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Thread: For Snape fans (or haters): The *attempted* resurrection of Severus Snape!!

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    Word count: 121

    Lys shook her head in disbelief. "That doesn't even make any sense, she said. He synthesized something else until he found the real venom?"

    Silan paused, frustrated but seeing the point. "Look Lys, I know you hate him," Silan said. "And I'll grant you that he didn't present his best side to us. But year seven in Potions is poisons and antidotes; don't you think it's the least bit plausible that Snape had cause to use Nagini's venom for a poison? Or for experimentation? You can't deny that he was highly regarded by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named; if asked the right time and the right way, he may have easily been able to get the snake's venom."

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    Let's get this moving along again. I apologize if there is a problem with the language- I can change it if necessary. I just couldn't come up with a better way of experessing what I wanted.

    Word count: 126

    Lys shook her head again as if to clear it. “Stop being reasonable!” She demanded. “It’s easier to argue with you when you aren’t being reasonable.”

    Silan paused, the smiled slightly. “If I’m being reasonable that must mean I’m right. Or at least that I’m on to something.” Her smile faltered as she looked around the mostly empty room. “I only wish I had proof.”

    Frustration seemed to swell within her, and in a final, childish moment she yielded. “Damn it, Severus,” she yelled, stomping her foot down hard on the middle of the floor. Whatever else she meant to say was lost as a floorboard snicked open under her foot. Wide-eyed and gaping, both girls stared down at the sudden dark cavity that was revealed.

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    tibi jones
    Tension builds as they look hard for clues. Tell me if I should butt-out.
    (Sorry, the post above slipped in before this was submited)
    word count: 126

    “I bet there is a book on all these shelves that will tell us how to find out what this is,” Slian said, more to herself than her friend.

    The pair browsed nearly two hours through several score of the dusty tomes before Lys let out a cry. “Here, this spell should tell us what it is!”

    Running over Slian nearly dropped the vile in her haste. Quickly scanning the complicated spell they searched for the proper items to perform the enchantment. They watched as the liquid evaporated one component at a time, each emitting a particular colour of smoke . They jotted them down and crosschecked them against the list of known potions. Slian’s shoulders slumped in despair. It was not anti-venom, but an anti-perspiring potion.

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    Seems like tibi jones is trying to foil Snape's return!!


    Staring in disbelief at the evaporating antiperspirant, they concentrated their attention at the gaping hole in the floor.

    “Do you see anything?” asked Lys.

    Slian didn’t notice anything but the darkness. She pointed her wand to illuminate the opening. There in the small pit, laid a few more bottles along with a leather bound book.

    “This must be it! See Lys!” Slian opened to the page that had the ingredients for the anti-venom. The pages also had the Potions Master’s handwriting scrolled within it.

    “OK! Ok. So this is the anti-venom that he must have used. But-“


    Lys kept her tone calm as she rested her hand on her friend’s shoulder, “Slian, if he is alive, he couldn’t have left on his own. Not with that type of bite?”

    “But he is alive Lys!”

    “But where is he?”
    Word Count: 146

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    tibi jones
    mrsmcclnt, it is not so much that I oppose it...just thought it was funnier...sry...can't have it too easy/convenient can you? Here, maybe this will give you something, or maybe not. :=)

    Word Count: 150

    The two girls retired to their dorm and were soon fast asleep. Slian was startled by the appearance of Severus Snape himself. He stood before her with a dour look upon his face, studying her intensely. She noticed she was in his office, the walls lined with countless glass jars full of all manner of curious objects. She straightened her cloak and tried to speak. Professor Snape’s severe eyes bore into her and she forgot what she was about to say.

    “Are...are... alive Professor?” she finally stammered. “Are you real?”

    Looking down his crooked nose he stared at the trembling student. “Are you?” he said at last.

    “No ... but ... Professor ... I mean ... I believe ... I ... I ...”

    The black eyes staring out of his sallow face bore into her, as if looking at her soul itself. She became light headed and the office swam in front of her.

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    Well, your right, tibi. All the more fun and more intersting plot. Let me see what I can make of yours.

    “Where were you just now?” Lily asked.

    Snape’s head ached so badly that he didn’t recall leaving, “I don’t know. Did I go somewhere?”

    “You had this look on your face like you were dreaming.”

    His eyebrow rose to Lily, which caused her to laugh. He laughed back, yet his head continued to throb. “Where’s James?”

    “He’s not here.”

    “Then I’ve truly died and gone to heaven.” Snape chuckled but noticed that Lily wasn’t laughing with him.

    “Severus, what’s the last thing you remember before you arrived?”

    His demeanor changed as he tried to recall, “I met with Voldemort at the Shrieking–,” his headache stopped his words.

    “Then what happened?”

    “The snake bit me,” he said. His mind wracked with pain. “But I gave my memories to…your son.”


    His thought hard, but the answer wasn’t clear to him. “I died... didn’t I? I’m here with you.”
    Word Count: 150

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    My turn.

    Here's my two knuts worth.=Sammy

    Suddenly, the previousely mentioned mime once again appeared and before Snape could hex it into oblivian( perhaps not the best term for this situation )he morpht into the shape of Albus Dumbledore.

    As if that wasn't enough, he opened his mouth and started to sing:

    As though the wicked witch's trick,
    A spindle shall your finger prick.
    A ray of hope there still may be,
    In this gift I give to thee.

    Not in death but just asleep,
    A fatefull prophecy you will keep.
    And from this slumber you shall wake,
    When true love kiss, the spell shall break.

    And having said that, he vanished.
    106 words

    I am so sorry this is from Sleeping Beauty but I had so much fun. If you want me out, just say the word.=Sammy

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    Now to add more drama and a fresh face.

    *Leaving drool rags per TyrannoLaurus' instructions*

    *hopes she joins in*

    “How’s he?” he grumbled.

    The healer looked to her patient, “He’s not conscience. Did you find the potion?”

    “I found some antiperspirant, but no. The house had some loose boards. I’m sure I could have found it there…if I had my eye.” He hobbled to a chair to sit. The healer could see his frustration.

    “You need to rest, Mad Eye. You haven’t fully recovered. Under the circumstances, I should bind you in bed.”

    “Under the circumstances I cannot afford to sit back and wait for those Death Eaters to pay for what they’ve done. Snape’s testimony is crucial. If he doesn’t wake soon, the whole lot of them could walk.”

    The healer poured Mad Eye’s medicine, “Even without Snape’s testimony, surly they would be thrown into Azkaban. ”

    “There are Ministry officials involved. They’re not going to go away that easily. Without Snape, the Prosecution’s case could crumble.”
    Word Count: 149

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    Time to get the plot out of the mess I got it into.

    "What in the name of Merlin was that?"Asked Snape.

    "I don't know Sev, seemed like Professor Dumbledore to me." Replied Lily.

    "I know that Lily, as if it wasn't painfully apparent. What I meant was what was he spewing out." Replied Snape, angrier then he'd been even with the accursed mime.

    "I think its a message." Said Lily flatly.

    "What kind of a message can be in a children's fairytale?"Spat Snape.

    Well, lets see. In the movie, the evil witch was mad at not beeing invited to the palace so she put a curse on the baby so it would die. But thanks to one of the kindly fairies, the curse was lightened so the princess would not die but only fall asleep. Maybe that means..."

    "That I'm not dead, merely asleep." Said Snape silently.
    136 words.

    Ok guys, hope that helps.=Sammy

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    Let me expand on that just a little.

    “Asleep is a good word for it,” Lily said. “You are in limbo. Hence why you are here.”

    “Then why are you here?” he asked

    “To help you. Something’s holding you here and I doubt it has anything to do with a snake bite.”

    “Then you’ve never met Nagini,” Snape walked towards the tracks looking for the train.

    “Anyone you need to say good-bye too?”

    “No one.”

    “Not one person?” she prodded.

    “There hasn’t been anyone in my life since you, Lily,” he replied, slightly agitated.

    “Do you mean you went through your life only loving me?”

    Snape grabbed her hands, “Loving you was enough.”

    “It shouldn’t have been. Despite my marriage to James, I still wanted you to be happy, to have a love of your own, and a family. It seems a shame that you didn’t move on. And yet you seem so ready to leave this life.”
    word count: 150

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