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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Magical Mishaps: Splinched!

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge - Magical Mishaps: Splinched!

    Being a wizard, or a witch, isn't easy. You can get lost in the Floo network. You can blow a buttock off with your wand, or worse, you can get lost in a time/space continuum while traveling back in time to take an extra class, or helping a convicted felon escape on a Hippogriff.

    However, sometimes magical mishaps can't be helped. So what do you do? How do you deal? And how do you fix it?

    For this challenge, you have to write about someone getting Splinched! That's right! Splinched!

    Ready? Get set! On your marks! Apparate!

    The following form must be used when submitting your drabble responses to this post -
    Winners will be awarded 15, 10, and 5 points respectively.

    All drabbles must be less than 500 words; All standard grammar rules, and MNFF submissions guidelines apply.

    The challenge will be up for a week, and be closed exactly a week later (December 6th.)

    MithrilQuill and I will be judging them and posting results a couple of days later.

    All questions should be referred to the Question Corner - Do not post questions here. Only drabbles!

    Other than that...have fun!

    ~Gato Loco & Mith~

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    Name: MissBean/Sara
    House: Ravenclawww
    Title: Splinched (I'm not feeling too creative, heh.)
    Warnings: DH Spoliers
    Words: 493

    “I’ve done it!” Lily Potter cried as she burst though the doors and into the Hog’s Head. A crisp white sun was reflecting off glimmering snow outside – the bar was naturally crowded and steamy from the warmth of various fires and charms competing with pure body heat. From a packed table in the corner of the room came a cry and a cheer, and red-scarved people threw up their hands and let the small girl into the group.

    “Was it hard?”

    Hugo Weasley was directly across from his cousin, a flushing face staring worriedly into the reassuring eyes.

    “But you’ve just turned sixteen,” he said enviously, “and I’m a month behind in practice!” Lily rolled her eyes.

    “Oh Hugo,” she said, leaning across the table to touch his shoulder, “that means you’ve got a whole month to prepare. And by last practice, you’d already completed three successful apparitions! It’s just the nerves, now.”

    Hugo gulped down a swig of the sweet drink and tried at an awkward smile. Content with this improvement, Lily returned to accepting congratulations and drinks and was soon feeling utterly happy.

    “Let’s see you apparate, then!” a voice called, and she was naturally quick to jump at the request; tottering a little, she was helped to the door.

    There was an abrupt shock of cold as the dozen bundled people stepped outside and Hugo watched with unease as his cousin smiled and split off from the group. He stepped ahead suddenly and held out a hand to stop her but she shoved him away, too hard-headed to think twice. With a last smile to the crowd and a cheer from the less-than-sober onlookers, Lily closed her eyes.

    There was a moment of silence as the crowd watched her focus. Before anyone could speak, Lily Potter was stepping into thin air.

    She had appeared now up the street but Hugo, with a jolt, watched her body collapse upon arrival. It wasn’t two seconds before people were screaming and pointing to the boots which remained in the snow, now glistening with something dark and wet….

    A few people had emerged from various shops now and to the cries of the terror-filled Gryffindors, had scooped up the unconscious girl and huddled around the motionless boots. A grey-headed barman had taken authority and was quietly reciting a spell out of view of the horrified Hugo.

    Soon then, the crowd was dispersing and the girl was lying, fainted – but in one piece – on the ground. Hugo was the first to grab her.

    With a small cough, Lily opened her eyes.

    She grinned.

    “Lily!” Hugo cried as he shook her shoulders, “what on earth is wrong with you?” He was unable, however, to shake away the toothy grin.

    “Gosh Hugo,” she said tiredly, her eyes happy and squinted against the glaring sun. He picked her up with a sigh and began to carry her down the road. “You just need to grow up a bit.”
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    Name: Weasleyboyfreak
    Title: Destiny
    Warnings: None besides it takes place in the Half Blood Prince
    Words: 499

    Here is my first fic dealing with Draco Malfoy! I hope you all like it!

    “Malfoy, where are you going?” asked Crabe as he and Goyle followed a young man with sleek blonde hair down an empty corridor.

    “No where that concerns you,” Malfoy spat, his long black and green cloak fluttering behind him as he walked.

    “But, Malfoy…” Goyle started, an ignorant tone in his voice.

    “Leave me alone! I need to do this on my own. It’s my destiny, not yours!” Malfoy hissed, his voice stern and irritated. His cronies had been on his tail for weeks. They didn’t understand the importance of the mission the Dark Lord had given him.

    “But what about Potter?” Crabe grunted.

    “Saint Potter?” Malfoy sneered, stopping in the middle of the corridor where a door had appeared. “Watch him, make sure he’s not catching on to my disappearances.” The young man’s grey eyes were full of anxiety and seriousness.


    “Just stand guard, Goyle,” Malfoy said through gritted teeth, walking into the room that had magically appeared. Inside, there stood a lone mirror against the back wall.

    “Now what?” Goyle grunted, his words almost inaudible.

    “Go watch guard!”

    Pulling out his wand, Malfoy slowly approached the mirror. With a silent incantation and a wave of a wand, the mirror slowly turned into a hidden doorway.

    “You’re going in there?” Crabe stuttered, looking stupid and unsure.

    “Yes, Crabe, but it’s my business,” Draco said in a truly irritated tone.

    Slowly stepping through the mirror, Draco vanished before Crabe’s eyes. It was then that Draco found himself in an old dusty muggle house.

    “Filthy scum,” he hissed, looking around. The disgusted look on the young man’s face soon changed to a look of worry. Draco shut his eyes, his thoughts split between his destination and the task ahead of him.

    Suddenly, an overwhelming pain came over Draco as he seemed to be sucked up through an invisible tube, the air being knocked out of him. Screaming with pain, the young man landed in the middle of a round carpet with the Malfoy family crest on it, blood quickly streaming out of his shoulder. Malfoy suddenly realized that his left arm had been splinched during apparation. Being overwhelmed with pain, Draco fell unconscious.


    “Draco,” he heard his father say, a hand smacking his face.

    They young man’s eyes suddenly opened to find a house elf applying a nasty smelling past to his left shoulder; his limb had been reconnected. The remaining pain was causing Draco to wince.

    “You are late! Are you trying to embarrass the family name?” Lucius Malfoy hissed, his wife standing teary-eyed behind him. He didn't seem to care that Draco could have killed himself.

    “Sorry, Father,” Draco croaked.

    “Never mind that now, the Dark Lord is waiting.” Lucius picked up his son by the back of the robes, knocking over the house elf, and led him out of the room that he had arrived in. The thoughts of his destiny were the only thing running through Draco’s mind as he entered a dark icy room.

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    Name: Samarie/Love_is_4ever
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Mishaps Happens (Yeah, I know, very un-original)
    Warnings: No Warnings
    Word Count: 498, after much editing.

    It was a sunlit morning in Hogsmeade; shopkeepers were going about in their shops, waiting for some customers in this dull day. When suddenly, down the path that lead to Hogwarts, came a small group of students. Some looked excited, but most looked rather anxious, and even nauseous.

    Among them was Elizabeth Thomas, relaxed as she could be; putting an arm around her best friend she said, “calm down, Sarah. Everything is going to be all right. You know what you’ve got to do, right?”

    Sarah looked at her directly in the eyes, noticing the sparkle in them. “What?” she asked nervously. “Well the three D’s of course! Destination, determination and deliberation!” Elizabeth answered laughing.

    “Yeah, that’s easy to say for you; you’ve already done it. Me? No, I haven’t and I know I won’t be able,” Sarah responded, rolling her eyes.

    “No you won’t with that attitude. C’mon, Sarah! You just need a little more confidence in yourself. Besides, you almost did it last time,” she said. Sarah was about to respond but was interrupted by the instructor calling for silence.

    “Okay, students. In a minute I’ll start calling your names to do your test separately, but first, your instructions. You are not to wander around Hogsmeade while other students are taking the test; this is not a Hogsmeade visit. After I call your name, each of you will go stand in front of The Three Broomsticks. Then, you will attempt to Apparate to Honeydukes, where Mr Jenkinss will be awaiting you. Any questions?” The students shook their heads; Mr Twycross gave them a small smile and started calling out names.

    “How are you feeling?” Elizabeth asked, concern evident in her voice. Sarah just groaned and let herself fall on the grass. “Sarah, I know you can do it; you are extremely bright. If anyone can do it, it’s you. C’mon, are you a Ravenclaw or not?”

    “Yes, but Elizabeth –” The rest of her words were lost beneath a scream that filled the grounds. They stood up and, fearing the worst, ran towards the other side of Hogsmeade. When they arrived to Honeydukes, the group assembled around Mr Jenkinss and a body lying on the floor. Mr Twycross was shouting orders, but nobody was paying attention; murmurs and cries filled the air.

    Being braver than she felt, Elizabeth made her way to the middle of the group. There she saw Mr Jenkinss crouched beside a Slytherin girl who had splinched herself; she was missing part of her tight. Feeling sick at the sight, she made her way back out.

    “Heather,” she told Sarah, answering her silent question. Sarah looked dumbstruck, and said, “Merlin. See? That’s why I shouldn’t Apparate! I know I’ll end the same way, or worse!” she said hysterically.

    “Sarah, clam down. Everything’s going to be all right; she’s going to be fine… she’s…” Elizabeth couldn’t breathe, she was feeling very sick, and before she knew what was happening, she fell to the ground.
    ~ Samarie

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    House: Gryffindor
    Warnings: None
    Words: 497

    Rose was greeted by a crisp afternoon breeze as she stepped out of The Three Broomsticks, closely followed by Hugo.

    “Are you sure you’re ready to do this, Rose? Have you-?”

    “Don’t worry Hugo…I’m perfectly confident about this. Besides, Mum passed the test on her first go, right? So I’ll have no problem at all…

    “Yeah but…you’re not Mum…” he muttered the last bit and Rose was too preoccupied in with her own thoughts to pay any heed to him.

    There was not a single doubt in her mind today. I’m going to do this.
    She heard her mother’s voice repeating firmly in her head, ‘Destination, determination and deliberation, Rose…don’t forget to concentrate, just keep your mind focused and thoughts clear…”

    Her robes billowing behind her, Rose quickened her pace and made her way towards the backside of the bar.
    Turning around and seeing the same worried look on her brother’s face, Rose couldn’t help but say with a smile, “Don’t worry, Hugo. I’ll be fine…Trust me. Just wait here for me, OK?”

    “Yeah…go on now…I think they’ve already begun,” he gestured towards the large group of students gathered in the ground.

    “See you then,” with that Rose hurried towards them and scanned the crowd for a familiar face.

    “Al!” she called out when she spotted him.
    He waved at her and gulped as a tiny wizard squeaked, “Albus Severus Potter! Step up!”

    With a last grin and a thumbs up, Rose turned away.
    Not long after, she heard her own name called in that same squeaky voice.

    “Rose Weasley! Rose Weasley! Now where is-?”

    “I’m here Professor!”

    “Ah, right then…follow me if you please…” he said looking up at her.

    He lead her away from the throng of people to a clearing not too far away from the bar.

    “Now, I want you to Apparate right back to where we came from. There, you will find another instructor who will judge you on your performance. Ready now?”

    “As ever, Professor,” Rose said, her voice full of confidence.

    “On three then…one…”





    ‘What was that last one?’

    She turned violently on the spot and the next second she was being suffocated, squeezed through the narrowest tube, without a breath in her body, a cold sort of feeling in her legs…


    Rose landed on her feet…feet? FEET? There were none! She collapsed to the ground in a fury of pain and screams.


    The squeaky voiced rushed up to her, holding up in his hands what appeared to be her own two sandal clad feet.

    “Oh don’t worry! I’ll get this fixed in a jiffy!”


    In a moment he was there beside her, holding her hand, Albus peering over his shoulder.

    “Hugo!” she whined, unable to stop herself; the pain was unberable.

    “There, now! All done!”

    “Hugo…” she sobbed into his sleeve, her vision darkening, the pain numbing.
    Hugo’s voice whispered reassuringly in her ear as Rose slipped into darkness.

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    Name: Quercus
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: At arm's length
    Word Count: 497
    Warnings: AU, slight gore

    Bellatrix Lestrange was locked in battle with Mad-Eye Moody when she was hit from behind with a stray Crucio from a careless Death Eater’s wand. Gasping in pain, she fell to one knee for a moment, and Moody took his chance to send a powerful stunning spell at her. Bellatrix blocked the curse weakly, but the majority of the force hit her chest, and she fell forward. She felt her consciousness slipping.

    I can’t be captured, He needs me! She saw Mad-Eye advancing. I don’t want to die, she thought, and in wild desperation, she apparated with the last of her strength to her Dark Lord.

    When she came to, Bellatrix felt a dull pain in her arm and a spreading pool of blood beneath her. Her robes were soaked. Looking down in horror, she saw that her left hand and forearm were gone. She had splinched herself.

    Impossible! Surviving a battle to be undone by a mere schoolgirl’s mistake. There was no chance of retrieving her arm now; no doubt Moody had taken out his anger in losing her on the only part that hadn’t escaped. No matter, she thought. The Dark Lord will give me another, stronger than mere flesh and bone. Quickly cauterizing the wound with her wand, she stood and walked up the stairs, to the room where Voldemort was waiting.

    He appeared unsurprised when she entered, despite her ragged appearance and missing limb.

    “Bellatrix,” he said. “I never thought that you would be such a coward. I do not tolerate soldiers who desert me” He leered menacingly, and then noticed her dangling sleeve. “But I see that fate has decided to punish you well enough. You’re free to go.”

    Bellatrix was shocked. “My lord, I only wished to live to continue serving you, surely… you’re not going to leave me like this?”

    Riddle smirked. “I do not reward cravenness. You’ll just have to try a little harder next time.”

    Bellatrix bowed, teeth gritted against the pain and disappointment, and walked out.

    “Here, drink this.” Severus Snape handed her a tumbler. “It’ll prepare the site.”

    Bellatrix winced as the liquid slithered down her throat. It was shameful, being reduced to asking help from Snape, a mere boy, when none of the others would risk the Dark Lord’s displeasure for her. She had never been able to perform Healing spells, or she would have done it herself.

    “Hold still.” Snape’s black eyes narrowed in concentration as he rolled up her sleeve and pointed his wand at her stump. A black cloud emanated from the tip, and began to take shape: elbow, forearm, fingers. Bellatrix lifted her new arm and twitched the fingers. She scowled.

    “It’s heavy,” she said

    “It’s iron,” Snape responded. “Unless you’d prefer nothing, I suggest you live with it.”

    She examined his work, turning the limb in the light. "My mark..." she whispered, suddenly terrified.

    Snape stood up to leave. “That’s up to you,” he said, and departed in silence.
    Note: takes place during the first war

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    tibi jones

    Tit for Tat

    Nice one quercus..I like that.

    Name: tibi jones
    House: Huff-n-puff
    Title: Tit for Tat
    Warnings: Not much
    Words: 410

    “Left eye red, seven cross T,” muttered Harry absentmindedly.

    “Left eye what?” asked Ron, dumbfounded.

    “He is memorizing Epic Poem, written by Rotteneggsbreath, the penultimate Goblin poet of the tenth century. Surely you have begun reading it, Ronald?” Hermione asked, scolding him at the same time.

    “Blimey, Hermione, you really are worse than McGonagall and my mum combined. I really don’t know why I like you at all,” he retorted.

    “Who else will do ninety percent of your homework?” she answered.

    “Oh, right, sorry.” he submitted.

    “Honestly though, how exactly will that make me pass my Apparitions test? Or even make me a better wizard for that matter?” he complained.

    “I am not sure there is anything that might do that Ron,” she snapped, then seeing his ears turning red she quickly added, “I don’t mean that, really. It is supposed to open your mind about other cultures and value their contributions and sacrifices.”

    “Their contributions? What do they contribute to us? Goblin silver? They bloody well don’t run around giving it away do they? They are rotten, greedy little ...” but he was unable to continue because of the scathing look Hermione was giving him.

    They arrived at the gate to Hogsmead and Hermione shook Harry from his reverie.

    “Best of luck mate,” Harry said to Ron. “It was only an eyelash last time, no problem, you’ll pass this time, I’m sure of it.”

    “Yes, you will pass this time, Ron. I just know you will. Remember it’s Destination, Determination, Deliberation,” Hermione recited.

    The two friends sat near the gate for nearly an hour and a half before a very pale faced Ron walked through. He was walking a little funny as he neared. Harry thought something was wrong, but before he could say anything, Ron blurted out, “I passed.” Then he promptly passed out.

    Hermione shrieked, falling to his side trying to revive him. Harry slowly pointed at Ron’s trainer, there was a dark red spot on the side.

    “Lets get him inside,” Harry told Hermione. She cast Mobilicorpus and guided Ron towards the hospital wing. He awoke momentarily and upon discovering their destination, begged Harry to return him to his dorm. He was unconscious again by the time they got him to his bed.

    It was four weeks before Ron could walk without a limp. He had decided it was better to not have a little toe and to have an Apparition License than the other way about.

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    Name: Pius
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: A Bloody Hero
    Warnings: Mild language, innuendo
    Words: 496

    “To Lord Nelson,”

    Peter Barnes tipped back his tumbler of grog with too much enthusiasm for a boy of fourteen. Small and thin, he was easily pitched into his cups, despite regular conditioning during his two years at sea.

    “Why’s it always him?” he asked, setting the beaker down with a drunken crash. “What’s so wonderful about Lord Nelson?”

    “He’s a bloody hero, Pete.”

    “Shuddup Cullen.”

    The other sailors laughed at the boy, whose drunken rambles were becoming nightly events. Cullen, a teenage landsman fresh from the press, grinned.

    “Hah. You know how he lost that arm of his? Not in some bloody battle. You think the greatest wizard Britain has seen in a hundred years, nay two hundred years, would let some half-brained muggle chop his arm off? Let me tell you.”

    Peter settled back and began the story.

    “Back in ’99, before everyone in the world knew that Lady ‘Amilton was f- ow!”

    “Tsk. Language, Peter,” Cullen said.

    “As I was saying, before we knew that Lady ‘Amilton was slee- ow! Bloody hell! That’s not even bad. Anyway, I didn’t know, and you didn’t know, and nobody knew that Lady ‘Amilton was ‘getting to know’ Lord Nelson. And-”

    “Then how do you know the story?”

    “Got it from my cousin’s best friend’s aunt, who was the chambermaid who saw everything! Jesus bloody Christ, let me finish? As I was saying, everybody knew ‘bout ‘Amilton’s affair, ‘cepting of course the Lord Hamilton. Now the admiral and Lady ‘Amilton were all a-twined in the sheets, when, clattering up the way, comes none but the ‘usband ‘imself. Nelson, of course, hears the racket and leaps up out o’ bed, fixing for the fireplace to floo himself away, not wantin’ to be caught trowsers down. The Lady, though,”

    Here Peter hopped on the bench and pitched his not-yet-deepened voice higher.

    “Sir! How ungallant! Have you no sense of honor, you must duel!”
    “The Admiral, of course, pointed out that as a wizard and a Naval officer, he was in fact prohibited from dueling. The Lady though,

    “Fie on law! No law contains our love! Besides, yon fireplace leads nowhere. I had the thought to disconnect it, for our privacy.”

    Nelson, now much dismayed, hears knocking at the door. “But stay, my love, but stay,” the Lady cries. He reaches out to kiss her hand in farewell, but just as the two touch.”

    He stopped, for dramatic effect, and nudged Cullen. “Take my sleeve,” he whispered, “it’s for the show.”

    “But just as the two touch… Pop opens the door and pop goes Nelson…

    And Peter jumped from the bench, leaving Cullen dangling his empty coat.

    “and Lady ‘Amilton’s got his arm. She faints away, and remembers naught, but I know the chambermaid who saw it all.”

    Peter bowed to applause. Cullen threw the coat back in mock anger.

    “How the hell would the greatest wizard in Britain go and splinch himself?”

    "For love, mate," Peter grinned. "For love."
    Notes: Set during the Napoleonic Wars, of course our hero is talking about the great Admiral Horation Nelson. Info garnished mostly from Patrick O'Brian novels ; )


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    These were rather hard to judge!!!
    -squishes everyone-

    However, the following just seemed to stand out...

    1st: Pius - A Bloody Hero
    2nd: Weasleyboyfreak - Destiny
    3rd: pokethedevil - Splinched!

    ~Gato Loco

    I've left moddom/fandom...though don't be surprised if I get caught lurking once in a blue moon.
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    Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    Wow! Me? I never won anything before! Thank you! Great job to everyone else too! I thought all the drabbles were excellent!

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