Being obsessed with Ronald Weasley, I would like to see some other peoples veiw on his unique character. Since you all are amazing HP fans, please give feedback! I would like to use some of these aspects of the character in a fanfic!


How would Ron react if he came back to his family after he had been missing for 6 months? What happens if his family is his wife, Hermione? Would he be happy to see her? Would he jump right into the reason for his disappearance? Would he go right up and kiss her or embrace her?

Now, what happens if he had left on an Auror mission, totally secret and undercover and didn't tell Hermione he was leaving? What if she was pregnant when he left and he didn't find out until he returned? How would he react to the pregnancy?

How would he react to Harry, Ginny, and their new born son when he returned after being missing? Harry, his boss, not even find our gangly looking redhead.

How do you think Ronnie would react under these situations? Or would he even react differenly from what I have mentioned? Please give me you feed back!