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Thread: Character Clinic Rules and Questions Thread - PLEASE READ!

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    Is your character basically the same still (same name, same family, other parts of background still the same, etc.), then you continue the thread. If it's a completely new character (with new name, family, background, etc.), then open a new thread but please leave me a note that the old one can be locked and/or graved.

    If you keep the current thread: If you just edit the original post, it's unlikely someone will notice it if there's no new post to read. I suggest you post the new introduction in a new post, edit the original post with a note that the character has undergone dramatic changes and that a new introduction can be found in post #[?].

    Hope that helps.
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    So, you say that oc fourms arent alowed or some things i NH but.... their all like that. So i want to know, is that the reason the charecters i posted before weren't pisted? If thats so I'll be willing to write in the posts over but I'd like to be notified, because it just makes me think tuat tjeirs no modirators to submit it and wait for muktiple days before worieing about it.

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