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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Word Beads #3

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge - Word Beads #3

    Time for another round of Word Beads! XD

    Prompt: You know the routine! Write a drabble with ALL of the words given to you: television, chocolate rum balls, offshore, Blackbeard, Barcelona, and orange [the fruit]

    Please highlight/bold the words in the drabble.

    The following form must be used when submitting your drabble responses to this post -
    Word Count:
    Winners will be awarded 15, 10, and 5 points respectively.

    All drabbles must be less than 500 words; All standard grammar rules, and MNFF submissions guidelines apply.

    The challenge will be up for a week, and be closed exactly a week later (January 3rd).

    MithrilQuill and I will be judging them and posting results a couple of days later.

    All questions should be referred to the Question Corner - Do not post questions here. Only drabbles!

    Other than that...have fun!

    ~Gato Loco & Mith~

    I've left moddom/fandom...though don't be surprised if I get caught lurking once in a blue moon.
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    Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    Name: butter_beer_drinker
    Title: Summer Boredom
    Word Count:291

    Hermione sat in the large comfortable chair in the living room at home, bored out of her mind. She picked up the remote control for the television and began to flip through the channels. Nothing seemed to capture her attention; she rolled her eyes and threw herself back against the cushions.

    Since her eleventh birthday, when she found out she was a witch, she dreaded summer breaks. Unable to use magic, the days of summer seem to drag on until they went on holiday. Her parents had decided that they were all going to Barcelona this year, but that was not until next week.

    She mindlessly stopped changing the channels when she saw the opening credits for a black and white movie, Blackbeard the Pirate. Hermione sighed loudly, threw the remote down, and then headed towards the kitchen. She picked an orangeout of the fruit bowl and began to peel the skin. The fragrant smell of the orange fill the kitchen as she began staring out the window. Her mind began to wonder towards the trip and what she might do.

    She envisioned herself lying on the deck of a large catamaran floating offshore. The waves rocking the boat back and forth as she sunned herself in her new bathing suit. Hermione had really wanted to invite Ron and Harry but knew the Dursleys would not allow Harry to come and she was afraid that Ron might get the wrong idea.

    Once again settling herself on the sofa, she tried to concentrate on the movie. The pirates in the movie began to banter about rum, which lead Hermione to think about homemade chocolate rum balls. “Great, now I want some chocolate.” She once again stood and walked towards the kitchen.
    (betad by chasing_willow)

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    Name: x_GinnyPotter_x
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: The Erroneous Essay
    Word Count: 365
    Warnings: Slight AU… I know Ron didn’t actually take Muggle Studies >_>

    “I still don’t know why I let you coerce me into taking Muggle Studies, Hermione,” Ron grumbled as he flipped several pages deeper into his textbook.

    “Oh, honestly Ron, this really isn’t that hard of an assignment; I would have thought you would find Muggle pirates interesting,” Hermione answered, hardly looking up from her own parchment.

    “Sure, the stories about Blackbeard are amusing… but it’s all these details Professor Burbage wants that make it dull. Who cares if he died offshore of Barcelona or Boston or whatever it was…”

    Hermione had to resist rolling her eyes as she glanced over at Ron’s paper. “He died offshore of North Carolina, Ron – and you’ve spelled ‘scurvy’ wrong.”

    Ron made a dramatic strike across the misspelled word before correcting it. Hermione, meanwhile, had started reading his paper more carefully. “Did you even read the textbook?” she asked after a moment, raising an eyebrow.

    Ron shrugged, answering, “Skimmed it, more like… why, what’s wrong with it?” He glanced back at his paper, as if the errors were suddenly going to jump off the page at him.

    “Well first of all, they were supposed to eat oranges and lemons to cure scurvy, not apples and bananas. And yes, they did drink rum, but I don’t think they had time to make chocolate rum balls with it. Honestly, you’ve got more errors here than a poorly researched television documentary,” Hermione said, shaking her head.

    “A poorly researched what?” Ron asked, looking bemused.

    “Never mind,” she sighed, taking her quill to his parchment. “One of these days I’m going to stop doing this for you, you know.”

    “Hey, you talked me into taking this bloody class, the least you can do is help me out a little,” Ron shot back, grinning at her.

    “Help, yes; rewriting, however, you better not get used to…”

    “Remind me to stay on your good side, Hermione – you’re a life saver.”

    Hermione turned slightly pink but did not look up from Ron’s paper. “I’ll do that next time you start being a git,” she answered smoothly, a smile forming on her lips as she turned a page in her textbook. Which should be tomorrow at the latest…

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    Name: La-la-la-lurid!
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: A boy's colour.
    Word Count: 498
    Warnings: They're kids. Oranges as boobies isn't sexual. It's hilarious.

    The world outside was fuzzy. She cocked her head sideways again, so that her fleshy cheek pooled on the coffee table. The world grew fuzzier around the green Christmas lights, she decided. She frowned. Green was a boy’s colour, no matter how much her mother argued that it was both a boy and girl colour. Rose seriously doubted this.

    ‘But how,’ she pressed to the coaster, ‘can it be both? It’s either a boy’s colour, or it’s a girl’s colour. Boy’s don’t wear pink.’

    ‘Silly Rosie. If pink isn’t a boy’s colour, then blue isn’t a girl’s colour. Your eyes are blue, Rosie.’ Hugo wandered away from the television and cardboard box full of dress-ups to goad Rose. ‘Mu-um! Rosie has boy eyes!’

    She pouted, folding her pudgy arms across her tubby body. Indignance rose in her round eyes. Her pony tails, bursting with ringlets, fell to obscure her eyes. ‘They’re not!’ Her words rang with finality as her father entered the room.

    ‘Daddy,’ said Hermione. ‘Hugo thinks that Rosie’s eyes are boy eyes, because they’re blue. What do you think?’

    Ron had crouched down next to the twins, pulling Rose into his freckled arms. Hugo sat smugly in the arm chair next to Hermione.

    ‘Well,’ feigned Ron, nicking Rose’s nose with his finger, ‘Daddy’s eyes are blue, so blue must be a boy’s colour.’

    ‘But Hugo’s eyes are brown,’ she said petulantly. ‘Mummy’s eyes are brown too. Does that mean that Hugo’s eyes are a girl colour?’


    Hermione cleared her throat. ‘See how a colour can be both a girl and a boy’s colour, darling?’

    ‘Yeah!’ injected Hugo. ‘See?’ Rose stuck out her tongue.

    ‘Why don’t you two go back to your game? Look, look at this scarf. It’s red, isn’t it? Red is both a girl and a girl’s colour. So, Hugo, you can be the pirate.’ Hermione picked a red scrap of cloth from the cardboard box. The children had been watching a small series on the television featuring Blackbeard, and Rose had taken it upon herself to declare her role as pirate because red is a girl’s colour.

    ‘That’s alright!’ said Rose brightly, running into the kitchen and returning with two oranges. ‘I can be his lady!’ She shoved the oranges down her shirt where they fell through and promptly thudded against the floor. Ron held back laughter, picking up an orange as Hermione tied the scarf around Hugo’s head.

    Unperturbed, Rose jumped onto the coffee table. ‘Give me back my chocolate rum balls, you knave!’ She swished an imaginary sword at her brother. Hugo rolled around on the ground.

    ‘Never! I can’t give them back until you jump offshore!’ Hugo paused in his rolling.

    Rose plummeted a foot off the table to land on her bottom. Blinking furiously, she wailed, ‘Mu-mmmy!’

    Hermione closed her eyes and lay back in her chair. She blew a lock of frizzy hair out of her eyes. ‘Not now honey. Mummy is wishing she was in Barcelona.’

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    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Family Love...*don't glare at me like that...I suck at titles*
    Word Count:480
    Warnings: Mild Violence maybe??

    “Ar’! You Scallywag! C’mere and let me sink my teeth into that soft flesh-!”

    “Mommy! James is scaring me!”

    James’s pretend pirate face drooped as he heard his mother shout from the next room, “James! What have I told you? No terrorizing your brother during play time! Now get down from there and clean up this mess before your father gets home!”

    “Yes Mum,” sighed James and with a scowl in Al’s direction, he jumped down from the four-poster bed and landed on the floor with a thud.

    “James,” said Ginny Potter coming in from the adjacent room. “How many times have I told you not to-”

    “But muumm!” groaned James as his mother picked up little Albus and headed to the Nursery.

    “I was only just pretending! See, the other day I saw this show on Blackbeard the pirate on Grandpa Weasley’s velytision-“

    “On what?”

    “Grandpa’s Velytision!” explained an exasperated James to his mother.

    “Television James! Not velytision!” Ginny laughed as she sat down on the bed and pulled James up with her.

    “Television, then. And Grandma made us those yummy chocolate rum balls and- mum!”

    “What?” said Ginny innocently, running her hand over his hair.

    “Do you have to do that now? You know it doesn’t stay. Anyway, so about Blackbeard---once, you know, he went to a place near Barcelona and blew the whole thing up! It was awesome! There was this biiig explosion and bang! The whole place-”

    “Now really! I can’t believe dad would let you watch such a thing! Where was mum at that time? I’m sure she would have gone ballistic she knew about this.”

    “Oh Grandma was busy peeling oranges in the other room for Rosie,” said James nodding his head.

    “Well, okay then… what happened next?” said Ginny distractedly.

    “Nothing much… the wind swept his boat, Queen Anne's Revenge, offshore and off went old Blackbeard, to wreck havoc in some other place.” James grinned up at the horrified face of his mother.

    “Well, that’s nice…” Ginny murmured. “I’ve got Al’ all ready for bed…but he’s missing his big brother…”

    James groaned but Ginny spotted the mischievious grin. She smiled herself as she took James’s face in her both her hands and pressed her nose to his forehead.

    “Don’t stay up too late…”

    “Sure thing, mum,” James squirmed as his mother pressed her lips to his cheek and with a loud SMUCK sound, withdrew, grinning.

    “Ewww…” said James mockingly, wiping his cheek with the back of his sleeve.

    Ginny smiled as she watched James run off towards the nursery and called out, “And try not to be too mean to him!”

    To which she received a reply in the form of a giggle, a thud, a cry, and then an outbreak of enormous laughter at which point she smiled sweetly and curled up on the soft satin covers of her bed to sleep.

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    Name: Weasleyboyfreak
    Title: Kreatcher's Treasures
    Word Count: 312
    Warnings: DH disregarded

    “Do we really have to talk to Kreatcher? I mean the little nutter is completely—“

    “Ron!” Hermione snapped, pulling him away from the chocolate rum balls on the table. “You know we have to find out if he’s seen Regulus’ locket!”

    Harry nodded in agreement as he carefully dropped to his knees, ready to open the cabinet door.

    “I think we should knock first, just to be polite,” Hermione insisted, joining Harry on the floor as Ron rolled his eyes.

    Hermione slowly reached a shaking hand out to the small door, knocking lightly. They didn’t receive a response. Harry quickly opened the door, finding an assortment of random objects mixed in with some old ratty blankets.

    “Ew,” Hermione cringed as Harry pulled out a molding orange.

    “Maybe he wanted a midnight snack?” Ron chuckled as he watched an old book come out of the cupboard.

    “’Blackbeard’s Off Shore Adventure?’” Harry asked, looking confused.

    “Why on earth would a house elf need a book about a bloody pirate?” Ron stammered.

    “’Dunno,” Harry said, looking even more confused as he pulled out Barcelona tour leaflet. The two boys turned to Hermione.

    “I have no idea,” Hermione responded, looking perplexed herself. She suddenly pulled out a small metal box with an antenna.

    “What the bloody hell is that?” Ron asked, a worried expression on his face. The look on the boy’s face suggested that it might attack them at any moment.

    “I think it’s a television,” Harry said as Hermione pulled the different dials.

    “Nothing,” she said, a frown on her face.

    “The little tosh pot,” Ron muttered, shaking his head.

    “Well I can’t find it,” Hermione sighed. “The locket must be long gone. We’ll have to start over.”

    As the trio turned to leave the kitchen, the small television came on. It flashed a brightly coloured name against a black screen.

    Mundungus Fletcher

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    Name: Mispersonality
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Stupidity and Mr. Bacon
    Word Count: 345
    Warnings: none

    Stupidity and Mr. Bacon

    Ron's sister was in an annoyingly chipper mood this morning.

    Ron watched blankly as fourteen-year-old Ginny roughly pushed around the food on her plate while literally bouncing up and down.

    The little girl had never payed any mind to the voice of reason that told her not to play with her food; she was having way too much fun.

    With a bit of pancake dangling off the end of her upraised fork, Ginny picked up a piece of bacon and began her own little dinner theater.

    "How are you today, Mr. Bacon?" she practically squeaked in an attempt to make her voice appropriate for a tiny piece of pancake.

    "Jolly good! And you?" Now Ginny made her voice high and pompous, sounding very much like Percy. Apparently Mr. Bacon was the brains of the operation.

    "Oh, trying to ignore the smell of those chocolate rum balls Mrs. Weasley is cooking up," the pancake said seriously.

    "Always thinking about our stomach, aren't we?" said Mr. Bacon disapprovingly. "Oh, here's a bit of news," he said, reappearing from beneath the Daily Prophet Ginny had stuck him under. "There's been a sighting of old Blackbeard, searching for his head."

    "Who?" asked the pancake stupidly.

    "Blackbeard. The old pirate that got his head removed offshore of the States."


    "Chopped off, rather."

    The cowardly pancake swallowed nervously. "I think we should talk about something else," he ordered bossily, trying to hide his fear.

    "Hold the 'tude, baked goods. I'll move to front page news." Mr. Bacon snapped.

    "Mr. Bacon doesn't like to be ordered around," Ginny whispered to Ron unnecessarily.

    "Oh!" Mr. Bacon cried out. "They've found a type of orange in Barcelona that can cure the common cold!" "There's going to be a special on the muggle television and everything!"

    "Oh joy," said the pancake very unenthusiastically.

    "What? Have you no heart for the poor sufferers of the common cold?" asked the very angry Mr. Bacon.

    "To be perfectly honest, no.

    Disgustedly, Mr. Bacon turned to Ron for his opinion. "What do you think?" he asked severely.

    "Uh, what is the common cold?"

    Mr. Bacon was silent.

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    The Marauding Cupcake
    Name: The Marauding Cupcake
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: La Luna de Miel
    Word Count: 445
    Warnings: Some sexual situations, nothing graphic and awful amounts of F.L.U.F.F.

    The azure waters slipped into the blazing reds and pinks of the setting sun, as soft waves lapped against the small sailboat just offshore of the powdery beach. The gentle rocking lulled the occupants into an almost lackadaisical stupor, aided by the warm Mediterranean breeze and fine spirits sloshing in their glasses.

    The woman who was draped casually over her lover leisurely ended their languid embrace, her kiss lingering on his lips, piercing the haze in his mind. He noted the delight of tasting the salty air mingled with the sweetness of the chocolate rum balls they’d been feeding each other. His chest heaved a contented sigh as their fingers entwined and they gazed out over the vast ocean.

    “Are you sorry we came here?” she giggled; their view was as perfect a replication of any advert for romantic getaways as one may see on Muggle television.

    He sniggered and pressed another kiss to her forehead for the sheer taste of her. Shifting the arm wrapped around her, he began tracing lazy circles on her shoulder.

    “Of course not, but I’m afraid you’ve been bored to tears. La Albufera and The Botanical Gardens at Huerto de Tramoyeres were breathtaking, though. There’s over 3,000 different plant species and the Gardens have been there for over 200 years!” he finished excitedly.

    “Yes, well, I enjoyed the spectacle last night.” A confused look swept over his bronzed face and she grinned. “You... in that nightclub! I’ll tell you this, I’d like to go back to El Carmen; Barcelona has nothing on the pub scene of Valencia!”

    “You’ll take that to the grave or I’ll make you walk the plank!” His fingers gently dug into her sides making her squirm with laughter. She swatted him back playfully.

    “You’ll do no such thing, Blackbeard! Firstly, there is no plank and, secondly, the authorities frown upon dispatching of your new bride on the honeymoon.” She snuggled deeper into his embrace, sighing dreamily. “You know, I think I’d like to run a bed and breakfast, so other couples could enjoy themselves as much as we have this past week. What do you think? A nice, cosy, little spot with a small pub and we could live above it! What would your students think of you then?”

    The ocean breeze began to cool as the sun finally dipped beneath the horizon and he held her tightly, pressing her body to his.

    “Last night here,” he murmured into her hair. “Shall we turn in early?”

    She eagerly nodded her agreement, so he set about heading the small boat back to shore.

    “Do you think they’ll set out anymore of those lovely oranges for breakfast?”


    (with a little help from my friends: butter_beer_drinker and red haired mom)

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    red haired mom
    Name: red haired mom
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Charlie’s Game
    Word Count: 388
    Warnings: Childishness and lots of it!

    The children gathered around uncle Charlie. He was the babysitter while all the parents and grandma and grandpa went shopping together.

    Twelve children in all looked up at him waiting to hear what fun thing they were going to do today.

    Charlie studied them for a moment, and then broke them into pairs. “Victoire you’re with James, Dominique you’re with Rose. Louis with Lucy, Molly with Hugo, Fred with Albus and Lily with Roxanne. “

    “Now, I want one of each pair to choose a piece of parchment.” He held out a hat they each reached in and pulled out a slip of parchment.

    “Now, open them.” He watched the eager faces turn to confusion as they looked at the pictures he had given them.

    “I want you all to go look for the items on your parchments. They are in the house somewhere, you just have to find them, without magic of any kind.” He was sending them on a scavenger hunt.

    “Ready? Set? Go!” Charlie went to the kitchen to get himself something to drink and have a moment of peace. Once they started bringing things to him, he wouldn’t get anymore peace for the rest of the day.

    It took about fifteen minutes of thumps and bumps around the house before the kitchen door swung open to reveal Rose and Dominique, they came to him and dropped a picture of a television, a map of Barcelona, a book on the notorious pirate Blackbeard, and a picture of a ship floating offshore on an island in Fiji.

    While Charlie was checking things off his list, Dominique went to the cupboard and pulled down the box of chocolate rum balls, and an orange from the shelf. Taking them to the table to be marked off the list, she crossed her arms in imitation of Rose and waited.

    Checking everything off the list, Charlie grinned at them and declared, “We have a winner!”

    Groans could be heard throughout the house, but only barely. Rose and Dominique were shrieking and jumping around in their happiness.

    Soon all the children were back in the kitchen and settled down for a story. Charlie told them all about his time in Romania, but in the back of his mind, he was thinking of harder things for them to find next time.

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    Name: dragonwings
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Run Away with Me
    Word Count: 493
    Warnings: None, unless you count kidnapping!

    Hermione blinked as hers eyes adjusted to the light. The earth underneath her lunged sickeningly and she scrambled to get a purchase on the… wooden deck? She looked up and saw huge white sails snapping in the wind. She rubbed her eyes and looked up again. Had she fallen asleep watching television again? Or was it those chocolate rum balls that she had been snacking on continuously as she wrote her term paper? Either way, the scene was disconcerting.

    She looked around and noticed that there was a lounge chair with a small card on it. Next to it were a basket of fresh oranges and… more chocolate rum balls? Once she had figured out where she was and what she was doing here, Hermione decided that she was definitely cutting back on chocolate rum balls. But maybe, maybe she could do that after a nap… The card had her name on it, and it was oh so warm outside and the chair was so comfortable… Making sure that no one saw her, Hermione stripped off her shirt and skirt and lay down to tan. Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

    A pirate with shocking bright orange hair strode unseen towards her. He sat down on the edge of the chair and started gently massaging her back. As the witch groaned in appreciation he couldn’t stop the chuckle that escaped his lips and she awoke with a sleepy start.

    “Enjoying your trip, Mrs. Blackbeard?” he asked.

    “Yes—No! Where are we?”

    “We’re offshore the coast of Barcelona, right now, I believe,” he said in a calming voice.

    Hermione twisted madly to see his face but he had her pinned face down as he massaged her back.

    “Where’s Fred?” she asked bluntly. “And my name isn’t Blackbeard, it’s Weasley. I’m warning you, my husband is the jealous type. Big bloke. Lots of muscles. Handy with a wand. So if you don’t mind unhanding me—”

    “Really…” the pirate said conversationally. “Are you really in love with him? We could run away now, just the two of us,”

    “No, thank you, sir!” Hermione forced his hands from his back and flipped to see Fred’s smiling face.

    “You little devil!” she laughed. She pulled his head down for a kiss.

    “So, where are we?” she asked after she had helped Fred out of his pirate costume and into a pair of swim trunks and an open shirt to protect him from sunburn.

    “Off the coast of Barcelona,” he told her, in all seriousness, his joy clear on his face.

    “Really? So this isn’t one of your daydream charms from the Weasley Wizard Wheezes?”

    “It’s the real thing, I assure you. I took a week’s vacation from the shop.” He grinned at her roguishly. “Still want to run away with a pirate?”

    “With my pirate? Always,” she told him. “Next time, I would ask before I kidnap my cranky wife.”

    He laughed loudly. “Too late, my love!”

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