I'm trying to write a Harry/Draco fic, but after reading the existing FFs here on mugglenet, I'm quite concerned. I'm not sure if I've been writing the characters right, and more so, I can't seem to really 'get' writing from a characters perspective.

Also, this forum is pretty confusing, so if asking for that kind of help here is not the point of the category, I am sorry and I would really appriciate it if you would direct me to the correct thread.

As for my concerns with Harry and Draco, I'm not sure how to write their shyness at first. Draco is snide, and just plain mean, where as Harry is pretty much the opisite, so I'm having a hard time toning Draco down without making his character seem to unrealistic, and writing Harrys somewhat obsessive/depressed nature because of his confusion about his sexuality. And frankly, I'm having a hard time making them realisticly gay. Again, if this isn't the kind of advice I should be asking for please tell me.

I can't edit the first post, but I wanted to add some questions.

  1. Draco is confused by Harrys actions, and wants to talk to him without being straight forward about questioning Harrys sexuality. How would he do this?
  2. Dracos attitude towards Harry is changing dramaticly, and Harry doesn't know how to accept this. How does Harry react?
  3. After quite a few confrontations, neither Harry nor Draco are willing to open up to one another. How will they gain each others trust after 4 years of complete loathing?