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Thread: Quidditch garb

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    squirrly donut

    Quidditch garb

    How exactly do you picture Quidditch robes (and anything else you might imaging the players to wear with that) to look? I want to include a spesific description in my fic, but JK never gives us any details further than thier color, so I'm a bit unsure as to what they'd eally look like. It would include some sort of pants, right?

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    A Cappella
    I think it would be safe to describe them as the are in the films, as the Quidditch uniform style in the HP movies is similar to what I pictured (I didn't picture so much padding, though). And yes, I would assume they have pants under their robes for versatility, as it's much easier to be active in pants than in just robes.

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    Noel Weasley
    I agree that the players would wear pants.

    *tumbles off*

    *Tumbles back on*

    Okay, I checked Lexicon, and nothing was said about garb. so...

    I think that robes, pants, and some sort of padding somewhere would be adequate. Maybe even some goggles if you want.

    Goggles may be part of the uniform because of one, they could be prescription goggles and flying with glasses on would be unwise because if a bludger hit you in the face, and the glasses break then... And since your flying around pretty fast, your eyes would most likely be watering, making it harder to see, and therefore, creating a safety hazard. So, goggles could be important with a Quidditch players uniform.

    I've also read in some stories that the plays had numbers and their last name of the back of their robes, like in football (American and non), and it could make some sense too. If you have some sort of play/move that requires a certain player, then it would be easier to tell the difference between two plays who may have brown hair, or who have tan skin.

    And shoes would complete the uniform well, I think.

    Hope I helped!


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    You must remember that it is not "pants" in England, it is trousers, jeans or shorts, or something.

    In the books, it always describes them as robes, so I always imagine Harry + co just taking off their t-shirts, and putting almost like a dress thing with a hood over their jeans. But, it does mention in the books that they have boots ("We start in five minutes, you'd better get your boots on" HBP), and I don't think they do have goggles - remember POA, when Harry couldn't see because the rain was blurring his glasses?


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    Yeah, but maybe Harry wasn't wearing goggles *because* he wore glasses, and they didn't have any that would fit over his glasses.

    You also have to take into account things like bugs and birds. Bugs especially at the lower altitudes, like the actual pitch itself and the stadium. You don't want something like that flying into your eye.

    I would think they'd wear trousers just so their nether bits and knickers aren't showing, personally. *shrug* Plus, they tend to play in pretty cold weather, even if it's pouring rain, so I'd imagine lots of layers and wool!

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    Ghoul in Pajamas
    The rest of the team started using the same charm as Harry put on his glasses, which could suggest that they wear goggles of some sort. It also just might be a sheild that sits in mid-air, without needing to be placed on glasses (that's how I originally thought it worked). Since Harry was the only person having troubles seeing, I'd tend to believe no one else wears goggles, otherwise they would have been fogged as well. Of course, they could easily have taken them off for one game.

    I also think they would wear trousers underneath. The actual robes might be a little more form-fitting so that they would be more aerodynamic. They would dress in layers, for the winter games. Pads would make sense, at least for the chasers. I never pictured them wearing their names on their backs, but that's just me.

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    squirrly donut
    Thanks for all the ideas! I think I'll go with white trousers, as you say it, a red shirt, fitted robes with numbers, boots, and anything else (like jumpers) that they want to wear underneath at winter games.

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