I am writing a fic that includes Ariana Dumbledore, and I would like to know what other people think of her. In my opinion the best canon quote that we have to describe her is the one below.
"It destroyed her, what they [Muggle boys] did: She was never right again. She wouldn’t use magic, but she couldn’t get rid of it; it turned inward and drove her mad, it exploded out of her when she couldn’t control it, and at times she was strange and dangerous. But mostly she was sweet and scared and harmless."
- Aberforth, DH
I think we can therefore see her as having a “split personality”: sometimes harmless, sometimes dangerous. I feel that she would have fits every once in a while, where she would turn from the sweet and harmless personality to the strange and dangerous ones. Which leads me to my first question:

Do you think she would remember anything after these fits (if she did have them)? Would she feel guilty for the trouble she caused her family?

I also, for some strange reason, imagine her as mute. Not physically so, I think she would be capable of speech, but psychologically so: she would just…never really talk. This could be a result of the trauma she had to endure as a child, or just because of the confusion of her everyday life. She might speak every once in a while, but she would have to really trust the person (I can imagine her saying a few words to Aberforth, for instance).

So is mute Ariana a crazy idea? A possible idea? Impossible, but a good plot point?

I also imagine her as very childlike, very innocent. She is someone who is insane, yet also more “human” then those around her (I’m not sure if anyone gets this…). In some ways, she reminds me slightly of Remedios the Beauty in Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, for those who have read it.

Looking forwards to hearing what you all think!