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So in my fic Ron accompanies his sister to an ultrasound, as she is pregnant with twins. At the ultrasound, they find that one of the babies has died.

How do you think he'd respond to this. So far I have him written as being emotionless, but supportive of Ginny at the moment of discovery...
Well... I dont think Ron would be emotionless. I think he'd be really shocked. He'd cry, but not show it to Ginny. He'd be strong for her, and support her.
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I think he'd be supportive as well, but probably say something very tactless like 'at least the other one's all right.'
HAH! That made me laugh. I totally agree that he'd do something like that. Typical Ronniekins!

And might I suggest something? Instead of going to a Muggle hospital, why don't they go to St Mungos? Maybe the wizards have something equivalent to an ultrasound? Like... waving their wand around the tummy and showing a projection about whats happening inside, like a smoky version of the original? (visualize it like... the Prior Incantato spell that the Ministry people use when they find Harry's wand after the Dark Mark scene in GoF. A ghostly version of the real spell...). But that's my idea, you can make it up as you like.

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Here's a question about Ron: we know he worked as an Auror after the war, before he went to work at the store. If another crisis came up in the distant future, is it that improbable that he might go back to it and work with Harry as an Auror again? Because I'd sort of like to get him involved somehow. . .
I'm sure Ron would definitely come to help Harry. We know that Ron never let Harry down (okay, yes he did, in GoF and DH, but still... ) Whatever... he'd surely come to help Harry. But he'd not be permanent, he'd return to the shop. After all, after Fred's death George would need support, and Ron wouldn't want to leave him. He'd stay with Harry till the crisis is over and then return to help with the shop.