Ron and Hermione have alway intrested me and I am currently writing a challeng fic on them and some questions to think about concerning the pairing. (I hope this is where my post can go....sorry about the other thread! )


1. How would Ron react,if he had been away on a secret mission as an Auror for six months, when he returned to find his wife, Hermione, pregnant? Keep in mind that he has not been able to write her in fear for both his and her safety.

2. How would he handle this situation? Would he be in tears? Would he welcome her with open arms and readily accept the new baby? Would he be in shock?

3. Would Ron just come out and tell her what happened right away? Would he embrace her first? Or would he break down and tell her after she tells him about being pregnant?

4. How would Hermione react in the same situation. She's pregnant and she hasn't heard from her husband in months. Would she think that he is dead? Would she be crying all the time? Would little things that reminded her of Ron cause her to burst into tears?

5. Once Ron returned, would Hermione first welcome him and then become angry, maybe even angry enought to slap him? Would she forgive him after he explained himself. Or would she just be overly happy to have him back in her arms? Would she accept him back after all the pain and worry that he had put her though in the past six month?

If you could give me your oppinions on these questions of mine that would be wick awesome! Thank you!