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Thread: Hufflepuff Common Room

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    Oh my! Thanks everyone. [glomps Katie] Your idea is brilliant. Plus, it's still like a password. :] I'm using your's. ps. your secret santa banner is adorable.

    Everyone else, thank you so much. Your ideas were really unique and seeing as Hogwarts is still full of mystery and secrets, you never know what you might find. I just might use some of them later. lol.

    Any ideas on what the puzzle could be? I'm thinking it's one of those puzzles where you have to shift the pieces in order to get them all back in order. Or maybe sodoku. That takes plenty of patience and hard work.

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    Amanda Vega
    Oooh, I love puzzles!

    I'm thinking, like, you have to tap a certain part of the painting in a certain order - sort of like Diagon Alley in the first movie? And it would change, say, monthly or so? So, for example, if the still life is of a bowl of fruit (original, i know xD) then you would have to tap, for example, the stem of a pear, the bottom left-hand corner, and the highlighted part of a banana, and then they could go in. </badexample>

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    Oh thank you! That's a good idea. I think I just might use that instead of what I was thinking because that's far simpler.

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    I also think it's an idea not to make it too dificult a puzzle, because then you're straying into Ravenclaw territory, I think. A tapping sequence on a still life is probably the best sollution.

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