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Thread: Christmas gifts

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    red haired mom

    Christmas gifts

    I have run into a small snag.

    I am writing a Book 7 Disregarded fic, and I have run out of ideas for Christmas gifts.

    I've got the main ones, but I need a few ideas on the others.

    Setting: After the war, at Godric's Hollow, and Harry is giving the gifts.

    I would love to hear what you think he should give...

    The twins-

    I want them to be nice, but not too extravagant.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.


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    Moody- perhaps a new hip flask?

    Hagrid- a interesting creature, that is llegal

    Yeah, I know it wasn't too creative, but as soon as you asked about a present for Moody, it popped right into my head.

    Maybe I will be more creative later.


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    I think this should go to the Skele-grow Plot Potion section. Anyway,

    McGonagall-ooh, he gives a gift to McGonagall? Um, what a about a nice book? That's seriously the only thing I can think of. If not a book, you could make Harry give her something that symbolizes her, she is hard and tough from outside but can get very emotional at little signs of true love or friendship. You could make him gift her a plate of samosa! Lol (oh my god! There is something definitely wrong with my sense of humor today! By the way a samosa is a fried Indian dish made of flour which is crunchy from outside but has a filling of spicy potatoes, thus very soft from inside. Yes, I agree with you, something's wrong with me )

    Hagrid- A dragon egg! Lol! Well, if not a dragon, something emotional like maybe a photo album with all of Ron, Hermione and Harry's photos with him, and he could right a note saying something along the lines of how he gifted him a photo album back in his first year and how he treasures it, and this is how he is returning that favour by giving him some memories to treasure.

    Neville- If i was giving him a gift, my first choice would obviously be a plant. You could give him something useful that you might find from the books (use this link for a list of them- or you could even invent one if you want to. I have an idea for this plant which is like a pet. Doesn't move or anything but has its own mood swings; etc.

    Can't think of anything for the others right now, if I do, I'll definitely get back to you!

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    Maybe a rare book on Herbology for Neville? Harry has tons of money, so he'd want to get his friends really good presents.

    The twins...maybe he could create something for their store?

    Moody....I agree with thechocolatefrog, a new hip flask would be good, or maybe some kind of Dark detector?

    Sorry...those are the only ideas I could come up with.

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    Noel Weasley
    Moody- Some sort of dark magic/wizard detector that he doesn't already have. Maybe a new model?

    The twins- Well, what does almost every business want to do?Expand. A new premises somewhere, maybe in Hogsmeade? If they haven't bought out Zonko's already.

    McGonagall- Some nice, elegant dress robes? Emerald. Or new specticals (sp?)[glasses].
    Hagrid- Cook books? Or maybe a large book about Muggle animals? Hagrid seems to know everything about the magical ones, a few facts about the regular ones wouldn't hurt.

    Kingsley- New earings. Like, an assortment that can do magical things.

    Neville- Definitively something plant related. His strong point is Herbology, and he's proud of it. Harry would want his friends to feel good about themselves, so a nice, rare plant would be great.

    And, if you already haven't found one for Arthur, or if he's even alive, you can always get him a book on 'How Things Work'. There's actually a book in the Muggle world that has that stuff in it. So, just an idea.

    Hope I helped!


    EDIT~ Never mind, witch6. Teh wonderful Maia has corrected me.

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    Moody- I love the hip flask idea. Another might might be some of Fred and George's new anti-Dark magic products.

    The twins- tickets to a Quidditch game/Weired Sisters concert

    McGonagall- She likes Ginger Newts, right? Harry might send her a tin or two, possibly the 'holiday edition' tins? Maybe tickets to Oliver Wood's next match? He was captain under her, and she has a thinly veiled partiality for all things Quidditch. She might really enjoy going to one of his games. I see a tear-in-the-eye moment here...

    Hagrid- I bet Hagrid would like some unbreakable china. He keeps breaking his mugs, etc. But perhaps an obscure, nifty book about magical beasts would be the best choice. I doubt giving him a new pet would be a good idea, unless is was a pygmy puff.

    Kingsley- Love the earrings idea. Or maybe something for his desk? A magical stapler, endless ink bottle, or something like that?

    Neville- I think a plant or a herbology book is the obvious choice. But you could always have Harry set him up for a blind date with a beautiful blonde.

    Good luck.

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    red haired mom
    Thanks everyone, you've been a big help.

    I think I'll go with,

    Moody- new hip flask
    The twins- new premises in Godric's Hollow
    McGonagall- Season Tickets to Oliver's Quidditch games
    Hagrid- two books, one on Muggle creatures, and a Photo-album of the trio's time at school
    Kingsley- a magical desk blotter that tells him he needs to work faster
    Neville- a trip to study with the renowned Herbologists of the day

    I know some of them aren't exectly what you guys said, but it's what I thought of when I read your posts.

    Thanks so much guys, you can find the story it's in on my Author's Page if you want to see your suggestions. (As soon as the queue re-opens)


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