Hey, sorry to randomly post in here and change the topic sort of but I didn't want to start a new thread with more or less the same title/purpose.

My fic is a Harry/Draco, and is also AU.

I'm writing a fic that invoves Draco getting a letter during his 6th year from his mother instructing him not to return home for the holidays. He then finds a small box under the tree in the Slytherin common room.

The gift is to be from Harry, to Draco, but I'm unsure if this is how Harry would try to get his attention without confronting Draco in public.

This can be a simple one-shot or, if necessary or desired, a chaptered story.

Draco and Harry's relationship would develop over time, though hesistantly, and eventually Draco would open up to Harry.

So my questions:
Would Harry use a small gift with a note to contact Draco so as to not create a scene & not let Draco just blow him off?

Would Draco actually pay any attention to the gift?

Would Draco open up to Harry about his task from Voldemort, if he ended up trusting Harry? & What would Harry try to do to make Draco trust him?