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    Hi! What punishment to you think would be served if someone spiked the punch at a school dance with alcohol? Also, if that person confessed, to you think they'd be let off more lightly?

    Any help highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    red haired mom
    Hi padfootsgirl1981,

    They might get off lighter, but not by much,

    If they confess I could see them having to write lines, clean the trophy room, clean the Hospital Wing's bed pans, shine all the suits of armor, and clean cauldrons in the Potions room.

    If they didn't confess and were still found out, I would have them do all of that, and clean out the Greenhouses, and prune the Whomping Willow, plus spend time in the Forest with Hagrid, and quite possibly a few nasty things Filch could think up.

    I don't think they would be expelled, but it might be a close thing if the spiking had consequences that were more Professor rated than 1st-2nd years. That might be a good guage on how harsh the punishment should be.

    Hope that helped,

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    Honestly I think it depends on the Head of House. (I can't see Dumbledore getting involved in something like this.) If it was a Gryffindor, and McGonagall's Head of House, she'd have a harsh punishment, I'm sure. But if it was Hufflepuff, and Sprout was setting the punishment, she might be more lenient.

    All in all, I think you could use any punishment that Harry/Ron/Hermione might've received during the books. Cleaning out bedpans, sorting Flobberworms, re-writing record cards, etc. would be excellent choices.

    Good luck!

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    Mollie Black
    I would think that spiked punch would be anticipated, if not expected at a school dance. This is one of those cases where I think the staff would turn the other way, unless students were becoming truly unruly. But if you are planning to have Severus Snape himself floating around in your story, he may be more willing to punish a student not of his house.

    But if you do wish for them to be punished, I think it would be something easy like being set lines.

    I will not attempt to intoxicate unsuspecting students.

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    Well they would have to be drunk already to confess...

    I don't think alcohol would be that bad, since Butterbeer does have alcohol in it. Also (i'm not sure) isn't a part of British culture to drink at pubs, and drink beer. Of course pretty much every culture drinks....

    Punishment: They will be dragged by their ears to the dungeons, where a drunken Filtch will be waiting with a cactus and a crocket mallet...~ Potter Puppet Pals

    Er, that should help... uh PANTALUNIOUSPOOICUS!

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    It all really depends on how far you want to take it. I see that the rating for it is 3rd-5th years so it could honestly be any kind of thing you could imagine. All the way from writing lines every suit of armour with a

    I've actually read some of this story and I added it to my favorites a few days ago so I kind of know who would be doing the I think if it was someone mean like Snape(it couldnt be him since he was a kid then too) then he would give them a pretty severe punishment like helping filch or something. If it was McGonagall, I think she would give them a stern lecture and, depending on whether or not it created too much of a scene, give them detention. But I think that would be all unless you wanted to make it into a Dark/Angsty then you could incorporate something like what Umbridge did in the fifth book/movie with the quill that wrote the lines into their skin. It all depends on whether or not you really seriously want to punish them or not.

    Hope this helped some!


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    I think a letter would be sent home ('Hi Mr, and Mrs ___, you son/daughter has been busy spiking punches at school dances, and dancing on tables, screaming about it. Please supervise them next time they wish to drink until they are off their face)

    They would probably get a few detentions, doing things like cleaning the trophy room, etc.

    If anyone puked at the dance, they could be made to clean that up.

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    Haha, Untitlednine. Your letter's hilarious.

    Maybe they would be made to clean out the whole Great Hall after the dance? With out magic.


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    Thanks so much everyone for your help, you helped me out a lot!

    Mods: I have gotten what I need from this thread, please feel free to lock and grave .

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