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Thread: Hogsmeade Visits

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    Hogsmeade Visits

    Does anyone know how many Hogsmeade visits there are a year, and where abouts they are in the year?

    Do the Heads organise them? Or is it Dumbledore or McGonnagal? Continuing on with that, what do the Heads organise in their meetings?

    And another thing that's been confusing me. They say Hogsmeade Weekend, but is it just the Saturday? And it is only Saturday morning, or the whole day?

    All help is apreciated!

    ~ Jojo...

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    Noel Weasley

    So, in the stories I've read, they tend to have the Heads arrange the Hogsmeade visit, and they tend to have it about once a month I think. Like, there's the Halloween one, Christmas, Valentines, and a few more, but those are the holiday one's I can think of right now.

    I think it's Saturday and Sunday perhaps, but maybe you can go either or. And I would think it's the whole day and not just a few hours. But you may have to be awake in time to go though.

    My two Knuts


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    squirrly donut
    I agree about the once a month thing, and would like to add that they can probably go at any point during the weekend, as long as they're not out past curfew.

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    I think anything involving the students going out of school must originate from the Headmaster or his/her immediate subordinate; for Hogwarts, this would be the Deputy Head, Professor McGonagall. And I'm sure the school calendar is always the first to be planned before a school year.

    From what I gathered, Head Boys/Girls are the premiere students of the school, who represent the school at events, and who lead the prefects in their duties of helping in the school order. They help the staff in reinforcing rules, represent authority when authority is absent, etc. In fanfiction, Heads are given more duties than in real life, I think. They have their own studies to keep up with after all! You will do well to ask about exactly what Head Boy/Girlship entails in Being British, Jojo.

    Hogsmeade weekend:

    I think it falls on either a Saturday or Sunday. Not both.

    I've always thought it's a whole day affair You just have to be home for dinner, whether you will still eat or not; it's the respectable time to be back at school.

    I think every other month is a safe bet. What Hogsmeade weekends have we seen so far? October (Halloween), and then December (before Christmas hols), and then February (Valentine's)... Correct me if there's been a Hogsmeade trip in January. We do know there's one in March.

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    I agree with Joanna that about once every two months is a safe bet, given the trips we've seen. And it would certainly make sense to have one before Christmas and probably before Easter (which falls on a different weekend each year), so that students can do their shopping (they could order by owl, but I for one would find it more convenient to be able to go shopping, and I'm sure the organisers would keep that in mind). Valentine's would also be a time when the students would appreciate being able to leave the school, so I'd say the organisers arrange the trips around holidays (how considerate of them), with a couple in between so they're fairly regular.

    McGonagall always seemed to be the organiser - I *think* that the permission form was from her, and Harry's class had to hand their forms to her. This suggests that it is either the Heads of Houses or the deputy. I think you can go with either. I'd probably go with each Head of House ensuring that their own students have permission. On the day of the visits, of course, Filch checks that they have permission before letting them leave.

    I think it's only one day of the weekend. The trio never went on Saturday AND Sunday, anyway. (The Lexicon says that Hogsmeade visits are always on Saturdays, but I don't know where they got that from. I don't think we've ever seen a Sunday Hogsmeade trip, though).

    As for the time of day: I imagine they would just be expected to be back before dinner or dusk, whichever comes first. Maybe there's a set time, say 5 or 6 o'clock. I always imagined they'd be pretty much free to come and go throughout the day, but given that Filch ticks them off before leaving, I'd say they're probably just supposed to leave after breakfast. Although if they went later, there'd be no-one to stop them. I guess, though, that most students would want to leave as early as possible to get as much time in the village as possible.

    And about the heads... we've only seen them doing anything when Percy was Head Boy. He seemed to have a bit more authority and responsibility than your average prefect.
    I'd say:
    -In crises (major or minor) when the prefects are overseeing the students of their house, the heads would be overseeing the prefects. For example, when the students slept in the Great Hall after Sirius broke in in PoA, when the students were herded back to their dorms like in CoS after Basilisk attacks and when Quirrel claimed there was a troll in the dungeons.
    -They'd also be expected to represent the school, say when Ministry officials and visiting schools were at Hogwarts like for the Triwizard Tournament. Shaking hands, offering help etc etc...
    -In everyday situations they'd simply be expected to be well-behaved and keep students in line, like all the other prefects (athough with even higher expectations and standards placed upon them).
    -In their meetings, I suppose the heads and prefects would organise their patrols of the hallways, perhaps bring up any problems they've seen around the school ("we need to keep an eye out for such-and-such...") and so on.

    Basically, I agree with what Joanna said, although she was much more concise They organise the prefects in fulfilling their duties.

    I hope all that helps you at least a little! Good luck, Jojo.


    Excellent detail and reference to canon included. 5 points.

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    Thanks! I think I'll have Saturday Hogsmeade visits twice a term, and the students should be back before 6 o'clock dinner. And I'll leave special occassions planning and patrols/meetings to the Heads. ~ Jojo...

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