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Thread: Other Dark Wizards/Witches?

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    Other Dark Wizards/Witches?

    Without Voldie who would the aurors be looking for? There was Grindewald, who did the whole "gotta get power" thing, and then there was Voldie, other than that I don't remember any other dark wizards that the ministry was worried about. Other than Death Eaters, of course, but they were with Voldie.

    My question is: Who other than Voldie and his followers, and dark wizards of times gone by would the Ministry be looking for? What acts would these others make that would draw attention to the wizarding world at large? Would it have to be another man/woman who wanted power, to ultimatley rule, or just small things that the aurors would be concerned about?

    My main question is, how do I bring attention to a dark w/w who doesn't want to ultimately rule?

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    Well, what sort of criminals make the news today? People who steal, terrorise the public, assault others - all sorts. The wizard who blew up toilets, for example, was a criminal and reported by the Prophet, and was being searched for by the Ministry.

    Some ideas:

    * A masked man in Diagon Alley who preys upon Muggleborns and their families while they make their first shopping trips in the summer. (Con artist, thief, maybe he assaults them or engages in armed robbery).

    * A burglar well-known for his distinct calling card of leaving behind a tin of biscuits for his victims that has burgled the homes of several well-known members of the Wizarding community, including Ministry employees.

    * An arsonist that especially targets families of mixed magical blood or sympathisers of the same.

    * A Death Eater that escaped to Bermuda after the defeat of Voldemort and was recently spotted (several times) in the general vicinity of Diagon Alley, Knocturn Alley, and the Ministry.

    * A woman posing as a maid service at the Leaky Cauldron who really poisons her patrons and steals their belongings, seeming to specialise in the elderly.

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    Wow those are good suggestions. I'll probably go with one of them... I never really thought of there being serial killers in the wizarding world. Don't know why, I just can't see any threatening people who aren't one of Voldemort's followers.

    Thanks alot, and I'm still open to suggestions/help!


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    I've been pondering this a lot lately, and here's a few ideas I've had:

    -Wizard mafia!
    -Drug-type operations.
    -Kidnapper, who holds kids for ransom.
    -House-elf abuser.
    -Magical white collar crimes! Like, gold embezzlement or something.
    -Bribery, etc.

    Sounds like an interesting story....


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    Haha! A wizard Mofia.... oh dear that seems to interesting to pass up. I think you've just inspried a one-shot my friend, thanks

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