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Thread: The Next Generation- Birthdays

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    The Next Generation- Birthdays

    Okay, so I'm struggling with a drabble challenge.

    I need to know if it would be possible for James to be born in 2000- It SEEMS like it would be, but I'm just not sure. And then, what about the birthdays of the other Next. Gen. kids??
    Lily, Albus, Rose, Hugo, Victorie, Teddy, and Scorpius?


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    The Marauding Cupcake
    Well, I don't believe we know when Harry and Ginny marry, but...

    The Battle of Hogwarts take place in Spring/early Summer of 1998, so the Epilogue takes place... (Cupcake sucks at math) in 2017. If James was born in 2000, he'd be 17 and in his last year at Hogwarts. I suppose it is possible, but as Albus is just going to Hogwarts in the Epilogue and Lily has not yet, I'm not sure if it's probable.

    Does that make sense? Does that help?


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    it does. I think I've got it figured out, now.

    Mods, you can lock and grave this thread.


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    If I may come with a small addition of a couple of cents, as they say.

    There was a discussion earlier this autumn here, about the respective ages of the next gen kids in the epilogue, in which James' age was a topic of much disagreement. Most people agreed, however, that he couldn't possibly be above fourth year. I think it's highly unlikely, going by the way he speaks and acts, for James to be seventeen. He's very juvenile, and the way he is being spoken to, as well as some references to earlier events, also suggests that he is in his second or maybe third year in the epilogue. I suppose it is possible, if not very plausible, for him to be in his seventh year there, but I very much doubt it.


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    I reckon that James is in his 3rd year or above in the epilogue, as he does know about the Thestrals, and gives the impression that he ha been on the carriages at least once before.


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