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Thread: For Snape fans (or haters): The *attempted* resurrection of Severus Snape!!

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    For Snape fans (or haters): The *attempted* resurrection of Severus Snape!!

    Gato Loco Edit: >.> Remember that this isn't for points, drabblers. But have fun! XD

    Some time last year, a clever little thread was born in the form of "The *attempted* kidnapping of Severus Snape" Round Robin. (click here to read)

    The plot that was spun was hilarious and intriguing. But sadly, thread subscribers were left without an ending.

    Now, it's a whole year later. And I say, in the interest of fun, we need to have another round robin for our beloved Potions Master!!

    True enough, JKR did kill him off in Deathly Hollows. But we as fanfic writers have other imaginative ideas to go with our wild theories. Surly we can devise a way to bring him back!!

    So here's the rules. This is still a Round Robin:

    1. No double posting. After you've posted your part, you must wait until someone else has posted to add your bit.
    2. Keep your post under 150 words!!!
    3. Try to stay with the plot.

    And most of all...

    4. Be creative, yet have fun with it!!

    Let's make this wild and interesting! But above all, let us complete this story with 150 post!!

    Fan girls and Haters from all houses
    are welcome to join
    in this ultimate round robin

    Slian sat alone in the Library with piles of textbooks towering over her. Rubbing her eyes, she focused on every word from every page of the manuscript. She had done this for hours on end... ever since he was put in his grave.

    "There's got to be something here. Something that I'm missing."

    To Slian , the fact that Professor Snape was dead had been a hard fact for her to accept. The Snape that she felt she'd known would have taken extra precautions to secure his safety. Even against a venomous snakebite.

    Where is it?

    Yet the answer she had been seeking to her theory had been eluding her.
    Word count: 109

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    Oh yeah, couldn't past this one up.

    150 words

    It didn't make any sense: a Potions master who unfailingly had all manner of antidotes tucked away in his robes; a prodigious student whose adolescent advice was to "shove a bezoar down their throats"; a Death Eater well acquainted with Nagini and the potency of her venom; a man who brewed healing potions for students struck down by wayward dark magic; a student who had invented not only Sectumsempra but the blood-staunching counter-curse, o say nothing of the man who'd shown more loyalty to a man who had for a familiar an animal with healing tears.

    Struck down by a snake.

    In a place he'd nearly died as a child.

    His body, left to rot—never retrieved. Nobody from the Order had even tried to retrieve it, though they'd made special arrangements for the body of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his other minions.

    And Snape's portrait never appeared in the Headmaster gallery.

    Something was definitely amiss.

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    As Slian turned to the last page of the book, a warm grip rested on her shoulders.

    “You’ve been at this for a while now. Don’t you think you should-“

    Slian turned away from Lys before she could finish. She wasn’t in the mood to be comforted or to be side tracked. She needed answers and help to find them. “Thank you, but no. I’m fine.” Slian opened another book and scanned through the pages.

    “Slian, you haven’t rested or eaten much, ever since-“ Lys words were drowned out as Slian turned the pages loudly. “Maybe you should take a break.”

    “I cannot rest until I find the truth!”

    Lys hand reached for her book, “Slian, he’s dead! What more truth is there?”

    Slian gave Lys a menacing look that almost had her fear for her life.
    Word: 136

    Ohh. Lets keep it going!! Anyone else can join in

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    This looks fun. I decided to switch the viewpoint just to add a bit of contrast; I hope nobody minds. In case it's not really clear, Snape's hanging out in the same place Harry did when he was in, like, the transition state between life and death. And, awww, they both see it as Kings' Cross! ^_^

    * * * * *

    Snape was not in the best of moods. His headache would not go away, and neither would the fog. That bloody, bloody fog was making it hard to think.

    He rubbed his aching eyes. Would his train never come? It had seemed so long... or not long enough... he couldn't even remember why he was waiting for a train in the first place. Something about a snake. Voldemort? Was Snape perchance incredibly drunk? That at least made sense.

    All he knew was that he was not giving a single Knut to that mime that had been performing in front of his bench for the last... he didn't know how long it had been. Time didn't seem to be moving normally. Then again, that was the norm when one's train was obnoxiously late.

    He was almost reduced to talking to the mime. And that was not good for anybody.
    Word count: 148

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    Sorry!! I had to jump in. Leave to Schmerg to add a mime into the story!!


    “I see you haven’t lost your humor.” The voice interrupted Snape’s heated debate with the mime. He was clearly the victor anyways.

    As he turned, he was greeted by a beautiful smile. “I must be dead.”

    “Do you think so?”

    His head continued to throb. The fog felt like it was lifting, but not quickly enough. He looked back to the smile, “Give me a minute. I’ll have an answer for you.”

    The gentle presence sat next to him. He felt a comforting warmth rest upon his hand, “Take your time. There’s no rush.”

    “Really? I suppose that’s why this train is so late.”

    The smile gave way to laughter, “No, you haven’t lost your humor at all.”

    For the first time in ages, he laughed back. His amusement gave him some clarity and he was able to see through the fog, into a pair of beautiful green eyes.


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    red haired mom
    Adding to cmwinters, and on a tangent away from the mime and Lily...

    Word Count: 147

    Harry Potter and his friends didn’t remember to send someone after the Potions Master until well after the others had been laid to rest.

    Harry was ashamed that his triumph was owed to a man he left to rot. How could he do that? Why wouldn’t he have thought of Severus before now?

    Going to the Shrieking Shack himself, and with the express purpose of honouring the man who gave everything for him, Harry was stunned to see the body gone.

    There was no trace it had been there at all.

    Harry immediately went to the Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt and asked for help in finding the body, so that it may be buried with respect.

    Kingsley put his Aurors on the case, at least the ones he could spare from the rounding up of Death Eaters that were able to escape capture.

    Hopefully they would find him.
    I'll try and work in another pov later, maybe include the mime.


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    tibi jones
    Word Count: 132

    Can Snape really experience emotions? Maybe...remorse seemed to be somewhat significant... maybe not...

    Through the enormous joy he felt at looking into those emerald eyes again, Snape felt a rage build. A hot flush swept up his throat, burning his cheeks and ears, finally erupting in a torrent of tears as every emotion he had ever repressed came rushing forth. He jumped to his feet and tried to express every ounce of feeling and each injustice he had experienced in one long, unending sentence. Lily continued to smile as the faint light danced in her eyes. Finally, he stood before her gasping, out of breath.

    “Severus, you did not say mudblood once in your tirade. I am so, so proud of you,” she said, grinning broader still.

    Snape’s left hand began trembling. The tremble started spreading and increased in intensity until he was shaking uncontrollably.

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    I love the Snape/Lily bit. I’ll try to pick up on that later, if no one else does. Let me go back to the two girls.

    It was late when she arrived at the home. After she inspected the door, she pulled out her wand and traced the frame with it, muttering a charm underneath her breath. When finished, she stood back and looked around to make sure no had noticed what she had done. She felt relief when she saw a faint green light emanate from the door. It was a sure sign that the charm had worked and the traps were disarmed.

    “Slian!” She turned to see a murky figure walking towards her.

    “Lys! What are you doing under that cheap invisibility cloak?”

    “What are you doing here at Spinners End?” Slian disregarded her question and opened the door. “This is breaking an entry!”

    “Well considering how you think he’s dead, I doubt this could be considered illegal,” Slian whispered hotly.

    “What do you expect to find?”

    “The clue that proves that I’m right!”
    word count: 150

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    "What would that be, a trail of fresh slime?"

    Slian rolled her eyes. Trust a Gryffindor to be such a Snape hater, even after he was proven to be a good guy. All right, he'd been ugly and cruel and smelled like a broken toilet, but the man had some good points.

    "No," she said. "His diary." She surveyed the house. It had a glum, abandoned look, like a house that had never been a home.

    "I'll start here," she said, opening up the top drawer of his dresser. "Everyone hides their diaries in their underwear dressers."

    But there was no diary. Or, for that matter, underwear.

    "Oh, wow, Snape..." began Lys, eyes widening.

    "He might have just packed it up before he left, being alive and all," snapped Slian, though she was smiling.
    Words: 134

    Sorry about this, but I'm amazingly immature. I'm probably wrecking the seriousness of this whole story... if y'all want me to stop posting, I will.

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    No!! Keep going Schmerg!! Humor is always good in a fic.

    As Slian closed the dresser drawer, a small vile rolled into her view. Slian picked up the item to see a small amount of liquid trapped inside.

    “What’s that?” Lys asked.

    “I think it’s a potion. Maybe anti-venom.”


    “Yes! It would make sense! Snape had been working for Voldemort. Therefore he had to work around Nagini. He knew that Nagini was a Horcrux. So he would’ve taken precaution in case Potter wasn’t successful.”

    Lys starred at Slian, “OK. Even if it were true, wouldn’t you need the snake’s venom in order to create the anti-venom for it? Wouldn’t Voldemort get suspicious if he was milking Nagini for its poison?”

    “Maybe he synthesized something else until someone came up with the anti-venom for him.” Slian’s eyes moved wildly between Lys and the bottle. “I know I look like I’m grasping at straws. But just think about it for a moment!”
    Word: 150

    Who's next!!!

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