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Thread: Wizard/Muggle Adoption Agencies

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    Miss Orange Pen

    Wizard/Muggle Adoption Agencies

    I am writing a story that involves an adopted girl named Baylee. As of now, she lives in the muggle world with her adoptive parents. Baylee gets her Hogwarts letter and confronts her parents, but they know nothing about it.

    Should her parents contact the adoption agency or doing nothing at all?
    How would the adoption agency react to such a request of informatioin?
    Should the adoption agency give any information about Baylee at all?

    Thanks so much for the help! I know it sounds confusing, so if you have any questions, I'll answer them.


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    The way I see it is that when Baylee had been given to the orphanage in the first place, the magical person that did it would have notified them of what the child was. Actually Dumbledore would have done that.

    I don't think the parents should contact the agency. If they had known about it, they would have told the parents when the adoption was happening. If they were to call though, the agency would probably just thing they were talking to a bunch of looneys. So overall, I think that contacting the agency should be avoided.

    Hope I helped, a bit at least...



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    red haired mom
    I agree with Mistletoe, and I wanted to make another comment. When Muggleborn children receive their letters, it is usually accompanied by a Witch or Wizard who can explain the magical world to them.

    That would be probably Dumbledore, McGonagall, or Flitwick. Depending on who is the Headmaster, and Deputy Head of the school.

    That person would then be able to tell them things about their parentage, at least to the extent of what is known.

    As we saw in HBP, Dumbledore didn't know anything to tell Tom, but he did go to inform him of the invitation to school.

    I hope I helped,


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    I agree that somebody like Dumbledore would have come to talk to the people at the orphanage.

    However, what about having a magical person on the staff - perhaps this could be an orphanage where wizarding and muggle children can be looked after together.

    I would also think that a teacher/Ministry official would come to see Baylee and her adoptive parents - I mean, finding out you're a witch is something that could be a teensy bit scary!

    Anyway, I hope I helped!
    Good Luck with your fic!

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