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Thread: Where do pets usually go during school hours?

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    Where do pets usually go during school hours?

    The owls go to the Owlery, but where do the rest of the animals go? Do the smaller ones like Scabbers get to go to class with their owners?

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    I think that cats generally get to wander around during school hours. Like in real life, cats are not generally confined during the day, they would probably roam all over the school.

    Pets like rats and toads might be kept in cages in the dorms - like Trevor for instance - otherwise they might get lost. They probably would not normally be taken to classes. Although, in one of the movies Ron definitely took Scabbers to class, and turned him into a furry goblet. Movies are most certainly not canon, though. But I think in general, smaller pets would be left in dorms, possibly in cages, or possibly just curled up on the owner's bed.

    Hope this helps!

    ~ Chelsea

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    Noel Weasley
    I agree with Chelsea. Rats, toads, and cats would generally live in the dormitory with their owner and not go to their owners classes, unless a teacher told the child to or something. Like in one of the books, where Snape has the students make a potion and he test Neville's potion on Trevor the next day, so that was one of the instances that the pet can come to class.

    So, yeah, my thoughts. Oh, and I guess the pet could come to class if the owner shrunk it to fit in a glass jar to carry in their bag, then, well, yes, they could bring their pet to class. But it would be very odd if someone found it, yes?

    Hope this helped.


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    I don't think cats could wander around the entire school, though. Seems a little weird to have some hundred cats (they are pretty popular, after all) running around Hogwarts without us ever hearing about it in canon, as well as inconvenient. I think they're mostly confined to the dorms and Common Rooms. A cat can't open a door or say a password to get back inside the Common Rooms; imagine what a hole in security that would be? Crookshanks snuck out a few times, but he's exceptionally smart and half kneazle, and even he is usually to be found in the Gryffindor Common Room or Hermione's dorm. Cat toilets and food are probably taken care of by the House Elves, just like everything else. Who knows, maybe there's a sort of Room of Requirement for just cats in every common room where only they can get in, and which has food and a toilet?


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    Seems a little weird to have some hundred cats (they are pretty popular, after all) running around Hogwarts without us ever hearing about it in canon
    I really am not sure that cats are as popular as they seem to be. After all, what other cats have we ever heard of besides Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris? None that I know of. I suspect that parents are most likely to get their children owls, since they are the most useful and the easiest to lodge at Hogwarts, notably at the Owlery.

    Keeping in with the Owlery idea could we suppose there is a “Cattery”? Probably not. The Owlery is mainly so students can find the owls to send messages, and the cats serve no such purpose.

    Therefore, I support the “free-range cats” idea. I do think, however, the few cats at Hogwarts would stay closer to the dormitories, if only for security. As cats go, I definitely see Mrs. Norris as very dominant, and this dominance would leave little territory for the other cats. In addition, I think that Filch would be very insistent that Mrs. Norris have rights over the other cats, and Hogwarts would grant her these rights: it is one of the few things they can do to keep Filch happy.

    I agree that smaller animals, such as Trevor or Arnold the Pygmy Puff, would stay in the dormitories the majority of the time so they wouldn’t get lost. I don’t think there is a very strict rule about this, however. Students may very well be allowed to take their smaller pets wherever they want (as long as they don’t disrupt the classes), but at their own risk.

    These ideas are purely speculation…I’m sure there are many people who disagree entirely!

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    irrevocably blair
    Well, as you stated, owls are a completely separate and distinct case.

    As for the other animals, they should basically fall into three categories: cat, rat, or toad. Am I correct? Oh, and of course, there're Pygmy Puffs. ;]

    I believe that cats, rats, and toads would most likely stay in the dormitories. I don't think it's mentioned in the books, most likely because it's not central to the plot. However, as it's not mentioned, as an author, you probably have some liberty with this. Pet owners could probably take rats or toads to classes with them if they really wanted. My best guess is that the pets stay in the dormitories. In my knowledge of canon, JKR never mentions pets wandering about the school, aside from Mrs. Norris, of course.

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