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Thread: For Snape fans (or haters): The *attempted* resurrection of Severus Snape!!

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    The Imperius course was an Unforgiveable, but for Slian, desperate times called for desperate measures. From her raised wand the curse hit Lys. Slian's purpose was clear. "Lys, you will tell me where the book is"

    "It's under my mattress", replied Lys blankly.

    "Bring it to me immediately. Do not stop to do anything nor to talk to anyone until you have delivered the book to me."

    Minutes later with the book now in her possession, Slian ran to the common room. She scattered floo powder into the fire and shouted "St Mungo's!" Inside herself she whispered, please, please let me be in time.

    The healer's fireplace spluttered and Slian erupted into the room. Mad-Eye looked up from where he and the healer had been poring over potions books.

    "Severus...please, where is he.", gasped Slian. "I think I have the details of his anti-venom potion".

    147 words

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    I can't wait for more! The suspense is killing me!

    Harry who was in bed watched confused, as Moody led her to the back of the small room. Moody tapped a gray brick with his wand. The whole wall melted and revealed a small room with the form of Slian’s favorite Potions master draped on a bed.

    “Severus’s body is now a useless empty shell. Without his aura he will die.” Muttered Moody

    Slian shoved the book in his hands and fled to Snape’s side. Snape’s pale face was now snow white, his hair limp and dirty, and his mouth sucking in air with difficulty. Slian held her tears in and touched his face.

    “This isn’t the book!” snarled Moody “It’s a teenager’s diary with “I love Snape” on every page!”

    Slian looked down in horror. She didn’t say which book. Where could it be?

    Harry yelled in pain clutching his scar as Slian stared at him in panic.

    word count:150

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