A Misplaced Weasley by Weasleyboyfreak

    Third Place:
    Turning Green by butter_beer_drinker

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    Yay Winners!!! You guys are great!!

    ANd yay for gato getting this judged!!! Yay!!!

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    Oh My Godric,

    *major heart attack*

    Congrats to Kat, Stubby, Kristy and Weasleyboyfreak. You guys did an awesomtastic job.And GRACIAS Ritta and Mith, you RULE!!=Sammy

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    Name: Jilli
    House: GRYFFINDOR!! OH YEAH!!!
    Title: Sorting.
    Word Count: 262
    Warnings: this is my first post and I'm sorry if it's not that good....


    Hermione Granger hopped down from her stool happily and joined the Gryffindor table. The strict--looking teacher with the black hair took out the faded scroll and called,
    "Neville Longbottom!"

    Neville gulped. He was going to be in Hufflepuff, he just knew it...his Gran was going to be so dissapointed.........
    He ran up the steps as timidly as a mouse, and somebody put the hat on his head.

    What is it going to do to me? Is it actually going to read my mind?

    He felt a presence inside of him, soft and gentle but also slightly frightening. It flipped through his head, all his memories, fears, and even his previous conversations.

    It spoke to him in a wise voice, weathered and dry, with a slight sarcastic edge to it--

    "Hmm, Neville Longbottom. You carry qualities of all the houses in you, and I think there is more in you that meets the eye.." it said slyly.

    Neville shuddered in surprise. He hadn't expected it to speak....

    l-like what? I'm not brave, like Harry Potter, or smart, Gran! I haven't done anthing. I didn't even know I was magic until last month!"

    The hat chuckled. "You underestimate yourself, Neville. Not brave, you say? I myself thought the contary....Where would you like to be put?"

    Anywhere but slytherin...or somewhere that will dissapoint my gran.....w-whaterver suits me, I guess?

    The hat cleared his throat. (if hats even have a throat,)

    "I think I will leave your Grandmother out of have a hardworking and modest nature, and for belong in......"


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    This challenge was already judged =]
    Feel free to post your drabble on your drabble thread though.
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