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Thread: Topic 8 ~ Tis the season!

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    Topic 8 ~ Tis the season!

    Welcome to the eighth drabble thread in Remus's Reflections. This is the place you post drabbles about the topic posted. The topic is something both important and significant to the world around us and to the Harry Potter-verse.

    Please keep drabbles under a PG-13 rating and remember that everyone doesn't have the same views, so be respectful.

    Also, remember that DH spoilers must be preceded by a clear warning. If you have questions about what may be a spoiler and what may not then drop me a PM and I will help you.

    When posting a drabble use this form:

    Warnings: (DH Spoilers, for example )
    Word count:

    If you wish to respond to another drabble in this thread use this form:

    Drabble you’re responding to: (title and original author)
    Why? (what inspired you to respond to it, what did you like most about it, etc)

    This thread's topic is: (to go with the season!) Giving or receiving a gift.

    Note: The gift doesn't have to be given on Christmas.

    Thank you, Mistletoe, for the topic idea!

    Happy drabbling!

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    Name: wewillmissyou
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Your Christmas
    Warnings: Mention of Character Death, DH Spoiler
    Word count: 484

    You sigh. The lights on the tree are meticulously perfect, down to the pattern of colors. Red, green, blue, yellow, white. The colors blink and dance for you, but you don't seem to care.

    I watch you stare right through it, your brown eyes mixing with emotions I cannot identify. I consider for a moment, that you are caught in a Christmas from years before, but I quickly dismiss the idea.

    You don't like to remember Dad, after all.

    I put Lily and Albus to bed for you. You don't have the strength to look into Albus' eyes, so similar to Dad's and Lily will only pull you into better times with her sweet innocence.

    I am twelve years old now. Too old to believe in Santa Clause, yet too young to realize what has happened to you.

    I lost a dad, and I feel like I'm losing my mum, too.

    You nod off around midnight, in front of the fire. Half of the gifts are unwrapped. I'm too young to use magic to wrap them, so I do it myself.

    I work well into the night, tapeing and cutting the paper, doing a pretty awful job. The gifts look like they were wrapped by an ape.

    Lily is getting a storybook; it is filled with animated stories that will play out in front of her eyes.

    Albus is getting a new broom (which was escpically hard to wrap); it’s the newest model out there. He'll love it.

    I am getting new dress robes; they are made out of the softest material. It's not what I wanted for Christmas, but you took the time to buy it for me.

    I am ready to go to sleep at about three in the morning, when I remember something. I rush into my room, and jump onto my desk to reach the top shelf. Its dusty but it's still there.

    Dad gave this ring to me a month before he died, asking me to hide it from you. He found it ridiculously early for Christmas and didn't want you stumbling upon it.

    The ring was in a box, which was already covered in red paper. I placed it on your lap before going to bed.


    On Christmas morning I awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon. I groggily stepped out of bed and into the kitchen. I was surprised to find my siblings sitting around the table, eagerly awaiting the breakfast you are cooking.

    You haven't cooked in months.

    I sat down next to Lily you brought the plates over. You place mine in front of me last. Your red hair clouds my vision as you whisper in my ear.

    "Thank you, my angel." You give me a kiss on the cheek and as you walk back over to the counter to get your own breakfast, I see a gold band glinting on your hand.

    kehribar: This is soo sad! *sniff* Ten points to Hufflepuff for a great drabble.

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    Name: Weasleyboyfreak
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Sure On This Shinning Night
    Warnings: Mention of Character Death, DH Spoiler
    Word count: 339

    Crystal stars shimmered in the dark sky, and the moon reflected it’s warm glow on the desolate lake in front of her. She was alone. It was as if she was the only being that had survived that devastating battle. Non-existent shadows seemed to form from the stars, her heart dark and cold. Grief was being reflected from her body, overpowering the luminate golden beams of the moon. Tears overwhelmed her body. She wanted to hide from the world, cut it off at all costs.

    He was gone. The brilliant stars seemed to spell out his name. He was too young to die. His smile, kissed with youth, was still spread over his pale face. However, his eyes seemed to pierce her heart with their emptiness. How could this have happened?

    She sank to her knees, unable to stand because of the overwhelming pain. Her heart was ripped in two. Why did this tragedy have to happen to her family; to her brother? One of the loves of her live, ripped away from her by evil. The thought of her older brother’s death was just too unbelievable to the sixteen-year old. She felt as if a piece of her soul had died along with him.

    “Why did you have to die?” the young girl yelled at the sky. She hoped that no one could see her. “Give me sign, let me know that we will live the rest of our live in peace!” she sobbed, her head in her hands in the stiff grass. She didn’t know if she would be able to live through another death in the family.

    A lone star shot through the sky after her words pronounced in pain. A feeling of peace slowly settled over her. All her tears and pain were slowly draining from her body. All was healed and all was health. She slowly looked up at the bright night sky, wiping away her tears.

    “Thank you, Fred.”

    It was the greatest gift Ginny could have asked for on that beautiful evening.
    kehribar: Three points to the 'Puffs.

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    Name: Mistletoe
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Wrappers
    Warnings: None
    Word count: 402

    His footsteps echoed off the cold walls as he walked the familiar path to their room. The moving photos tipped their heads in greeting at him as he passed slowly by each one. When he reached the door, he looked upon the familiar ‘49’ and the common sense of sadness that always settled in his stomach took it’s residence. He placed his hand on the metal doorknob to enter, but he hesitated.

    Maybe this time they’ll remember. Remember something, anything besides the nothing that they remember right now.

    Sighing, he pushed the door open and looked upon the familiar faces of his parents. They were lying in separate beds, his mother reading a magazine sideways, and his father blowing bubbles in his cup of water.

    “Hello Mum, Dad.”

    They both looked up at his unfamiliar face before looking at each other and continuing with their respective activities. He stood at the foot of their beds and set the bag of gifts down.

    “It’s me, N- Neville. Happy Christmas,” he said, stuttering over his words as he watched for recognition in their faces, but it never came. He bent down the retrieve the small gifts he had bought them as he sat on his mother’s bed. She didn’t even seem to notice the shift.

    Clearing his throat, his eyes bounced back and forth between the two people he wished most in this world would recognize him, but they didn’t and seemingly never would. He laid the green and red wrapped present on each of their laps, and waited for them to register that they were to open them. When neither of them did, he moved his hand carefully to his mother’s wrapped rectangular box, and making sure they were watching him, he demonstrated peeling the paper off.

    Each of their eyes grew wide with wonderment, but they followed his example and began to rip off the paper carefully. When they had finally unwrapped the presents, he heard a squeal of excitement burst from his mother as she looked up on her gift.


    It was the only thing that he knew his parents liked, the only thing that made him feel a tangible connection to them. He watched as his mother unwrapped a piece and stared at it. A small smile erupted over her face, and she handed the crumpled, silver wrapper to Neville.

    His only connection with the parents he hardly knew.
    kehribar: Have you guys decided to make us cry with such powerful drabbles? Because I came pretty close to do so in this thread Ten points to Slytherin.


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