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Thread: So, when do they get their letter?

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    So, when do they get their letter?

    Let's say a kid was born in the beginning of May. Would he get his letter on his birthday or a bit later, so that he would have less time between buying the school suplies and going to Hogwarts?

    If it's the last thing, in which month? Harry got his letter a few days before his birthday, which is in July. Would that kid get his letter in July too?

    Replies are very much appreciated =)


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    red haired mom
    First year, Harry started getting his letters in the last week of July.
    Second year, Harry got his letter on his birthday at the Burrow.
    Third year, his birthday again.
    Fourth year, it doesn't specify, but around his birthday at the Burrow.
    Fifth year, almost the end of August, they only had a few days left until the 1st of September.
    Sixth year, the OWL results came sometime in the beginning-middle of July.
    Seventh year, who knows?

    Unless somthing happens to delay them, the letters usually come toward the end of July. That gives the students and their family about a month to get school books and supplies.

    Birthdays, possibly could have a influence on when they come, but probably not. Except when they are closer to September 1st than July.

    Hope that helped,

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    Noel Weasley
    Well, with Harry, the reason why he got his on his birthday was be cause Hagrid brought it to him because the Dursleys were desperate to keep Harry's magic to a minimum. He was sent his letter almost a couple of weeks maybe, before his birthday, so maybe you can have your character get his in late June to mid July. So, he could get his letter after his birthday, because term ends sometime in June. So, sometime between Later June and mid July, most likely.

    Well, hope i helped!


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    Well, you know, it makes sense -__- Especially because we know others got it too around that time, because Harry was with Ron and Hermione during 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th year, and they got their letters too at the same time.

    Well, thank you for the replies =D I think I was just lazy for not wanting to answer that myself >.>

    Nah, kidding. I just really wanted a second opinion.


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    Eh? Are you writing a fic where a new witch or wizard gets her/his letter Ana? I don't think it depends on the person's birthday, but on his/her age.

    The cut-off seems to be August. You have to be eleven by August. So Hermione, who turns eleven not until September 19th, got her letter the next year instead, when she was close to turning twelve.

    The rest of the letters on your subsequent years at Hogwarts doesn't signify, except for time to get your schoolbooks, yes. But I think letters to first years are prioritised, to give time for liaison in case of Muggleborns, too.

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    Yes, I always thought it depended somewhat on the birthdays. When I thought about the child getting his/her letter a few days before his/her 11th birthday, I was a bit hesitant (and with good reason) because, well, it was May. How could the Professors have decided already what books to use for the new school year?

    SO I got a second opinion >.>

    LOL Joanna xD All of this letter thing was simply because of a flashback, in which it was mentioned WHEN the poor child had gotten the letter. (Yes, I care about the littlest details.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by LucillaJoanna
    The cut-off seems to be August. You have to be eleven by August. So Hermione, who turns eleven not until September 19th, got her letter the next year instead, when she was close to turning twelve.
    To be 100% clear, it is in fact 1st September that's the exact date. A child must have turned 11 before 1st September.

    I too think it is normal for the letter to arrive some time in July. However, Professors are people too. Sometimes it may be later, sometimes sooner. Like Wendy said, in OotP, Harry & co got their letters really late. Most likely this was because of the trouble they had finding any DADA teacher other than Umbridge. I don't think Dumbledore wanted to set the curriculum before he was absolutely certain there was no other resort.

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    Harry had to get his answer back to the school no later than 31st of July, which just happened to be his birthday. It also just happened that he wasn't getting his letters.

    So it's safe to say that most of the time the letters come earlier, probably at least a month. Because they have school supplies to buy and all that. For children who are Muggle-born and/or Muggle-raised (like Tom was) they may send them a little earlier to give the parents time to adjust to the idea.

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