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Thread: For Snape fans (or haters): The *attempted* resurrection of Severus Snape!!

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    tibi jones
    It is getting a little too convenient again ladies. Lets scramble it up a bit.

    Word Count: 106

    Slian awoke with a start. She looked around half expecting to see Professor Snape's office. She was alone. Lys must have left for breakfast already. She tried to collect her thoughts. She felt drained from her obsession over the not-so-nice potions master whom she had a crush on.

    Ahh, the potions book and antidote, she remembered. She opened her haversack to find it empty save for a note on a piece of scrap parchment.

    "I am sorry Slian. It is for the best." was scrawled in Lys' sloppy handwriting. Slian felt a cold shudder run up her spine and a numbness settle into her limbs.

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    somewhere close.....real close
    OK. I see tibi likes to make it challenging!

    A tight grip seized her arm. Lys tried not to scream as Slian dragged her to a corner outside the Great Hall.

    “What did you do?” she asked

    “Slian listen to–“


    “SLIAN, LISTEN!” Lys demanded.

    “I only want an answer!” she seethed under her breath. “Where are they?”

    Lys hesitated, “I burned them.” Slian almost punched her friend but kept her cool. “It's for your own good! Slian, do you remember what happened with Riddle’s diary? Now this book and these bottles? It all reeks of danger!”

    “You saw his writing in the book! The bottles were in his house!”

    “YOU saw Snape’s writing. You want him back so badly that you’ll see anything as his.” Lys grabbed her friend’s hands, “I know you want to believe that he’s alive but you’ve got–“

    Before Lys could finish, Slian turned and left.
    Word Count: 150.

    *crosses fingers for the next post*

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    Hey guys. I'm back to screw up the plot.=Sammy
    Moment after Silan had walked out on her friend, she walked back in. If she was true to herself( and she usually was except for admiting that she had a slight...ok very serious addiction to chocolate )she did not wan't to fight with her childhood friend. No, that was the last thing she needed right now and she said as much when she apologised to Lys for all the yeling. However, she did say that it was unfair of Lys to do what she had.

    "Silan, you need to live with the fact that he's gone."Said Lys.

    "Easier said then done, you know how much I love him despite what everyone says."Said Silan softly.

    "But it would never have worked out, just imagine, a Snape and a Weasley."
    136 WORDS

    Hope that wasn't too bad. Have fun with the new twist.=Sammy

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    *jumps in* ^.^

    Let's go back to Sevy and Lily . . .

    “There was nothing else in this life for me, Lily,” Snape murmured, releasing his grip on her hands and striding away to the opposite end of the platform. He stared, unseeingly, at the mime several feet from him, who only went on with his performance (perhaps imitating Lily, whom Snape’s back was now to).

    “I did what I needed to do,” he continued. “I repaid for my mistakes as best I could – “ he cast a cringing glance at her over his shoulder “ – the mistakes that have you standing here with me. That is all I ever wanted to do. Should that not be enough? Should that not be enough for me to now move on?”
    --117 words--

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    Word count: 148

    "I think you're wrong," she replied.

    He hadn't heard her creep up behind him but her voice was soft and low in his ear.

    He turned his head to face her.

    "Wrong that I haven't sufficiently repented for my missteps?" He sighed and turned away with a pained look.

    Her hand, light and cool, went to his cheek and pulled his face back toward her again.

    "No, Severus," she whispered. "Wrong that you've nothing to return for."

    He scowled at her and she smiled ruefully in response.

    "For the first time in your life, you're free. As a child . . . you had an unhappy environment. In school, you were being pulled in too many directions by too many people. As an adult you were a Death Eater, a spy, a teacher, and a member of the Order. Now you have the opportunity to just be you."

    "You're forgetting one thing," he snarled. "I killed Albus Dumbledore!"

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    red and gold
    Great job, CM! Let's see where this may lead.

    Word Count: 149

    She looked at him, her eyes serious. "Did you kill Dumbledore, Severus? Or was it mis-placed pride and ambition that killed Albus Dumbledore?"

    She could see Severus struggling with the thought, and she pressed on. "Dumbledore made mistakes; he over-reached. He had the Elder Wand, the Cloak of Invisibility in reach, and he wanted the Resurrection Stone in the Peverell ring. And that is where he made his fatal error. The curse on the ring was more powerful than even Dumbledore imagined, and it strengthened as time went on. You did not kill Dumbledore, Severus. You did exactly as he directed you to do - maintain the illusion that you were in the service of Lord Voldemort. You were loyal to the end, and no man can say more than that.

    It isn't that I haven't forgotten that you killed Dumbledore - it's that you refuse to let yourself forget."

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    tibi jones
    Ok, lets get deep, so I can make fun of it later...(just kidding - gosh)

    "Does that really matter? Is it all just semantics?" Severus snapped. "I have had to live – or rather die – with the fact for the past year or so. Is the intent of an act really more important than the act itself? Does it matter someone dies so another can die?"

    He looked at her longingly for the truth of the matter.

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    And now for a little chaos.

    "Oh Sev, you'll never change."

    "One of the many reasons you love me eh?"Said he with a ghost of a smile.

    "Severus please, you can't just give up like that. You have to go back, for yourself, for all those who love you, for me..."She finished softly.

    "Lily, I don't know if you've noticed but you beeing here means you're dead too." Snape said.

    "I might be but my son isn't. Or did you not promise to protect him?"She asked flatly

    He hated to admit it but she had him there. Merlin curse her negotiation skills
    102 words.


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    somewhere close.....real close
    This is looking good!!

    Now to add more drama from a different perspective.

    A few days later...

    “How’s he?” Moody asked the healer.

    “Nothing has changed. At least he’s not worsening – not yet at least.”

    “Nothing more you can do?” Moody prodded.

    “ What Snape used is nothing that I’ve ever seen. It would be hard to create a remedy without studying the original. An adverse reaction could occur. The best thing I can do is to keep his vitals stabilized until we come across it. Maybe he’ll come to on his own.”

    “Maybe or maybe not. There’s not much time either way,” Moody scowled.

    “You’ve talked to Kingsley?” she asked.

    “I’ve kept him updated. He’s been busy rounding up the rest of those rats and keeping Snape dead. ”

    “What about Harry?”

    Moody scoffed at the notion, “He’s been through enough. Best to keep him out of this.”

    “But under the circumstance, we need all the help we can get.”
    Word Count: 148

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    Word count: 149

    "I did protect him, Lily as best I could. He's not dead. I cannot protect him any further—in fact I daresay that if he's seen with me, it would jeopardise him. Even if that were not so he hates me at least as much as hated his father. I can do no more for him."

    He fell silent, an anguished look on his face, before continuing in a strangled voice.

    "If all I have to live for is to protect the son of my mortal enemy, after that child came of age, then better I stay here."

    "The only woman I ever loved is dead by my hand; all my colleagues—officially or otherwise—despise me; I have no children, and the only possessions worth having are my books . . . and a run down hovel in a filthy mill town," he finished in a whisper.

    "Oh, Severus," she cried, her voice breaking.

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