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Thread: Wizardly Illnesses

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    Wizardly Illnesses

    I'm looking towards the next step in my story. This one involves the hospital wing. What are some non-quidditch related things that could land someone in the hospital wing for a couple days? The longer the stay, the better honestly. I've tried thinking but I can't think of anything that Madame Pomfrey can't cure quickly.

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    In my story, Love & Misery, Pomfrey was out of Skele-Gro potion so thus it prolonged the stay in the hospital.
    So you could have Madame Pomfrey be out of a potion, but for an illness, I can't think of one.
    I'll edit my post if I do think of one.

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    The first thing that comes to my mind is Dragon Pox. It's virulent enough to have killed Abraxas Malfoy, and could potentially cause a fear of an epidemic at Hogwarts . . . (because the Muggle-borns would not likely have been exposed to it, for example)

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    Something that could be non-Quidditch related could be that the person was hexed by another person - we know that Hermione and Harry have had their own fair share of strange maladies. Hermione has been in for lengthy periods because of the Polyjuice Potion mishap, and Petrification, and Harry for regrowing his bones, and after his encounters with Voldemort.

    Some cases of illnesses have been mentioned in the books, such as Dragonpox and Spattergroit, but the more serious cases I presume get taken to St. Mungo's. I think the best option would be invent something that sounds serious, or have the person get into a non-Quidditch related accident, because Madame Pomfrey could just conjure any medication she had run out of, in my opinion. Good luck and I hope I helped!


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    Whenever someone is knocked out or unconscious they have to stay in the Hospital Wing, but I'm sure you would like your character to be awake. . . .

    Whenever a character in the books went through something particularly bad (ie. Ron being poisoned on his birthday) Madam Pomfrey made them stay in the Hospital Wing a week after they were healed. That's one of the ways to get them to stay longer.


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    Thank you. :] Those were good ideas. As soon as I posed that, I remembered Ron being poisoned and then I remember Draco being in the hospital wing because of the curse Harry used from the HBP's potions book.

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