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Thread: Graduation?

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    I think pranking really just depends on the people. Slytherins especially seem to enjoy the torment and embarassment of their peers. They'd be the most likely to pull dangerous, possibly illegal, extremely humiliating and somewhat cruel pranks on people. Nothing "just for a laugh", like the Weasley twins usually did.

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    Yeah that's what I meant. Something that could get them in loads of trouble like...I can't ven imagine anything yet but I will for the story. I didnt mean anything along the lines of what fred and george would do. Something more dramatic like blowing some classroom up with people in it..well not exactly that but something along the lines of that...dangerous and potentially deadly. Thanks again!

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    I colored the text about Draco Malfoy so that it will stand out, Emma. And you're welcome, we all help and ask help around here.

    As for this pranking, remember that Slytherin House has a pecking order. No one would dare anything on Draco's or Pansy's circle of friends, for instance. They're rather stuck up that way, because of their beliefs in superiority of blood. The older the family, the more untouchable. Though of course this comes with respectability on the student as well. I can see Crabbe and Goyle unwittingly being made the butt of a joke. Unwittingly, very deviously; otherwise they'd pummel the prankster.

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