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Thread: Broom Length

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    squirrly donut

    Broom Length

    About how long do you think is the average broomstick? Logic indicates that it would be somewhere near human height length (to make it anywhere near comfotable for sitting on), yet Harry seems to be able to fit his into a motercycle sidecar which, as far as I know, is now very wide at all. Any ideas?

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    James Jameson
    I assume, that Harry shrunk his broom, though I could be wrong. Please correct me if that is the case. I think that a broomstick would come up to a player's chin, jut like a proper fitting hockey stick should.

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    Well, he didn't have to fit the whole broom in there, just the bottom of it so it wouldn't tip out. Or even just the top of it if it were strapped to something else or balanced properly.

    But yes, I'd go with about five feet.

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    squirrly donut
    Thanks, peepes! Yup, I'll go with about 5 - 5 1/2 feet (depending on broom model).

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