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Thread: Parseltongue Dictionary

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    Parseltongue Dictionary

    Has anyone ever come across a parseltongue dictionary? I woud like to put some words into a story I am working on for a newt level class and I haven't found one yet.


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    Well, no. If there is one, I haven't seen it, but remember, in the books, Harry just lets loose with a string of hissing, and he seems to intuitively understand it to the point where he didn't even realise it *was* another language until told.

    The closest I've seen is this one ( ), and I fervently hope I don't get points deducted for an offsite link, since that's what you asked for. :-/

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    Thanks, I actually found that but it was so confusing I gave up on it. If someone finds something then I will change my story to add some 'snake talk', but for now I have left it out.

    (I should have just asked you in the first place )

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    As I have a feeling that you're doing the research for the final I assigned you in the first place . . . I can see why you might not have wanted to ask.

    Besides, it's a good general question.

    And, to be honest, I didn't find all those words particularly plausible for a snake to be enunciating. When I wrote a story that required people to communicate in Parseltongue, I just wrote vaguely hissy things and went with it.

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